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News letter july 13

  1. 1. Newsl letter: J July 20 013 Let’ prof ’s fession nalize t pro the ofessio onals… … http://w s Sending a word of a assurance, Indian Ar rmy Chief, Gen Bikra Singh o Friday, 28th June 2013 am on said the A Armed Forc will co ces ontinue the operatio till all th people are rescue from va eir ons he ed arious locations in flood-hit Uttarakha t and. He ha asked h comma ad his anders to launch relie operatio in ef ons ry nner, witho waiting for any requisition from out g "very, ver difficult conditions" in a proactive man authorities "Our end s. deavor is t locate all our citize to ens, where ever they a are, and ge them out," he et told repor rters here. Gen Sing said he was visiting the are to laud the efforts of over 8 gh ea s 8,000 personnel of the Arm along w the troops of the ITBP, NDR and IAF l my, with RF F. he deployed in relief ope n erations are from Gar e rhwal Rifles unit, the A s Army chief said, f Many of th troops d adding tha Garhwa Scouts a from Ut at al are ttarakhand and their families w d were also impacted b the by flash flood "They are son of soils and large num ds. f d mber of the are aff em fected too. I must tell you these boy have re ys efused to t take leave to attend to their k e kith and kin and rath render their her r duties. We all had a phenomen synergy Singh s e nal y," said. This year's early mons soons caug ght hundred of ds housands o tourists, pilgrims an resident by of nd ts th su urprise. Soldiers reco re as eared overed mor bodies a they cle ebris in v villages flat ttened by landslides and de m monsoon flo oods in the northern Indian stat of e te Uttarakhand, bringing th death tol from torre he ll ential ains above 1 1,000, the Indian Home M Minister said d. ra A Army troops are attemp s pting to res scue more than 10 0,000 strand people, many in the temple tow of ded e wn B Badrinath in Uttrakhand More than 68,000 pe d. eople ha already been rescued. ave The unpreced dented heav rains trigg vy gered lands slides nd in ges River 1 17-18th June 12, e an floods i the Gang w washing awa thousand of houses and roads and ay ds s s cu utting com mmunication links in large area of as Uttarakhand. opular sum mmer vacation Uttarakhand is a po estination fo tourists s or seeking to e escape the t torrid de he of the p eat plains. It is also a relig gious pilgrim mage si ite with fo our temple towns in the Gar e n rhwal Himalayan ra ange. Most of the peo ople strande in ed Uttarakhand are Hindu p pilgrims at t the four rev vered hrines. The tourists usu ually return before monsoon sh ra ains begin in July. But t n this year, ea arly rains ca aught hundreds of thousand of tourist pilgrims and local re ds ts, esidents by s surprise. C:Users ssbtyagiDoc cumentsICIS SSNews Lett July ter ocx
  2. 2. We salute al the br ll rave hea arts invo olved in rescue opera n e ations w who laid d down th heir live to sa es ave others’! W also offer prayers f We for ever lasting peace to dep parted s souls and pray to Go to gi y od ive ngth to b bereavin family members to bear th loss! ng he stren C:Users ssbtyagiDoc cumentsICIS SSNews Lett July ter ocx
  3. 3. As the popularity of supervi isory contr and dat acquisition (SCADA) systems continue to rol ta es rise, co ompanies a across the globe are seeking ho to effec ow ctively man nage any c changes wi ithin the org ganisation with seam mless upgra ades. Alon ngside optimising the SCADA system, fi e irms need to ensure that threat to it are countere with ad o ts e ed dvanced security me easures – the importa ance of which was rec cently high hlighted by a global at ttack by a w worm know as Stux wn xnet. The wo orm is a new form of securit threat w ty which repr resents a potential risk to crit tical infrastructure and has alre d eady made waves by affecting Iran's we e y g eapons pro ogramme and causing chaos by slowing down internal process g y ses. This w worm was recently brought und the sp der potlight by Tom Park ker, directo of Secu or urity Consulting Servic ces at sec curity vend Securic dor con, who attempted to uncove the risk it er ks poses t SCADA and other control sy to A r ystems and how to d defend aga ainst them. He analy ysed the co ode complexity of t the virus, and told InternetN" One of the analysis " mechan nisms I've