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News letter feb 13

  1. 1. Ne ewsletter: Feb bruary 2013 Let’s profe s essionalize the pro t ofessio onals… … Perhaps you think sexual assault h k happens only in ce o ertain hig gh-risk situations such as h hitchhiking, walking a alone at night, or go oing out so ocially alone. It's true that sexual assault can occur in such situations, but it also t s s takes plac in ordinary, seemi ce ingly safe places. In fact, about one-third of all d rapes occ in or ne the victim's reside cur ear ence. Abou one-half of rapes a by ut f are first or cas sual dates or romant acquain tic ntances. Imagine a typical r rapist. Wh hom do yo picture? A sex-c ou crazed ma an? A psychopa ath? More often tha not, th an hose stereotypes are wrong. Most rapists do look pe on't eculiar or behave stra b angely. Ma ainly, they want to hu humilia and deg urt, ate grade another h human bei ing. Rapis are no sexually deprived men; mo have available s sts ot ost a sexual outlets. In addition, many are married a lead no n and ormal lives prior to c s conviction and often come a from the s same socio o-economic backgrou as the victims. Rapists m be repeaters and may und eir may d continue t rape unt they are caught. to til Cap S B T pt Tyagi For IC CISS Interna ational Council For Security & Sa F afety Managemen nt Pinkerton CRM Ind dia, Interna ational Co uncil For Security & Safety M Manageme (ICISS) and ent hed India Risk Surv vey 2013. The esteemed mem mbers of ICISS and the d FICCI have launch to nd readers of its newsletters will be happy t note tha ICISS is helping an support at ting this su urvey. ey r s perating in India. The end e The surve is an attempt to recognize possible risk factors while op result of th survey will also be shared w Indian governme that willl be eventually referr to his b with n ent red formulate regulations, critical policy e enhanceme ents and strategic decision for comm mercial organizati ions. The previous survey resu were effectively used by m s ults many orga anizations world over to le earn about risk dyna t amics in I ndia. We value a professiona like our readers o the p al of newsletter and mem mbers of IC CISS and a very ke to get your expe comme are een t ert ents throug the gh survey. Yo can fill t survey by clicking this link: ou the y g http://risk. Alternately the survey form ca be dow nloaded fr y an rom their portal (www p w.pinkerton and m) filled as a hard cop The rep py. port will be presente along with discus e ed w ssion by ex xperts in M March 2013 at F FICCI, Fed deration ho ouse in De elhi, India. We would be glad t share a complime d to entary copy of th report w you. To provide an idea on the fina report we are attac he with T e o al e ching IRS 2012 Report wit this mai th il.
  2. 2. Sexual as ssault is a crime, whi occurs with increasing frequency, but remains the most u ich t t underreported c crime. The is a ra ere ape victim every six xteen minu utes. A wo oman is be eaten eve 18 ery seconds; three to f four million are batte n ered every year. Th y hree out of four wom f men will be the victims of at least on violent crime durin their life ne c ng etime. These stat T tistics are repeated, in e countries w worldwide. Sexual as ssault awareness is based on ntal ess. Remem mber, environmen alertne alcohol du lls your reflexes. W r When tincts! uncomforta ble, trust your inst Criminals a C are, for the majori t ity of th hem, preda ators. They behave like a predator. T They stalk and hunt like a predator. T They will attack like a predator. T underst To tand them one m simply ne eds to look at their counterpart in the wild. ts When a w wolf, lion, o any other animal hunts its prey it usu or ually follow a set ro ws outine of h habits. Granted, a lot of pr redators hunt in pac (such as the bef cks a fore mentio oned wolf) the habit will ) ts basically r remain the same. e A predato will spen quite a bit of tim e watching a heard. It will not choose the bigges and or nd g t t st strongest of the hea ard. It will set its sigh on one that is yo hts e oung, inex xperienced, weak, or even old. A sing hunter has a muc better c gle ch chance of making a kill if it has the advantage. The same m k is true for the human predator. This is es n specially tr of a sex rue xual preda ator. you his? Quite simply it’s your body language