Application of science & technology in security management


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Technology is force multiplier in management of industrial security . The presentatation gives detailed commentory on various options avialabe.

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Application of science & technology in security management

  1. 1. Application of Science & Technology in Security ManagementCapt SB Tyagi, COAS CC*, CSP, CSC
  2. 2. Think these are pens ? NAH. PENS WITH HIDDEN CAMS
  3. 3. Any wild guesses now? no clue?...
  4. 4. Youve seen something that would replace your PC in the near future...
  5. 5. This pen sort ofinstrument produces both the monitor as well as the keyboardon flat surfaces from where you can just carry out the normaloperations you do on your desktop. Such would be security gadgets in future!
  6. 6. SELECTION OF TECHNOLOGYTechnology must be analyzed based onfollowing factors – •Essentiality •Economics •Effectiveness •Expertise •Ease on installation and maintenance
  7. 7. SECURITY GADGETS FOR DELAY•Detection of attempt of breach of security alone isnot sufficient. Need to have certain measures todelay the event if prove to be inevitable. It is hard attimes to stop a committed attempt and early warningis not good enough.•It is prudent that when such attempts cannot besuccessfully countered, at-least they can bedelayed. Coupled with security gadgets fordetection, gadgets for delay earn precious reactiontime so that security is ready for counter action
  8. 8. SECURITY GADGETS FOR DELAY Smoke screen  laser beams Electric barrier etc.  Low impulse electric Micro wave fencing fencing Infrared beams  Electronic access control system with electronic barriers / turnstiles
  9. 9. SECURITY GADGETS FOR DETERRENCE In Security single-line defense is not used. It is advisable to have at-least three layers of security arrangements The most tough security should be to person or location which is most important and vulnerable. In this category those gadgets can be included which are used for discouraging any individual for attempts to breach the security. In the first phase of the primary objective of an effective security programme is to discourage all such personal activities which can prove to be harmful to security measures
  10. 10. SECURITY GADGETS FOR DETERRENCE Small arms Cell Phone Gun.mpg Low / High Voltage Electric fencing, Chemical / Ink Spray Cans Electric shock baton Tear gas gun Laughing gas shells Water guns / squirt pistol Automatic illumination system
  11. 11. SECURITY GADGETS FOR DETECTION Even best security programme is of no use if detection is not possible. Detection is required post and pre-incident. A security programme therefore incorporates measure for detection of attempts to breach and must give sufficient warning to respond at all such attempts. Even after the breach has taken place detection is required for the follow up action. These gadgets give audio and visual signal or warnings so that resources can be mustered, reactions can be organized and programme is ready to counter the situation. These gadgets are early warning system of security programme.
  12. 12. SECURITY GADGETS FOR DETECTION Close Circuit Television  Seismic Geo-phones Infrared (active/passive)  Hand Held Metal intrusion Detection Detectors & Door Frame Devises Metal Detectors Photo-electrical  Sensing elements intrusion detection attached to the fencing devices  Sensing cable fixed to Motion / Vibration fence fabric detectors  Collapsible periscope Explosive detection  Night vision devices system Drug detectors
  13. 13. Innovation: solution finding What would be most important security concern in Commonwealth games 2010? What we need to secure? Who are the solution provider? What is Modular approach?
  14. 14. Typical Building Protection Plan with various componentsEXTERIOR PROTECTION •INTERIOR PROTECTION REMOTE CONTROL•Door/Window Sensors •Passive Infrared Motion • Wire-less Keypad•External Siren Detector •Keychain Remote•Magnetic Contacts •Door/Window Sensors Control•Glass Break Detector •Smoke Detector• Yard Sign
  15. 15. Innovation: solution finding Wireless video door answering Asset monitoring Inventory control Vehicle parking Access control Face recognition in dynamic crowd
  16. 16. Internet based VideoSecurity Monitoring  Monitor and protect your office, business or home from across the hall or around the world.  The Microsoft certified USB video grabber and web ready software turns any PC into an effective video security solution.  View, setup and configure video images from a remote location over the internet. T  System is an affordable and effective solution for monitoring and protecting any business or home.