written loo for ama oks ateurish mistakes in c code like he eavily nest conditio ted onal stateme ents. Typic cally, a mo advanc ore ced progra ammer will be aware of efficie e ency issues in code a and heavily nested st y tatements is a fairly typical mi istake amo ong people that are just e learning how to program." g Howeve he said Stuxnet also has some very advance compon er, d y ed nents and is not enti irely uniform as there are at lea four ve m ast ersions, tw of which have sig wo h gnificant differences. He noted t that Stuxne did not h et have many of the Mi y icrosoft vulnerabilities in it that later versi s ions exploite while o ed, one of the vulnerabili ities was a link short tcut file iss sue. Mr Pa arker said that Stuxnet is a worm with its c m crosshairs "targeted" on SCAD control systems, p " DA particularly for y infrastructure suc as power plants. ch "Contro systems are desig ol gned aroun having the minimum require function nd ed nality - the ey're designe to be ef ed fficient and reliable. A lot of these systems are relian on other infrastruc d nt r cture to prote them, a ect and many don't even have pas n ssword ac ccess as th hey've been operating in closed environme ents," he to The ex old. xpert noted that SCA d ADA system are not used to be ms eing expose to the sa ed ame types of threats that are co ommon on the interne and it wi therefore be et ill e some ti ime until th can "stand alone" against m hey " modern atta acks. Organis sations currently utilising SCA ADA system are exploring how they ca standard ms an dise security for these systems and protoc y e cols and e establishing secure s g systems in an integra ated environ nment, as well as im mplementin method to coun ng ds nter security risks. W With the ra apid growth witnessed in supervi d isory contr and data acquisitio (SCADA systems during rec rol a on A) s cent times, o organisatio across the world are continually findin new ways to effec ons ng ctively man nage change with seam e mless upgra ades. But a well as optimising the SCAD system, firms cruc as DA cially need to ensure th advanced security measures are in pla to coun extern threats w o hat y s ace nter nal with the pote ential to flo nationa infrastruc oor al cture. The urg gency of th was hig his ghlighted la year by news of a high-pro ast y ofile global attack – a its at centre was a wor by the name of S rm Stuxnet. It infected te of thou ens usands of W Windows P PCs running Siemens SCADA systems in manufactu g uring and u utilities organisations, most nota ably C:Users ssbtyagiDoc cumentsICIS SSNews Lett July ter ocx
  4. 4. in Iran. Stuxnet proved that it is relativ vely simple to cause p potentially catastroph damage to hic e" an indu ustrial contr network rol k. Industrial network have evolved from humble b ks m beginnings at standalo plants, into the fu one ullydistribu uted, integr rated syste ems linked directly int business and re to ses esponsible for monito oring and co ontrolling to oday's national infras structure. A techno As ology has d developed, sensors and actuato upgrade the bas manual interface, though it w the ad ors ed sic was dvent of microprocess sors that led to the cre d eation of so ophisticated networks that servic the indu d s ce ustry to this day. But w s with the birt of new t th technologie the pot es, tential for t things to go wrong also seems to have b been amplifie somewh ed hat. Writing for PublicService.c, the British Se ecurity Ind dustry Association's (BSIA) Da avid Ratcliffe said rec e, cently that as syste t ems becam more c me complex, th heir securi was rather ity lacking. "Everything was tra ansmitted a across the wire in cle text, as there was no real n ear s s need for sec curing the data. After all, the i idea of so omeone int tercepting the data, altering so ome variable and cau es using the s system to f or crash was unth fail h hinkable, as these we installe in ere ed factorie and pum halls an the proto es mp nd ocols were obscure a proprie e and etary, with no links to the o outside world," he explained e e d. Influenc ced by wo underta ork aken in the US, Euro e opean gove ernments b began to r recognise l long ago tha SCADA systems w at were poten ntially vuln nerable to e external th hreats. For example, the r Centre for the Pr rotection o National Infrastruct of ture (CPNI) in the