A lot of it has to do with y e. o How do y defend against th carry yourself. If you walked s u slumped ov ver, eyes downward, you appe to be a d , ear afraid. how you c This show weakness and just as a lion can sense it, so can a human. ws e Walk and carry your rself with a sense of confidence Look at people. If y can’t bring yours to e. you b self m es, eir hort ce ars ou look them in the eye look just over the heads. From a sh distanc it appea that yo are looking them in their eyes. r Once the predator h chosen its victim it will attem to sep has n mpt parate it fro the rest of the hea It om t ard. is very im mportant th you atte hat empt to ke eep yourse near pe elf eople. If yo are with a group, stay ou with the group. This is especia true if y are in an unfamil place. ally you liar Do not ve enture off a alone to the restroom out to yo car or out of the b e m, our o building wit someone you th don’t know We hav always heard guy make fun of wom for go w. ve ys f men oing to the bathroom in a e m public pla in a gro ace oup. They can laugh all they want. This is a natura instinct and is pro h w al obably one of you best self-defense tools. ur
  3. 3. If you are not with a group, sta near oth people Do your best to avo places that are d ay her e. oid devoid of people Side streets, alley empty parking garages are just a fe examp e. ys, ew ples. These are places wh here the pr redator kno ows that yo have lit or no chance of a ou ttle c anyone hearing your cries r for help if you are at ttacked. Many time after a p es predator has brought down its prey it will move it to another location in order t o rs to consum it in pe me eace withou being d isturbed. With huma predator Law En ut W an nforcement calls t this the P Primary Cri ime Scene and the S e Secondary Crime Sc y cene. A pe erson may be attack in y ked one place Once th victim is subdued the attac e. he s d cker will th hen move them to another loc a cation where the are a litt freer to carry out w ey tle whatever in ntentions they have. If you are attacked in a restro e oom, a pa arking lot, or other public place it is a su bet tha the e ure at attacker w attempt to move you away from peop and he It is im will ple elp. mportant tha you figh and at ht do everyth hing in you power to keep this from happ ur o s pening. Try to fight o your atta y off acker and make as much o a disturbance as you can w of y when the at ttack first begins to d b draw attention to you urself. Yell. Scre eam. Run. F Fight! Should yo be attac ou cked and the assaila departs the area you need to GET OUT of the as t ant s d O ere fast as yo can. Pre ou edators in the wild m get dis may stracted an leave th nd heir prey. They may have T their fill an walk aw nd way. Many times they will retur to the prey to finis what the started. Your y y rn sh ey attacker m leave. After he has gone m may h many times he will begin to think s k. The adren naline rush is done and his mi nd may cle a bit. If he has le you he may think “She h a ear eft k can identi me”. Or he could decide th at he wan more. At any rate many tim the att ify nts A e mes tacker will return to the pre ey.
  4. 4. Self-d defense e Princi iples       Stay a aware of people in your surro p y oundings Stay w with peop go to people ple, p Keep a barrier between you and th bad gu y he uy Attrac attentio ct on Contr his hip and his hands rol ps Use y your stron ngest weap pons agai inst his we eakest tar rgets 1. Stay aw ware of pe eople in yo surrou our undings. Not surpri isingly, crim minals exh hibit predat tory behav in prep vior paring to a attack. They will try to pick o a casual location to look for their prey. They will look at the intende victim fa more an for o t eir ed ar nd longer periods of tim than so me ocial norm s. They will move when the pr moves They will stop rey s. around for witnesses They wil l often make several passes by the prey in a sort o 'dry r s. l y of and look a run', seein if the vic ng ctim will re eact or to g a sense of how th attack m get e he might work. Pay attention! Who is lo ooking at y you? Has the same person or car passed by yo twice? Does som e o ou meone appear to be moving with you? g ? 