  17. 17. Wireless B&W 4 ChannelMonitor/Camera System •Install and Operate in less than 1 minute •Flexible – move monitor and camera from room to room, Listen-in audio •Auto scanning – up to four cameras •AC or battery option (monitor and camera) •Selectable auto or full screen options •300 ft wireless transmission (open space) •Record picture to any standard VCR •LED indicator lights show system status •Connect up to four cameras •Includes: 5” 4 Channel B&W monitor, wireless camera, battery compartment, camera bracket, 2 power supplies and RCA cable
  18. 18. Ball-point pen-cam MP3 Player It is a ball-point pen. The pen writes perfectly and plays incredible music. Its a wonderful executive covert apparatus. It uses rechargeable lithium battery. It can be recharged by the supplied charger or via USB port. Features: MP-3, WMA, WAV ETC music formats, Lyrics Synchronization display Telephone-book function Windows 98 or above with no need of driver Firmware upgradeable USB 2.0, Seven EQ models: Classic / Normal / Jazz / Rock / Soft / Bass / Pop Rechargeable Lithium Battery 16 Languages display, Multiple playing patterns
  19. 19. Covert Wireless Color Camera Ideal for undercover assignments and discreet surveillance, cleverly conceals a quality color video camera inside a working pen. With 300ft transmission range and minimum illumination, undercover assignments can now be carried out with ease! Simply click the top of the pen and it begins recording! Wear it innocently in your shirt pocket, place it in a desk organizer, or use it like an ordinary pen - all the while transmitting live high quality color images to a TV, VCR, or security monitor up to 300ft away!
  20. 20. Micro Digital Voice Recorder•less than 6cm long and less than 3cm wide has thecapability to record over 4 hours of voice on its tiny chip.•With its metal case and long life battery (over 2 years onstandby and over 80 hours recording) this is the ideal longterm recording device. With high gain microphone, voicefrom up to 8m away can be recorded.•All data can be downloadedto the PC with suppliedcables and software orlistened to through thesupplied earphone.
  21. 21. Video/ Spy Glasses
  22. 22. Video/ Spy Glasses Video tapes what you see Built-In Micro-mini CCD Camera Super Low Lux Camera Available in Black and White or Color Images Can Be Recorded in Real Time with a Standard Video Recorder UV Protected, Photo Sensitive Lenses Seeing is believing! Designed to blend with standard commercial lenses, incorporate a built-in micro miniature CCD camera to capture, in perfect focus, everything viewed by the sunglass wearer.
  23. 23. Digital Binocular Camera Snap 1.3 mega pixel photos with a digital binocular camera so powerful you can see a license plate 3 football fields away. Then view it on a full color LCD screen. o Snap high resolution photos from a mile away o 1.3 Mega Pixels o Binocular lenses with 8X zoom power o 1.5" full color, flip up LCD screen o Take AVI video clips o Get closer to the action at sporting events and concerts o Capture wildlife images like never before o 8MB of capable memory is built-in o Memory is upgradeable with Smart Disc o Take pictures of the family screaming on the roller coaster, whale watching, skiing, mountain climbing or anywhere your active lifestyle takes you
  24. 24. MP3 Player Voice Recorder Watch Record your most important conversations and business meetings for up to 9 hours Store up to 256 megabytes of files from a PC or MAC using a USB cord Download MP3s from any computer with this watch and listen to them in 3D stereo sound for 5 continuous hours using headphones Read the time at night, or in a low-lit environment with a glow-in-the-dark face Automatic power off Firmware upgrade Built-in charge circuit by USB jack A different equalizer mode
  25. 25. Telephone Recorder With LCD Information Center and Caller IDAt home or in the office, a perfect record every time. The TelephoneRecorder with LCD Information Center and Caller ID captures everydetail of your telephone conversation, recording both sides withcrystal clear clarity. A built in LCD panel displays incoming and outgoing telephone numbers, the caller’s name , and the time and date of each call. Information is stored on cassette, and is displayed again upon reviewing the tape. Begins recording automatically when the phone is in use
  26. 26. Night Vision Accessory  Weatherproof housing ideal for indoor or outdoor use.  Infra-red LED emitters allows user to See in the dark" up to 35 to 60ft distance.  Can be used with existing observation system cameras and most B&W specialty cameras.  Clarity of the picture depends on the resolution of the camera that is used. Night Vision covers pictures between 50°- 60° angles.