U has issued directives UK urging companies to start m s making sec curity a key priority. The CPNI is helping Britain's c g core infrastructure und derstand an mitigate electronic attack risk facilitat nd e c ks, ting these e efforts thro ough a focus ssed progra amme of w work. As the BSIA's Mr Ratcliffe pointed ou security is and wil remain o paramou importa r ut, ll of unt ance wherev industr ver rial system are con ms ncerned. K Key to ens suring that requireme t ents are m met, government interv vention will be neede continua ed ally, with th horough reg gulation an guidanc in nd ce place t keep fir to rms on the right track. "The i e increase in IT-type architectur for SCA n re ADA system has given us an un ms nhealthy co onfidence," he sugges sted. Mr Ratcliffe continued: "Jus like pirat in 2010 can hold ships off the coast o Somalia for st tes 0 of a millions of pound in ranso s ds om, the ide of a pow plant b ea wer being disa abled or tak ken over b a by group o cybercrim of minals sho ould not be considere absurd. Not only is there now a concerted e ed s w effort to attack industrial n networks b organised groups but indiv by s, viduals no bored w ow with creating simple e g email viruses are also looking for a new challenge. The virtu war tha IT ual at departm ments went through w eventua come t will ally towards ou industrial networks. ur ." The ch hallenge fo industry now is to keep inv or o vesting in a and securi ing its crucial netwo orks, carrying them int the futu with robust layer of ideally impenetrable layers of secu g to ure rs urity. Vulnera abilities in S SCADA sy ystems may not be as headliney s -grabbing a other threats, such as as h those throughout e-commer activity for example, but the fact rema rce y, e ains that a attack co an ould be equ ually – if no significa ot antly more – devasta ating than cybercriminals' interf fering with the likes of PayPal and Amazon. Governments are increasing recogni f gly ising this, b so too are but the atta ackers. And the battle to protect national in d e t nfrastructure rages on. C:Users ssbtyagiDoc cumentsICIS SSNews Lett July ter ocx
  5. 5. Large n numbers o people pass throug airports every day this prese of gh y, ents poten ntial targets for s terrorism and oth forms o crime be her of ecause of the numbe of peopl located in a partic er le cular location n.[2] Simila arly, the hi igh concen ntration of people on large airl n liners, the potential h high death r rate with a attacks on aircraft, a and the ab bility to us a hijack se ked airplan as a le ne ethal weapon may prov n vide an all luring targe for terro et orism, whet ther or not they succ t ceed due t their high pr rofile natur following the vario re ous attack and atte ks empts arou und the gl lobe in rec cent years. attempts to prevent any threa or pote o ats entially dan ngerous situations f from Airport security a ntry. If airp port securit does succeed in th then th chance of ty his, he es arising or entering the coun ituations, il llegal items or threat entering into aircra country or airport are s ts aft, y any dangerous si As urity serves several purposes: T protect t airport and s To the greatly reduced. A such, airport secu y to e ling public that they a safe an to are nd country from any threatening events, t reassure the travel protect the countr and their people. ry r Securit has been a matter of concern for civil a ty n aviation for several decades, bu in partic r ut cular since th bombin of a flig above L he ng ght Lockerbie in 1988. H However, a aviation se ecurity has, up until mo recentl been ad ore ly, ddressed o essentia a national level. A the inter on ally At rnational le evel, though for some time Stan e ndards and Recomm mended Practices ha ave been laid down by n the Inte ernational Civil Aviation Organization (IC CAO) for St tates to im mplement, these are not regulate by a bin ed nding mech hanism to g guarantee their full an proper a nd application n. Following the terr rorist attacks in the U United Stat on 11 S tes September 2001 whe commer r en rcial ed apons of m mass destr ruction, the Commis e ssion made a legisla e ative aircraft were use as wea al security un nder the EU regulat U's tory umbre ella. This in nitiative led to d proposa to bring aviation s the ado option of fra amework R Regulation (EC) No 2 2320/2002 of the Euro opean Parliament and of C:Users ssbtyagiDoc cumentsICIS SSNews Lett July ter ocx
