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etter: April 20

Let’s profe
essionalize the pro
very comple and ted
dious functiion of secu
urity management.
The alarm monitorin and response is v
Fraught w Fals...
In Austra
alia Centra Stations are grad
ded on 2 areas: op
perational and phys
sical performance.
Operation perform
Any plan f the alar monitor
ring transit
tion may in

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be inserte into new monitorin systems and revie
ewed again for accura
acy. Once all data is in place
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area. Tha way if there is som
meone sittin in a car nearby watching fo their nex victim, it will not
be yo...
They prey on foreign airlines as the penalties are so lenient, the payoff makes it worth the risk. I naively have never th...
Prior war
rning: The Geneva office of U
UNAID had in Septem
mber issue a worldw
wide alert warning
people to verify...
investmen fraud. In some cas they fa
alsely befriend people and the n ask for money for medical
expenses or oth...
News letter april 13
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News letter april 13


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Monthly newsletter of International Council of Security and Safety Management.
The ICISSM web-site (, the ICISSM Goggle group (!forum/icissm), and the ICISSM LinkedIn Group (

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News letter april 13

  1. 1. Newsle N etter: April 20 A 013 Let’s profe s essionalize the pro t ofessio onals… … http://www m/sbtyagi/ic ciss The alarm m monitoring and resp g ponse is p probably th most c he complex and tedious function of security manag ement. Fr s raught wit False th Ala arms and resultan unnecessary res d nt source-mo obilization alarm n, mo onitoring also me eans that systems need to be con s o nstantly upgraded an proced nd dures chec cked. There is als need to constant audit t so o tly the efficac of the s cy system, turn-on-in vestment and the in ntegrity of the data for very e f efficient ret ala arm monit toring. Sin all the activit nce ese ties occup lot of at py ttention and priorit ties of the orga anizations the forward looking s, f ma anagemen started off-loading these activities to third-p nts d parties – eld. t to t e y able option which n specialist in the fie This turns out t be cost effective and very dependa s l ity edness. enhances the level of securi prepare ading this phenome enon are f few securi agencies in som metros where the have ity me ey Spearhea establish hed their C Central Mo onitoring Stations. These me etros cate to big offices, ind er o dustries as well as individ dual resid dents wh o wish to avail th heir servi ices. Lead article of this er he ishing Cen ntral Moni itoring Sta ations. newslette is on th subject of establi Capt S B Tyagi C For ICISS r
  2. 2. m ng very comple and ted ex dious functiion of secu urity management. The alarm monitorin and response is v Fraught w False Alarms an resourc with nd ce-mobiliza ation, alarm monitorin also me m ng eans that systems need to b constan upgraded and pr be ntly rocedures checked. There is a T also need to constan audit t ntly the efficac of the sy cy ystem, retu urn-on-inve estment an the integrity of the data for very efficient alarm nd e v monitoring Since a these activities oc g. all ccupy lot attention and prioritie of the organizatio a a es ons, the forward lo ooking man nagements started o s off-loading these activ vities to th ird-parties – specialist in the field. This turns out to be cos effective and very dependab option w s t st ble which enhances the level of security p preparedne ess. Security s systems se their signals ove telephon line to a central m end s er ne monitoring station-the facility e that acts as the link betwee homes or any premises and the p en p a police, fire departme ent, and emergenc respons authorities. A cent monito cy se tral oring station is manne 24 hours a day, 7 days a ed week by h highly skille operato trained to respond to emerg ed ors d gencies. Th station operator a he alerts the proper authorities an dispatches help. nd Central Station softw ware has to meet ve special requireme t ery ents proce essing and storing ve large ery and integr ration with many different ala h arm proto ocols. Inco oming sign nals are amounts of data a processed by digita alarm receivers; th d al hese conve the incoming eve packets to serial or TCP ert ent packets w which are then analyzed by the Cen e y ntral Statio softwa re. Event packets can be on communic cated over any trans r smission m medium: PSTN, GSM Radio, d M, direct line, Ethernet, GRPS, , , etc. Spearhea ading this p phenomen non are few security agencies in some metros in India, whe they w y ere establishe their Ce ed entral Monitoring Sta ations. The metros cater to b offices, industries as well ese big s as individu residen who wish to avail their services. The field is wide open and new entr ual nts f e d rants will have head start and surly benefit from th lead tak by them d d he ken m. "Licensed compan d" nies typica offer h ally higher leve of serv els vice and r reliability because t b they are mandated to follow c d certain reg gulations.