2. Stay w with people go to pe e, eople. Do not ev let you ver urself be taken som ewhere. Cops call it the "seco C t ondary crime scene" and most of th time it w be where your wo nightm he will orst mare reside If you a approac es. are ched in a p public place do not get in a vehicle with him. Do not walk around the build . w ding to the alley -- S e STAY where oth hers can se you. His worst fea is the fea of gettin caught, so you sho ee s ar ar ng ould drop t the to ground if you need to in order to preven him from carrying you away. On the other hand, if you r nt m y are in you house or another location tha is private, you nee to GO to people. His worst f ur r at ed o H fear is the fear o getting c of caught -- ru out the door to a neighbor’s Crawl ou a window onto the roof. un s. ut w e Drive your car up to a diner or convenien store. Go where there are llights and others. r nce 3. Keep a barrier between yo and the bad guy. ou e Use a barrier to blo him or use distan to gain time. Ke your d ock nce eep doors locke Stay in your ed. n e et before he can get to you. Use a barrier of pepper s c o spray. car! Force him to ge through a barrier b The more difficult you make it, the m e e more time it takes him and t h that mean he might be ns discovere ed. 4. Attract attention t n. t The first thing he will say to yo is "don't scream or I'll kill yo He's te ou o ou". elling you exactly wha will e at plan. Go ah head, ruin his plan - create a disturban -nce, scream throw things, blow the m, t w ruin his p horn. If yo think yo should yell "fire" g o right ahe ou ou y ead. You can't count on others coming to your c t o aid, but yo want to appeal to his fear of getting ca ou f aught and make him think that someone could hear you a be com and ming. 5. Contro his hips and his hands. ol h This migh sound st ht trange if yo ou've not g gone throu the Ra Escape course, but the concept ugh ape e works. Co ontrol his hips to prevent pen netration. If you can get your feet on his hips you can f u
  5. 5. control the distance between the two o you. His hands ar the wea e of s re apons he will use ag w gainst you. He w hit you slap you stab you or shoot you, but he has to use his hands to d the will u, u, u t h do damage. 6. Use yo strong our gest weapo again st his wea ons akest targets. His weak kest target are tho ts ose that a are most valuable, yet ironic cally, cannot be en ntirely strengthen ned. His e eyes, thro oat, groin and knees are your primary targets. Your secondary s Y targets ar his face and his abdomen. Strong weapons th you ca employ are your kicks re e . w hat an using the bottom of your feet, your elbow hamme ws, er-fists and palm hee strikes. d el ogy pps Technolo to the Rescue - Mobile Ap for Women Safety With mob phones having become su bile s b uch insepa arable part of our liv t ves, women can defi initely make goo use o technolo od of ogy to us their mobile pho se m ones as a SOS to in cas of an ool se emergenc cies. There are some easily do e e ownloadab apps available th can he enhanc the ble a hat elp ce safety and security o women, everywhe and eve time. d of ere ery • • • FightBack makes use of G k GPS, SM MS, location m maps, GP PRS, e-ma and yo ail our Facebook account to send S OS alerts to k a pre-def fined list of emerge ency mob bile numbers in case of any emerg gency. h me nal es. EyeWatch has som addition feature Free fall a activation means the application e gets acti ivated by itself w when mob bile phone dr rops (drop pping a m mobile is a common occurren nce in emergen ncy built audio/ /video/image situations). The inb support e enables the applicat tion to even send the images, videos and sound bit tes h ion S along with the locati in SOS alerts. ‘I Am Safe can notif well-wis hers and the nearest police sta e’ fy t ation just by the press of a b button in c case of em mergencies The app also lets your family members or friends track s. y y if you’re tr ravelling in a cab in t right dir n the rection. Every hu uman bein has an expiry da - howev all of u forget this! ng ate ver us t By: Co Atul Tya Vetera ol agi, an It is very unfortunat that wo te orldwide, e even highly qualified ladies an those in high pos y nd n sitions have little knowledg or inte e ge erest in fin nancial and property matters. They lov to be w y ve wholly dependen on their male folks i.e. pa nt arents / husband/so etc. Ev h on ven if someone trie to es educate/in nform them on these subjects, they shrug them off with the re m e g emark - this is a man job n’s - why sho ould I worry y!