  6. 6. the Council of 16 December 2002 establishing common rules in the field of civil aviation security and thus provided the basis for allowing harmonization of aviation security rules across the European Union with binding effect. That regulatory framework has since been overhauled by a new framework, in full effect from 29 April 2010, as laid down by Regulation (EC) No 300/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 March 2008 on common rules in the field of civil aviation security and repealing Regulation (EC) No 2320/2002. Rescinding the limitations on the carriage of small pocketknives on board aircraft was always going to be a challenge. Like so many other measures that the industry has introduced over the years, it is always easy to add security measures, yet far harder to take them away. The brouhaha that was initiated by the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) recent announcement that knives with blades shorter than 6cms, of a width less than 1.27cms at their widest point, without locking or fixed blades and without moulded handgrips will, from 25 April, be permitted in carryon baggage was to be expected, especially in the United States in light of the fact that box cutters (which will remain banned) were used in the perpetration of the attacks on 11th September 2001. The debate, which has become a huge political issue, emphasises three things. Firstly the problem with knee-jerk procedures being implemented as a response to a terrorist attack; secondly, the extent to which intelligent people fail to deploy common sense and allow their emotions to rule their decision-making processes; and thirdly, the frightening willingness of certain groups to hold onto politically acceptable security measures, such as the ban on knives, whilst rejecting effective, yet politically sensitive, security measures, such as profiling, whilst arguing the case that they are speaking on behalf of those who died in 2001. Some incidents have been the result of travellers being permitted to carry either weapons or items that could be used as weapons on board aircraft so that they could hijack the plane. Travellers are screened by metal detectors. Explosive detection machines used include X-ray machines and explosives trace-detection portal machines (a.k.a. "puffer machines"). In the United States the TSA is working on new scanning machines that are still effective searching for objects that aren't allowed in the airplanes but that don't depict the passengers in a state of undress that some find embarrassing. Explosive detection machines can also be used for both carry on and checked baggage. These detect volatile compounds given off from explosives using gas chromatography. A recent development is the controversial use of backscatter X-rays to detect hidden weapons and explosives on passengers. These devices, which use Compton scattering, require that the passenger stand close to a flat panel and produce a high resolution image. A technology released in Israel in early 2008 allows passengers to pass through metal detectors without removing their shoes, a process required as walk-though gate detectors are not reliable in detecting metal in shoes or on the lower body extremities. Alternately, the passengers step fully shoed onto a device which scans in under 1.2 seconds for objects as small as a razor blade. In some countries, specially trained individuals may engage passengers in a conversation to detect threats rather than solely relying on equipment to find threats. C:UserssbtyagiDocumentsICISSNews Letter July 13.docx
  7. 7. Genera people are screen throug airport s ally ned gh security into areas wh o here the ex gates to the xit o aircraft are locate These areas are often calle "secure" "sterile" and airside Passeng ed. ed ", e. gers are discharged fr rom airliner into the sterile are so that t rs ea they usuall will not h ly have to be ree screene if disem ed mbarking fr rom a dom mestic flight however they are still subjec to search at t; r ct any tim Airport food outle have started using plastic glasses and utensils a opposed to me. ets g d as glasses made out of glass and utensi made o of meta to reduce the usefu s ils out al e ulness of s such items a weapons as s. A must