  27. 27. Explosive Detectors
  28. 28. Low / High Voltage Electric fencing
  29. 29. Low / High Voltage Electric fencing
  30. 30. Low / High Voltage Electric fencing Ensure intruders do not enter where they are not wanted. Enhance the ability to detect and respond to break-ins immediately. Enlighten intruders not to try again by giving them a safe short sharp shock. Extend peace of mind for those in control of vulnerable areas
  31. 31. Low / High Voltage Electric fencing The Induced Pulse Security Fence System This system works by sending a high voltage small duration electric pulse around a multi-wire perimeter fence. This will give an intruder or escapee a painful but safe shock. The system offers alarms and control of other equipment 24 hours a day from any violation of the perimeter fence
  32. 32. The Electric Detection System (EDS) Built in electric fence monitor Plug pack (no mains power within control unit) Built-in battery backup and charger (7Ah battery) Attractive, weatherproof housing Ability to operate as a standalone unit Easily integrated into alarm panels Automatic self-test of battery Programmable features via (optional) keypad On/off control or remote arming device/ keypad or remote key switch
  33. 33. SECURITY GADGETS FOR DETERRENCE Spray and Stun Gun Evil lurks in the darkest places. In a van next to your car or behind a bush, an attack can happen unexpectedly. In some life-and-death situations, a split second is all you have. How do you defend yourself? Spray and Stun Gun could mean saving your life because it gives you two powerful non-lethal defense mechanisms in one: Paralyze them with 200,000 volts or blind them with pepper spray. Most powerful non-lethal self-defense device. 200,000 Volts are effective even through thick layer of clothes (including leather) will put an attacker down for nearly 30 min. Defensive spray - effective range of 6 ft, paralyzing for approx. 10 min. No lasting mental or physical consequences
  34. 34. Pepper Spray Pen Lipstick Pepper Spray
  35. 35. THE STUNNING RINGself-defense ring with replaceable pepperspray canisters protects a woman or manwhile jogging, dating, working or anywhereagainst attack, rape, violence or crisis.
  36. 36. Electroshockweapon An electroshock weapon, also referred to as an electroshock gun or stun gun (sometimes even if it does not fire anything and thus is not a gun), is an incapacitant weapon used for subduing a person by firing something which administers electric shock, disrupting superficial muscle functions. A taser is a well-known device of this type. Stun batons and electroshock belts administer an electric shock by contact without firing anything.
  37. 37. GSM Jammer •Looks like old Ericsson T18 but with 2 antennae. •Press switch on the side and 5 seconds later area of 8m-10m radius is jammed on both 900Mhz and 1800Mhz. •Comes with desktop charger & can be operated almost anywhere •Will give the user both security from Ghost Phones and maybe some peace and quiet whilst out and about.
  38. 38. Executive Bug Alert•This bug alert is perfect for executive offices,boardrooms, conference rooms etc.•It is a functioning desk top clock & calculator.•Open the body and switch on the bug detection system, if a bug is present or if someone comes in with a transmitter a small red LED on front will •No buzz, illuminate. no ring, just red light. You know that there is a bug and can adjust your conversation accordingly, ask person to leave or do a full sweep
  39. 39. International Council of Security & Safety