  6. 6. The experience of most Indian women who are confronted with sudden widowhood is sad. The absence of a support system makes the task of the Indian widow an onerous one. This note has been prepared in the hope that every married man will take certain actions, which would considerably mitigate the hardship that his wife (Widow) would have to undergo in the event of his sudden death. Likewise, every married woman should be encouraged to take proactive measures to secure her future in the contingency of widowhood. In any case, ladies live five years longer than their partners. Preparing for a tragedy is perhaps one of the most important steps in financial planning a wife (in fact anyone) can take. Thinking ahead to protect yourself and your children in the event of a disaster may be emotionally difficult, but it need not take a great deal of time, and you could someday thank your stars (or husband) for having made the effort. Step 1: Will power Convince your husband to write and register will In Spouse’s Favor You and your spouse should make out separate WILLS and get them registered. In DELHI getting a will registered only costs Rs 600 only. It's a myth that people in their late 20s and early 30s are too young to worry about a WILL. Indeed, dependents of this age group suffers most and most of the young victims die intestate, that is, without executing a Will. The absence of a WILL makes the process of recovery for the bereaved family lengthier and more complicated, and may entangle it in court cases. It's also a myth that you need to have a substantial amount of money and assets, including immovable property, to make a will. If you fail to make your Registered Will, your property will be distributed among your legal heirs in accordance with the personal law applicable to you. In the case of an intestate (those who fail to make a WILL) Hindu male in India, the legal heirs include his mother, widow and children. Legally speaking, there is no difference between a registered and an unregistered WILL. However, all Offices in India like Municipal Corporation, LIC, Transport Department, Jal Board, Electricity Company, Insurance Company, Bank etc. insist on a registered will. Also, if one goes by experience, there are lesser chances of people going to courts to contest a registered will because it costs lot of money and efforts It is essential that a copy of your Will should be available with your spouse who should be able to easily locate it in the event of your death. In case of joint property / flat of husband and wife, each must write and register their wills in favor of each other. Step II: Buying Term Insurance for self and husband Convince your husband the need for buying term insurance equivalent to 10 years’ salary & increasing the amount with rising salary & inflation. Life Insurance is meant to provide the dependents of the policyholder with enough money to replace his income in case he dies. It must take care of the basic expenditure that your family will incur, major expenses like monthly expenses, marriage of children and other liabilities like
  7. 7. loans etc. Term Insurance should cover till at least your employment period that is now 65 years. Only now, Indians have started going in for TERM INSURANCE. Problem is that though the premium is very low, but like medical and car insurance, there is no pay back at the end of the term of insurance. It lapses. It is the reason very few Indians go for this insurance. Step III: Collecting Important Records Step three in your disaster management plan costs nothing but managing records and time. You and your husband should gather all your important records, a copy of the will and information about where the original will is kept, bank account numbers, safe deposit lockers, insurance policies, Provident Fund and Public Provident Fund details, nominees and the like and keep them in a safe place, but definitely not at your work place. The following is an illustrative list of important records ladies should have/know when husband is alive: Immovable property: original Purchase Deed of the house or flat; if on Power of Attorney, the original POA; original documents given by DDA/ Housing Agency to the original allottee, allotment letter, payment receipts, particularly of the last payment, possession letter, letter of physical handing over of house/ flat, registered WILL of the original allottee, sale deed, special and general power of attorney, bank Saving Bank and FD numbers, Bank Accounts In Either or Survivor Mode, Post Office Schemes, NSS, NSCC, cheque books, Bank address, Pension papers, Provident Fund nomination form, PPF pass book with spouse as nominee, Pan Number, Election Card, Passport Numbers with date of issue and renewal date and place from where issued - Note renewal date Mutual funds , Electricity , Water, Municipal File of property, Medical Insurance and date of annual renewal, Insurance Papers, Car documents, etc. Also keep separately copies of property documents duly notarized at other place so that in case original and lost/misplaced, for getting copies of original same from authorities. Kindly understand in details from your husband about above matters. Also, as and when husband goes to such offices for some work, if possible, kindly go with him. It will make your task easier in unfortunate case of your becoming widow. In respect of property on rent, the original lease deed and related document should be available. [A word of caution – never give your original documents of title of property, Registered Will or their photocopies to anyone.] Step IV: Keeping Records updated You should update your records and files every month or quarterly so that you are not confronted with unpleasant surprises. If you have opened a bank account, or subscribed to a provident fund, or a life insurance policy before marriage, do remember to change your nominee as your spouse. Ensure that in all your investments, either these are held jointly or the beneficiary/ nominee is spouse. Step V: Identify a Friend in Need Write down the name of person(s), who will be helpful to your spouse in her hour of need because children would leave for their destinations after fourth day.