read for an nyone trave eling by air Following tips will h r! help you reduce your wait t time at the security ch heckpoint. Do N NOT pack o bring pro or ohibited items to the a airport. Refra from c ain carrying un nverified gi ifts or pres sents in w wrapped pa ackage. If the pack f kage alarm screene will need to unwrap it to investigate the source of the alarm. ms, er d e Shoe clothin items a es, ng and other accessor ries that c contain metal will alarm the m metal detec ctor. As a result the screener will require you to u e undergo further chec which m cks may includ pat dow frisking. de wn Put all unde eveloped films and camera with f d as film in y your Cabi (carryin -on) bagg gage. Chec cked bagga screen age ning equipm ment may d damage un ndeveloped films. d Carry y-on bagga is limit to one carry-on b plus o person item. P age ted bag one nal Personal ite ems includ laptops, purses, s de small backp packs, briefcases, or camera ca ases. Reme ember, 1+1 1. Place identification tags on all yo e s our baggage. Don' forget to label your lap 't ptop computer. The are on of the most forgotte items at Screening Checkpo ese ne en t g oints. Refra from packing val ain luable item in your checked b ms baggage (Regd. Bag ggage). O Once you h hand your baggage t your air carrier, se to r ecurity staf of the ai carrier w handle and ff ir will proce the baggage in the prescrib manne Please keep in mi that mo air carr ess bed er ind ost riers have limited liability for los damage or stole items. e st, ed, en Decla fire arm and am are ms mmunition t your airl to line and place it in yo checke / registe our ed ered bagg gage. Prote yourself and do no pack val ect ot luables in y your check baggag ked ge. Your C Cabin / Ca arry-on Baggage Carry all metal items in your carry y l y-on bag. T This includ jewelle des ery, loose change, ke eys, mobi phones, pagers, and persona data ass ile , al sistants (PD DAs). e op a eir nd provided at the t Take your lapto and video camera out of the case an place in the tray p security checkp point. e ercoat or jacket in the tray at the security s e e nt. kets Place your ove screening Checkpoin Suit jack and b blazers nee not be r ed removed, u unless requ uested by t screene the er. Do n leave y not your bagga unatte age ended Do n accept baggage from stra not t e angers. It may cont t tain prohibited items or danger rous good ds. C:Users ssbtyagiDoc cumentsICIS SSNews Lett July ter ocx
  8. 8. rations Prepar Necess sary prepa arations ca be mad by you before a an de u arrival at t the airport which will help you to move mo quickly and efficiently throu ore y ugh the sec curity proce esses. Here you will f e find sugges stions on w what to wea to the ai ar irport and h how to pack for your trip. We've also inclu k e uded a pre e-flight che ecklist to h help you to travel saf & o fe smart. Dr ress Securit does no require a particu ty ot any ular style o type of c or clothing. H However, ce ertain cloth hing and ac ccessories can set o an alarm on the m off m metal dete ector and m may affect the pax f t flow through the scree h ening points Here yo will find tips to he you s. ou d elp Pack Smar P rt There a restrict are tions on wh you ca pack in y hat an your hand baggage a registe and ered bagga age. All of y your bagga age will be screened and pos e d ssibly hand d-searched as part o the secu d of urity measur res. This in nspection m includ emptying most or a of the a may de g all articles in y your bag. H Here you will find tips to help y pack. s you Final Checklist F You're dressed, packed an ready t go. Here is a pre nd to e e-flight ch hecklist to help you to o u travel s safe and s smart. Rea the instr ad ructions printed on th air ticket and conta your air he t act rline or trave agent for additional informatio el r on. Access Requirements A s You ca enter into the pas an ssenger ter rminal if yo have either a con ou nfirmed air ticket for the r journey or a valid airport ent permit. Visitors ca buy ticke to enter into the vi y try an et isitor’ s are in ea the term minal. Wait tlisted passengers ar advised to contact the airline office on the lands re t es side of the te erminal for confirmation of their tickets. r r Security Pr S rocess and Procedure d es Familia arise yourse with the Security Process and Proce elf y edures. It w help you to play an will y active r role in ensu uring your own safety and avoid inconvenience to yo y d ourself. C:Users ssbtyagiDoc cumentsICIS SSNews Lett July ter ocx