  3. 3. In Austra alia Centra Stations are grad al s ded on 2 areas: op perational and phys sical performance. Operation perform nal mance incl ludes the ability of the monitoring syst tem to res spond to e events generated by custom d mers' secu urity system operational reliab ms, bility, data r retrieval, etc. e Physical p performanc includes measure such as the constr ce s es ruction of m monitoring rooms - m most high security ro ooms have airlocks which can only be operated internally. T e w The highest standard is 1a to t 3c. To be graded at 3c central stations s meet ve high standards. l still ery There are no such requireme e ents in Indiia and PSA Act 20 has no reference of such services AR 005 o e and need for licensing thereof f. Ce entral Mon l nitorin St ng tation ns A monito oring cente must pro er ovide timel y, consiste high-q ent, quality serv vices utilizi state-o ing of-the-art technolog to custo gy omers 24 hours a d ay, 365 days a yea Keeping pace with the cha ar. g anges in technolog and ma gy aintaining alarm sys stem data integrity were cru cial to ma a aintaining goal of providing best-in-cla alarm monitoring service. ass m n pment need ded, enhan ncing alarm data integrity is allso necess m sary to ens sure the In addition to equip highest le evel of sec curity is co ontinuously maintaine The planning pha y ed. ase may include five critical e elements which wo ould becom founda me ation to successfully convert in-house alarm mo s onitoring platform to a third-pa supplier: o arty - Tra ansition tea identific am cation De ecision proc cess to det termine the service provider e p oject plann ning Pro Imp plementation Post impleme entation (continuous improvement) Transition Team To succes ssfully con nvert alarm monitorin to a third-party su m ng upplier, a t transition team of cu t ustomerfocused l leaders m may be se elected to design, analyze, and implem a a ment the alarm mo onitoring transition project. In addition to loss prev n vention, tra ansition team is to in nclude stak keholders f from the following d departmen procurement, fina nts: ance, business unit leaders, IT real esta legal, f l T, ate, facilities, and operations etc This tea must m c. am meet regu ularly, defin ning the o objectives, building success criteria, creating pe erformance metrics, and repre e esenting th organiza he ation to ensure a se eamless transition of alarm m monitoring.
  4. 4. Any plan f the alar monitor for rm ring transit tion may in nclude: - Understand t buy – in the nterview st takeholder rs tablish ope erating procedures fo supplier or Est De evelop draft scope of work for re t eview by st takeholder rs Pre esent sou urcing stra ategy (sco ope of work, list of w sup ppliers, and timeline) d ) De evelop, dist tribute, and analyze r d request for informatio r on Co omplete sup pplier bid meetings a site vis m and sits Suppliers com mplete and return req d quest for in nformation Pre esent requ uest for pr roposal (R RFP) suppl lier short list l rec commenda ations to sta akeholders s Analyze RFP P egotiate wit suppliers th s Ne Pre esent overv view to sta akeholders s No otify supplie and sta ers akeholders of contrac award s ct Exe ecute cont tract De evelop perfo ormance metrics m tablish qua arterly perf formance m meetings to review and o Est trac perform ck mance metr rics Determin ning the Se ervice Pro ovider Collective transition team needs to iidentify su ely, n uppliers tha provided the mos compreh at d st hensive, customer-focused c capabilities. Criteria fo a successful servic provide are as fo or ce er ollowing: - Fitn ness to tec chnical and functiona requirem d al ments Tot cost of ownership tal p The ability to support cu e urrent and emerging equipment Ind dustry repu utation and experienc ce Exp perience a qualific and cations of t compan and res the ny sources Qu uality assur rance commitment Fin nancial stre ength Pro oven metho odologies, tools, and value add service d ded es Sourcing decision m must be based on t he “best value/total cost” prin ciple. While cost remains a v critical de ecision fac ctor, the quality of t q the equipm ment, and operating efficienc d g cies would be the primary an most cr nd ritical aspe ects. Project P Planning A project task list ca be created to iden an ntify key issues that can affect the overall project and allow c assignme of tasks Tasks ca be assig ent s. an gned miles stones in th project f to help balance w he file workload for projec planning Clear co ct g. ommunica ation, preci ise operating proced dures, and partnership with d selected s solutions p provider are the build ing blocks of our tran e nsition plan n. Implemen ntation system mo onitoring, w whether fro in-house to third party or third part to inom d r ty Converting alarm s equires ab bsolute und derstandin of a de ng efined scope of wor To imp rk. plement th alarm he house, re system m monitoring change, the data fr rom the existing mo onitoring fa acility can be gathered and scrubbed to determine its accuracy and freshness The data then nee to be for s. a ed rmatted in order to