  8. 8. Responsib bility of Hu usband Step VI: R It is the re esponsibilit of every husband t make his WIFE fin ty to nancially e educated meaning the m ereby that she has as th ability to make in he t nformed ju udgment and take e a effective action rega a arding managem ment of money acro oss the en ntire cycle of saving, spendin invest e ng, ting, budgeting, property b buying, etc c. vation behind disas ster mana agement planning is the desi to help the surv p s ire p viving The motiv partner c cope with t loss and go on with the business of living. the b o A Co lays down 1 Point Guidel for S Apex ourt s 1O line Self-Def fence At a time when terr rorism and mafia po a grave security threat to I d ose e India, the Supreme Court has given a pro-acti meanin to the 'r n ive ng right to self f-defence' and said t law doe not requ a the es uire law-abidin citizen to behav like a coward when confronted wit an imm ng ve w th minent unl lawful aggressio Nothing is more degrading to the human spir than to run away in the fa on. g g rit y ace of danger, sa a benc comprising Justice Dalveer Bhandari and A K aid ch es Ganguly. The bench laid dow a 10poiint guidelin on right to selfwn ne t defence, under whic a perso cannot be accuse of comm ch on ed mitting a crime eve if he infli en icted morta wounds on the agg al gressor. But, it warned again using it as a tool to settle scores or enmity. It nst t s e ove the use of forc in excess of wh was ce hat also did not appro warranted to avert imminent danger to the life an propert of the d nd ty person ex xercising th right to self-defens he s se. "The citize as a ge en, eneral rule are neith expected to run away for e, her a safety wh hen faced w grave and imm inent dang to their person with e ger r or proper rty as a result of unlawful aggressio on, nor are they a expected, by use o force, to right the wrong do , of o e one to the or to em punish th wrong doer of commissio n of offen he c nce," said Justice Bhandari writing the judgment for the be e t ench. Nothing is more degr s rading to the hum spirit th to man han run away in the fa ace of danger, an SC Bench said. n h te e "The right of privat defense is thus designed to serve a social and ves f l purpose a deserv to be fostered w ithin the prescribed limits," it said. Whe can on resort to his righ to self-d en ne t ht defence? "A mere " reasonabl apprehe le ension is enough to p the right of self-d e put defence int operatio but it is also to on, s settled po osition of l law that a right of s self-defenc is only right to de ce efend one eself and n to not retaliate. I is not a r It right to take revenge, the benc further said. e ," ch s Taking a c closer look at the SC judgmen of the la 50 years, the ben crystal k C nts ast nch llized a 10-point guideline to make a common man und erstand his right to self-defenc and its operation. The ce main poin are: nts  Rig to self-d ght defence av vailable to only one facing imminent dang f ger.  Me reasona ere able appre ehension is enough to put this right into op s o r peration
  9. 9.  It is unrealist to expe a perso under assault to modulate his defenc step by step s tic ect on a ce y with any arith hmetical ex xactitude.  For used i self-defe rce in ence ough not to be wholly disproportio ht b d onate than necessary for n pro otection of self or property.  Person who is in imminent and reasonable danger of losing h life or limb may i exe o his in erc cise of self f-defence inflict any harm eve extending to deat on his assailant e en th either when the ass sault is atte empted or directly thr reatened Cou urtesy: Ma Pradeep Kumar La aj p askar [pkl l_13@hotm] ght are h cause man people forget to re ny f espect fem males as w as well Just thoug I'd sha this with you. Bec each othe many times. An incident to er ook place in Pune - a young g was ra girl aped by a man posing as a plain cl s lothes offic he ask her to come to the police s cer; ked station when she an her nd male frien didn't h nd have a driv ver's licens to show He sent the boy o to get his license and se w. t off e asked the girl to ac e ccompany him to the police sta e ation. He took her in nstead to an isolated area a d where the horrendo e ous crime was com mitted. Th law [wh he hich, most of us are not aware of] t e clearly sta ates that b between 6 pm and 6 am, a woman has the right to REFUS to go t the w s SE to Police Sta ation, even if an arres warrant has been issued aga n st ainst her. It is a pro ocedural iss that a woman ca be arrested betwe 6 pm a sue an een and 6 am, ONLY if s is she arrested b a woma officer and taken t an ALL WOMEN police statiion. And