  9. 9. Co N N Bha (Retd) ol atia Industr Security Consultant rial On 30 M 2013 a May around 1115 hrs. I got mobile call from my s - Capt 5 l son Gaurav Bhatia (Mo No 0994046xxxx), w has join new co ob who ned ompany in Chenna on 3 May 2013, stat ai y ting that one person w who said he was Sub Inspecto Rana fro the Spe or om ecial Branch (Crime) D h Delhi Police rang him from Mo No. 088 ob. 800879719. He told him that there was a cas against m e se him (Ca Gaurav Bhatia) und IPC Sec apt der ctions 406, 420, 468 a so on. and My son asked him what cr n rime he ha done, w ad who has lo odged the complai and how he got his new Chen int w s nnai number given to h by his r him compan only a fe days bac Mr. Ran said he (Gaurav Bh ny ew ck? na hatia) had cheated RBI and fo more det d or tails he should contact Mr. Narinde Kumar, er Governm ment Lawye at Patiala House imm er a mediately as he (Gaura Bhatia) av was to b present in the court at 1150 hr on 30 Ma 2013 fail be t rs. ay ling which non-bail able arres warrant w st would be is ssued against him an sent to nd Chenna Police. O ai Once he w was arreste his pass ed sport etc. w would be cancelle and he w ed would lose h job too. his My son, quite worr , ried, rang m immediat me tely and app praised me what has been stated in Par one abov and SMS me Mr. Rana’s mo ra ve Sed obile No. I was ver upset and rang Mr. R ry d Rana immed diately and a asked him t details the of the case. He sai Gaurav B id Bhatia was r required to be present in Patiala House C Court at 1150 hrs. on 30 May 2013 in cheat ting case re eported by the RBI failing wh hich non-ba ailable warr rant of arre would b issued est be against him and se to Chen ent nnai Police for his arre I asked him that est. d there wa a proced as dure on reco overy of due by gover es rnment and no notice or letter to this effe has eve been rec r ect er ceived by G Gaurav Bhat or any tia one of u He told me that sin the case file was 1 us. nce 12-13 pages long, he s could no read and tell me the details and that I sho ot d e ould contact Narinder t Kumar (Mob No 0 0954026321 18), Govern nment Lawy dealing with the yer g case. He also warn me repe ned eatedly that required ac ction should be taken d n minutes after talking with Narinder K r h Kumar and I must tell by me in next 10 m him befo 1150 hr or else h would issue non-ba ore rs. he ail-able arres warrant st against Gaurav Bha atia. After repeated ringing, I was f finally through to I Mr. Narinder Ku umar who initially s said he cou not recollect the cas and I sho uld se ould ring him after 510 minu utes. In bet tween I got again call from Rana wanting t know if t a to Narinde Kumar h er has issued ‘hold’ order on the case. I ag gain rang Narinde Kumar an he said R has file a case ag er nd RBI ed gainst Gaur Bhatia rav as he h not paid the bank Rs 76200.0 dues sin long. I d has d 00 nce desired to meet him in Patiala House & he said he was very b a busy & I sho ould meet him aro ound 4 pm. I asked him his cham m mber /office location & he said I should c come to Ga No 2 and ask anyone for him. When I told him that ate d Mr. Ran had said that the deadline was 1150 hrs. o 30 May, h replied na on he in that c case, I shou rush to n uld nearest ICIC Bank with a cheque book and CI h contact him and he would giv the accou number in which th money e ve unt r he was to b deposite I told him what deta I need t fill in the challan & be ed. m ails to he said I should better rush t the bank first & ring him from t to g there. Mr. Walia, Senio Lawyer o the Supre or of eme Court w lives in Noida, is who n Sudhir W C:Users ssbtyagiDoc cumentsICIS SSNews Lett July ter ocx The aut thor is a army veteran having m more than thre decades of ee s colourful service in command and various c staff func ctions. He a also had a v very long and mentiona able ten nure with Intellige ence Bureau w where he w was associate ed in inspectio and au on udits of indus strial secu urity measures underta aken P PSU by and government establishments. An avid reader and writer, prolific Col now n is Bhatia e nt freelance consultan in the field of Indus strial & Sa afety Security ment. He is Managem passiona ately invol lved in efforts for release of Indian P POWs held in d Pakistan. He can be reached by e-mail at _bhatia@h hot narindra_ m