  5. 5. be inserte into new monitorin systems and revie ed w ng s ewed again for accura n acy. Once all data is in place in new mo onitoring sy ystems, the stage is set to deve elop the sc chedule for the chang over. r ge on mprovement Post Implementatio – Continuous Im The alarm monitorin convers m ng sion from p proprietary monitoring platform to the Thir party Mo g rd onitoring Center ha to be a seamless, successfu event. Metrics nee to be as as ul M ed ssigned to all the alarms and responses Each m s. metric was assigned a target goal, for example 90 percent of burglar alarms g e 0 r within 60 seconds. To ensu continu . ure uous impr rovement, it is adviisable to develop q quarterly performan nce busine ess review Busine ws. ess review provide the aven ws e nue to ass sess perfo ormance metrics, id dentify opp portunities to strengt then partnership, and continue to focus on achieving both e organizati ions’ intern and ext nal ternal goal s. Cour rtesy: Col Deepak Behl B As d heard my car door un c nlock''. I w went back and locked my car a d "I locked my car. A I walked away I h ree times. Each tim as so me, oon as I started to walk aw s way, I could hear it unlock t again thr again!! N Naturally a alarmed, I looked aro ound and there were two men sitting in a car nex to the n xt Store. The were ob ey bviously watching me intently, and there seemed no doubt they were so e o omehow involved in this very weird situation. n y I quickly a abandoned my erran jumped into my car and sp away. I went str d nd, d c ped raight to th police he station, to them w old what had happened, and found out I was part of a new, and very suc h d d ccessful, scheme b being used to gain en into pa ntry arked cars. Two weeks later, m friend's son had a similar experienc my s ce....While travelling; he stopp ; ped at a motorway service a y area to use the toilet When he came ou to his ca less tha 5 minutes later, e t. e ut ar an someone had mana aged to get into his c and had stolen hi mobile p car is phone, laptop compu uter, satnav, briefc case and o other belon ngings. He called the police and since there we no sign of his car having been brok into, th police e e ere ns ken he told him h had probably been a victim of the late robbery tactic – th he n est y here is a device that robbers d are using now to clo your se one ecurity cod when yo lock you doors on your car using your remote de ou ur n r locking de evice. They sit a distance away and watc for their next victim They kn y y ch r m. now you are going inside the Store, res e staurant, or whatever and that they now have a few minutes to steal and run. r r t h o d The police officer s e said, “Alwa to lock your car manually with the ke when parking in a public ays k w ey p
  6. 6. area. Tha way if there is som at meone sittin in a car nearby watching fo their nex victim, it will not ng w or xt t be you.” W When you lock up with the key upon exiti ing, it does not send the security code, b if you s but walk away and use the remo button, it sends the code through th airwaves where it can be e ote t t he t easily inte ercepted by the devic Look ho many times we all lock our d y ce. ow doors with our remot just to te be sure w remem we mbered to lock them - and bingo, som m b meone has our code...and po s otentially whatever is in our ca ar." Please sh hare with e everyone you know in the ho that we can frus w ope w strate thes thieves se s. Details of theft on a flight into Hong Kon last wee as narr f ng ek, rated by a n affected passenge er..."With an hour t go, dur to ring the flight, I tho ought I no oticed my bag being replaced in the overhead g d locker...... wasn't su and de .I ure ecided it w probab a fellow passeng er, moving it to acce their was bly w g ess own bag. I dismisse any tho ed ought of any wrong doing, bu upon ar a ut rrival in H K, someth hing told to me to o retrieve th bag, jus to make sure nothiing suspici he st ious had occurred. W o When I ope ened the overhead locker (no above m and saw my lea ot me) ather bag was the only one o o occupying the space I knew e there was a problem I examin the co s m. ned ontent, only to find all of my wif y fe's jewelry along with some y, cash had been stole during the flight. I raised th alarm and my wife and I qu en, he a fe uickly block both ked aisles to stop any yone at the back of the plane dise p embarking ....there were arou w und 120 passenge ers.... My w and I both shoute for assis wife b ed stance from the stew m wards and stewardess s ses. Eventually a stewar told me that secu y rd urity had been called but passe d engers we becoming very ere agitated a and unwilling to sh how patien nce or un nderstandin ng....they jjust wante to get off the ed plane....m wife an I were the only people controlling the passe my nd c engers. I pleaded w with the passenge to chec their ow bags at which point three fe ers ck wn t ellow trave elers repor rted they h also had been robb bed. It was only at th point, d I see any evidenc from th cabin cr s his did a ce he rew that th were hey willing to p provide any meaning suppor gful rt. I vaguely remembe seeing a passen y er nger weari ing black, sporting a white base-ball c b cap and pleaded w with the r rest of the passeng e gers to se if they