if she is arr by an a to p f rested by a male officer, it has to be proven tha a woman officer wa on duty at the time of arrest. e p at n as e . Please sh hare this in nformation to as man girls yo know. Also to boy becaus this can help ny ou A ys, se n them protect their w wives, sisters and mot thers. It is good for us to know our rights. To what e u . extent it comes o use rem of mains to be seen in a situatio But as they say, knowledge is power! I did e any on. e not know this and am sure lot of us does m sn’t? Pleas be inform se med. To Wear Or Not To We o t ear: Th Is Not The Ques hat N e stion… He elmet Re esearch Courtesy: Prof. K. Ga anapathy MS (Neuro) MNAMS (N M Neuro) FACS FICS Ph. D, Secret . tary of the Asian Australasia Society of Neurolog an gical Surge ry (the larg gest contine ental society of neuros y surgeons w with 28 countries a its memb as bers). Helmets h have not su uddenly arr rived At lea 50 years of resea ast arch in variious fields have led t this to developme ent. Helme have been desiigned based on cad ets daver stud dies, anim experim mal ments, computer simulation studies, biomechaniical studies and stud of crash injury pat b s dy h tterns. Sir Huge Cairns wa the first p as person to understand the role of helmets in preventin severe head injurie and u f n ng h es deaths. Helmet passes throug four main te H s gh ests nam mely 1. Sho absorption – Cush ock hioning cap pabilities of the paddin test. f ng 2. Res sistance to penetration-to make sure the sh of the helmet is st hell h trong. rap. 3. Stre ength of the retention system-to test the str e retching of the chin str
  10. 10. 4. Rig gidity-to tes the struc st ctural and s safety perfo ormance. Most injure motorc M ed cyclists wh do ho not wear hel t lmets repo that th ort hey did no expect to be inju ot t ured; yet 40% of the head inju ury-associa ated deaths were asc s cribed to the motorcyc clist’s loss of control, not, appar rently, to s some action of the driver of anot ther motor vehicle. v 5. Stu udies have shown tha when he at elmet use is voluntary it is use by 40-50 %; when it is y, ed 0 n com mpulsory it is almos 100 %; n other ap st no pproach ha succeede in raisin helmet u to as ed ng use any ything close to these levels. e How is a helme usefu H et ul? The b brain is the only organ in the bod with its own safe de n dy o eposit vault t. When a major im n mpact occu the sku however thick cann absorb t entire force! The urs, ull r not the impac only sligh attenua ct htly ated is still transmitted to the und d derlying bra When direct injury ain. y occur the dam rs, mages to brain are ver serious - often irreversible. ry A helmet consid derably incr reases the thickness of the conta o ainer. The b blow gets absorbed, a sprea ading the im mpact over a larger re egion. The intensity at any one po is cons i oint siderably dimin nished. The time lag also reduce the ultima intensit reaching the brain through the e a es ate ty t e helme hair, ski skull and the menin et, in, d nges of the brain. e • • • Sugges S stions      Ple ease recon nsider your decision n to wear helmet. r not r Young ladies please decide to u s, d use helme while yo comforta et ou tably sit at the back seat. t Ple ease take some positive dec isions and convince your bro d e others, hu usband, friends, fath her, etc. to use helm o met. I am sure you do not bo other abou your hair-style and use ut d hel lmet yourself. Ca drivers, u seat be avoid m ar use elt, mobile pho ones while driving. Fol llow all tra affic rules, even if som meone is not watching you. An do not celebrate when nd you dodge a traffic man ultimatelly we will suffer. u n, s Ple ease do no try to save some p ot petrol by driving on wrong side to avoid taking a U-Turn w e t som distanc away. me ce Notice s something in the ph g hotograph ! See the h helmet; it i there bu not whe is ut ere it co ould have s saved the life! Do talk wh he dri on't hile ives
  11. 11. For more detail ple e ease conta – act Managing Director, PCS Train g ning Consu ultant; Lipata, Mi inglanilla, C Cebu, Philippines, 60 046 E-mail: po olly.secreta aria@pcstc consultant. .com, Web: www w.pcstcons http://pc m; cstconsulta obal-securiity Food for thought t: If it is not a s already with you, prova y ably it will ha arm yo ou: the inform mation, the techn , nology – in sho y n ort, ‘T The Edge’ ’! Sug ggestions & feedback may be sent to us on e-mail: captsb e u btyagi@ya n P.S. - If you don't like to receive our newsletter, w apologize for bothering you. Please let us know your mail ad u o we g e w ddress, we will move it out of our contact list, thank you! e ,