  10. 10. my relat tive and was away to C Chandigarh, I rang him for consulta ation and ga him Mobile numbers of ave both Mr Rana & Mr. Narinder Kumar. Soo after Mr. Rana again rang me a asked m what act r. on n and me tions I had ta aken. I told him I was a former Intelligence Bureau O s e Officer, I wo ould contact my former ‘IB t Bosses’ and would act on wha they and M Walia w ’ at Mr. would advise me. He sa ‘phir, me apni kaa e aid, ein arrya wahi shuru karta hu or words to that effe and hanged up. un’ s ect hile, Mr. Walia told me that it ap e ppears to be well orga e anised syndicate working as he g it got Meanwh checked from the P d Patiala Hous Courts a no case RBI versus Gaurav Bh se and e s hatia was lis sted for hea aring on 30 M 2013. H also got it checked that there were 5 law May He t d wyers regist tered in the Patiala by the e y name N Narinder Kumar and no of them had Mobile number a 0954026 one m as 63218. Mr. W Walia also r rang number of times to Rana and Narinder K r o Kumar. While Mr. Rana never lifted the mobile, Mr. Narin a nder Kumar once lifted the phone and whe Mr. Wali told him he was h professi e en ia m his ional collea ague practicin in Supreme Court he fumbled a ng e answering M Walia’s q Mr. queries and left the pho one. Therea after, there is no communication wit both Mr. R th Rana and M Narinder Kumar. W Mr. r Whole incident has put u in us avoidab tension a appears to be part of organise cyber / w ble and s ed white collar / financial cr rimes that n need to be in nvestigated and crimina punishe Since I h als ed. had served in the Intelligence Bureau for ov 8 ver years af fter retiring from the Army, I conta acted some of my retir senior c e red colleagues. The analysis of mobile numbers of Rana and Kumar are fake and f f e from area a around Gha aziabad. The case may be y d lhi vestigation a to catch the culprits and h s. referred to Special Branch Del Police for further inv A piece of advice-p please ensu you and your family specially the children on Facebo do not give ure d y, n ook persona details lik mobile n al ke numbers, re esidential / /official addresses, fam details, bank acco mily , ount number car numb rs, bers etc. so that the uns scrupulous elements do not misus them. se Anirud Singh <anirudhsingh@rsec dha> Date 8.06.201 e: 13 Dear Sir, Thanks for News Letter. I ha gone th s ave hrough the important a articles. Abo the incid out dent which to place on 20th Feb in Noida dur ook n ring trade union strike, I should sa that the c ay culprits mus be st identifie and pun ed nished, concerned trad unions must be pe de enalized. W Workers hav not put the ve property of owner on fire, but they have put their o y t own property on fire. F y Factories are the mean of e ns their live elihood and they suppo their family by earnin from it. ort ng On 21st Feb 2013, when Bhara band was going on, one shocking incident occurred in Ranchi. Th at s n hree employe ees of an i industrialist, had kidna apped the o owner on 1 th Feb 13, and his d 14 dead body was recovere on 21st in a jungle. They had k ed killed bruta 70 years old indust ally s trialist Mr. G Gyanchand Jain and bur ried in jungle near Ran nchi. The c conspirator w his driv Mukesh who was once remo was ver h, oved from service due to dereliction on duty. H apologize and had rejoined the service fe months a o n He ed ew ago. The whole busines world in Ranchi and Jharkhand was in tur ss d d rmoil and ha called another bund on ad d 22nd Feb too. b, The abo ove two inc cidents com mpel us to rethink abo the philo out osophy of industrial re elations, ow wnerworker relations an role of G nd Govt. There is need to r redefine the doctrine o socialism, capitalism and e of Marxism m. Thanks & Regards, Anirudh Singh, D ha Director C:Users ssbtyagiDoc cumentsICIS SSNews Lett July ter ocx
  11. 11. Ira Win nkler, a top security professio y onal), wrot that "aw te wareness mitigates non-techn nical issues that technology ca an' w find th securit awarene will hat ty ess is one of the m e most reliable security m e measures available." (Winkler, 2012) " , Suggestion & feedb ns back may b sent to us on e-m be mail: sbtya agi1958@g m C:Users ssbtyagiDoc cumentsICIS SSNews Lett July ter ocx