could re ee y emember anyone fit a tting my descriptio It turned out to be a passen on. d e nger standing in front of me, wh once ide ho entified pro oceeded to offload money, jewelry, cam mera equip pment and false documents, run nning into tens of tho t ousands, if not hund dreds of th housands of dollars’ w o worth of sto olen goods s. By this tim security had boarded the p me y plane, the Captain ha been in C ad nformed an was sta nd anding in the rear s section wat tching the events un nfold. Even ntually a po oliceman b boarded the plane an I was nd able to ex xplain the e events lead ding up to my appreh hending the thief. I ha since been inform this e ave b med criminal a activity is re eaching ep pidemic pro oportions and the au a uthorities ca caught thre thieves, just last ee week, (with 30 alrea on rem ady mand since early December) on flights in HK, wit all the c e o nto th criminals coming fro the sam town in China. om me n It is estim mated that o only 5% are being c caught judg ging by the reports o passeng e of gers contac cting the police afte they hav arrived at their de er ve estination. They sit in the back row of th plane ob k he bserving where ba ags are be ehind or away from the pass a m sengers an system nd matically pu them f ull from the overhead lockers, w while passe engers res or watch movies, ta them t the back of the plane and st ake to steal any valuable c contents.
  7. 7. They prey on foreign airlines as the penalties are so lenient, the payoff makes it worth the risk. I naively have never thought of robbers operating on planes, but now I have experienced it first hand, there are a few takeaways:  Hand luggage should always be locked.  Do not assume luggage under your seat is safe....last week one passenger had her purse stolen by the guy sitting next to her while she slept!  If in doubt, wear or keep any valuables ON YOU at all times!  Don't assume, like me, that everyone on a flight is a law-abiding citizen. 5. Do not assume business class travel is secure....robbers can be wealthy. When Radha Baijal checked her email on November 3 last year to see if there was any response to her application for a job in the UN, she couldn't believe her eyes. In her inbox lay a letter saying she had landed her dream job. As it turned out, Radha shouldn't have believed her incredibly good luck. For though she had posted her application on the genuine UN site, the 24-year-old schoolteacher from the Capital today finds herself poorer by Rs 1.5 lakh and smarting with the realization that she' has been had. Here is what happened. Radha received a signed reply from one Dr Christy Owen, "Chief Administrative Officer, US Committee for the UN", confirming her appointment. The email communication carried the UN logo and address. As instructed, she contacted one Kate Bruce at the given email address for instructions before she was to fly off for a "training program in Seattle". Radha was instructed to transfer Rs 1.5 lakh into a US bank via a given swift account number. The unsuspecting victim delved into her father's retirement benefits and sent the money. Radha smelled a rat only when she responded to a second request for money - this time for Rs 70,000 – by saying she had none and asking that it be deducted from her promised salary of $152,678 per year. That's when all communication from the other end stopped. N.Y. Suresh Kumar, a zoology scholar in Kerala, received a similar letter saying he'd been "selected" for the post of environmental officer in the "United Nation Center for Development Initiative" and a request for $2,280. Luckily for him, Suresh Kumar got the letter checked by the UN Information Center’s office in Delhi and was told that the UN had no such outfit. In the last six months, a number of people from across the country have approached the Delhi office to verify the authenticity of "job confirmation letters" sent to them by email and post. These letters come complete with the UN logo and address of the United Nations headquarters in New York. In all cases, the letters have turned out to be fake. The Geneva office of UNAIDS' had in' September last year issued a worldwide alert warning people to verify the authenticity of emails and letters carrying its logo or address before meeting any request for money. It had also requested people to provide details of suspect communications to help investigate the fraud. How they're duped     All letters came with UN logo and address of UN headquarters in New York Job offers were followed by requests for money There were also invitations to conferences and training programme The Delhi office of UN Information Centre has received several requests for verification of the authenticity of such 'job confirmation letters' in last six months
  8. 8. Prior war rning: The Geneva office of U e o UNAID had in Septem mber issue a worldw ed wide alert warning people to verify the authentic of ema e city ails/letters carrying its logo or a s address be efore meeting any request fo money. or Social net tworking sites enable people to post info e ormation about the and communica em c ate with others around the o world usin forums interest groups, blogs, chat rooms, ng s, b t email, and instant messaging. d m While yo ou can make new friends through social m w s h networking sites, you ma ay also be expo osed to ations and people who ha d ave bad embarrassing situa n intentions, such as hackers, identity thieves, con artists, and preda ators. Protect yo ourself by t taking som common me n-sense pr recautions. .  Never pro ovide or po your ost Social Se ecurity num mber, address, phone number, bank acc e , count or cr redit card numbers, or other personal i information that could be used by crimina n d als.  Police, college admission personn employ ns nel, yers, stalk kers, con artists, nos neighbo a sy ours – anyone can see what you post. Don’t disc close anyth hing about yourself, your friends or family members that you w y s, y s wouldn’t want to be made pu e ublic. And remember that once informatio appears on a Web site, it ca never r r on s b an be compl letely eras sed. Even if it’s mo odified or deleted, older vers sions may exist on others’ y computers Some social networking s s. sites allow users to restrict access to certain people. w Understan how the site works and wha privacy choices you may have nd e at c u e.  Af all, it’s hard to fter s judge peo ople by pho otos or info ormation th post ab hey bout thems selves. If y decide to meet someone you e in person, do so during the da in a pub place, and ask fo informat , ay blic or tion that yo can veri such ou ify, as the per rson’s plac of emplo ce oyment.  They may contain v y viruses or spyware that could damage your comp puter or st teal your p personal informatio – including your online pa on asswords and acco ount numb bers. Some messag ges may “spoof,” o copy the email ad or e ddresses o friends to fool you into think of t u king that they’re from them. t m Don’t clic on link or download atta ck ks achments in emails from stra angers, and if you get an unexpecte messag from someone w ed ge s whose add dress you recognize check with them directly e, w before clic cking on lin or attachments. nks  A spam f filter can help reduce the numb of unw e ber wanted em mails you get. Anti-v virus softw ware, which scans in coming me h essages fo troubles or some files, and anti-s spyware software, which loo for pro oks ograms tha have be at een install led on you comput and tra your ur ter ack ctivities wit thout your knowledg can protect you from on line identity theft. F r ge, p u Firewalls online ac prevent h hackers an unauth nd horized co ommunications from entering your com mputer – w which is especially important if you ha a broa y t ave adband con nnection because yo compu b our uter is ope to the en Internet w whenever it’s turned on. Loo for pro d ok ograms tha offer au at utomatic updates and take u advantage of free pa e atches that manufact turers offer to fix new discove wly ered proble ems.  Criminals s C scan social networkin sites to find potential victim for all ng o ms sorts of scams, fr rom phony lotteries to bogus employment and business opportun y s d s nities to
  9. 9. investmen fraud. In some cas they fa nt n ses alsely befriend people and the n ask for money for medical m expenses or other e s emergencie or to co es, ome to the United Sta ates from a another co ountry. The “Glob Energy Security Conferenc 2013 is being orga bal y C ce anized from 20-22 May 2013 a Dubai. m M at The even focuses on minim nt s mizing the risk of criminality and terro e c orism for development and infrastruct ture assets The con s. nference pr rovides a comprehen c nsive educ cational pro ogram focu using on regional s specific as well as glo obal securiity issues and how to tackle div a o verse and difficult cha d allenges before the security p e professiona als. There are interactiv panel discussions and inte e ve d s ernational case stud ies. Globa Energy Security al Conferenc 2013 will cover se ce ecurity issu related to both of ues d ffshore and onshore oil and gas assets d arising ou of civil unrest, te ut errorist act tivities, an a comp nd petitive glo obal market. It prov vides an unparallel led platfor for glob securit professi rm bal ty ionals, hig ghlighting b best indus stries practices on Security o Supply C of Chain and Security of Key Infra f astructure, Enterprise Security Risk Management, e R A Synerg with HS and Se gy SE ecurity, Cr risis Prepa aredness & Training How to form a co g, orporate security structure & integrate it into the b business co ommunity. Internatio onal Coun ncil for Industrial Security & Safety (ICISS) is Event partner w y with this conferenc and Ca SB Tya Chief Councilor of ICISS will partic ce apt agi; cipate in th event a panel he as speaker a and also w also ma an im portant pre will ake esentation on the su ubject of “E Energy Se ecurity & Security o Oil, Gas & Pipeline Assets”. F details use the lin given be of e For s nk elow http://pcstco h onsultant.c com/global-security/ Su uggestion & feedb ns back may b sent to us on e-m be o mail: capts sbtyagi@y .in u o we g e w ddress, we P.S. - If you don't like to receive our newsletter, w apologize for bothering you. Please let us know your mail ad will move it out of our co ontact list, tha you! ank