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Shopp WordPress Tutorial

  2. 2. W elcome to Shopp, a WordPress plugin that will make managingproduct on your website a wholelot easier. In this tutorial you will products already in your inventory, check on your customers, and check your orders. To begin we must get to your web- compatible browsers include: Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. You will first want to visit your web- site URL with the suffix /wp-admin. For example, if your website URL is site. Load up your favorite brows-learn how to: add new products to er, in this tutorial we will be us-,your inventory, make changes to ing Firefox in all the images. Other you will have to visit http://mycool- See below for an example. Wordpress Login Screen To get logged in to your website you will need to input your username and password. Your username will be included in your completion sum- mary that you will receive from your web designer. After you type in your username and password and press “Log In” you will be taken to your website’s Dashboard. WordPress Dashboard There are two important parts toyour dashboard. The sec-tion on the right (in Grey)will give you lots of in-formation on whats hap-pening with your websiteincluding comments, onblog posts, updates toplugins and WordPress,etc.The section to the left (inRed) is your main naviga-tion menu. This is howyou will find your wayaround the back office ofyour website. If you everget lost, just press the“Dashboard” option atthe top of this menu.
  3. 3. To manage everything that is going and edit products, categories and on with your online store you will promotions (discoutns and sales) for have to go to the “Shopp” sec- your webstore. tion of your online store. Each Setup This section is a very impor- of the major top-level menu op- tant section. This is where we have tions will expand with several setup your store to receive pay- other submenu options. Shopp ments, charge shipping and taxes, as is a very robust application that well as where we manage how your can do several things. If you are webstore displays on your website at all unfamiliar with an area of this pages. It is not adviseable for you to it is recommended to contact cus- go into this section. Should you need tomer services for assistance to not to make any changes to your web- ruin your site. store in regards to shipping, taxes or Shopp In this section, you will find a change in merchant accounts, it is all of the orders that have come recommended you contact custom- through as well as a list of all of the er services at 877.44.0180 x2. customer accounts you have. Catalog In this section, you will add Managing Your Orders 2 3 4 5 6 7 11. Shopp Submenu: When you click 4. Destination: This is the city ceived from the order.on the “Shopp” menu item it will and state that the product will be How are Orders Received?load into the “Orders” section. Addi- shipped to. Whenever someone places and or-tionally the menu item will open up 5. Transaction: This is a reference der on your website you will receivewith two sub-options: Orders and number given to every order cus- an email with an invoice that in-Customers. The order section will tomer. This is for you to easily ref- cludes the item, the full price of theshow you a list of your orders that erence orders when speaking to cli- order as well as any other informa-need filled. Customers will show a ents. tion essential to placing the orderlist of registered customers. 6. Date: The date the Order was with your dropshipper. You will also2. Order #: Every order on your web- complted. receive an email from Paypal sayingsite will be shown here in reverse 7. Total: This is the total amount of payment has been received for thechronological order by order num- the order. You should find an email order. You should match the pay-ber starting with “Order #1”. from Paypal to match this amount ment with an invoice before placing3. Name: This is the Name of the to verify that payment has been re- the order with your dropshipper.customer ordering the product.
  4. 4. Managing Your Customers 1 2 3 4 5 6Customers know where they are located in mation into and select down-Anyone that wants to order an item the world. load.from your website will be required 4. Orders: This section showsto register with your website much recent orders and the price of Customer Editorlike how you must register with recent orders. This is the editor where you, or any 5. Joined: The Date the customer see and change information aboutother online store. This means that joined. your customer. When would thiscustomers are required to provide 6. Export Options: You are able to be useful? When in contact with ayou with some information. This export all of your client infor- client who has changed their ad-includes the customer name, billing mation to an excel spreadsheet dress or billing information it can beand shipping address, a username with the export options. Click changed here.and password. This is so that you this button to select the format Profile: Customer Name, email andcan properly bill the person as well you want to export your infor- phone number go here. Email isas ship the itemsthey have orderedto the client.1. Name: The Customer list you see here will show you a list of custom- ers in alpha- betical order.2. Email: You will be able to see all of your cli- ents email ad- dresses. These emails can be used to email clients promo- tions and deals to reward them for being a repeat client.3. Location: This will let you
  5. 5. required as the main way to get in example. tice the dropdown box allows youcontact with someone. Save: Displays the number of or- to define a customer type. BecauseBilling Address: This is the address ders, prices and allows you to save you will not be doing any sort ofwhere your customer’s credit card any changes you have made to the wholesaling or dealing with non-statements are mailed to. customer file. profits, customers should always beShipping Address: The address Settings: This is where you can con- kept as ‘Retail.’where the products will be shipped. trol whether a customer wants to Login & Password: This sectionThis can be different from the billing be part of your mailing list. For any allows you to change a customersaddress. When a customer buys client that does not want to receive username and password to login ifa present as a gift and wants it marketing emails from you, it is not it is needed.shipped directly to the person, for advised to send them. You will no-Managing Your ProductsThe Catalog customer. your mouse over to a product’s cor-The catalog section is where you Category: This column tells you responding grey star and click on it.manage everything regarding your which category each item is catego- The star will turn gold in a few sec-products. This includes uploading rized under. We have categorized onds, which means you have set thenew products, changing prices and your products according to how your product as featured. To deactivateinformation on old products, as drop shipper categorizes them. the featured function for a product,well as managing promotions and Price: This is the full retail price of simply click on he gold star and waitcategories. This section will load up the item. This price can be changed until it turns grey. This product is nointo the Products section where you in the product editor. longer ‘featured’ and will no longersee a list of products that have been show up on the home page of the Inventory: The inventory section isuploaded and are available for pur- website. the number of each item in stockchase on your store. on your web store. We have set the Add New: At the top center of theName: This column displays the stock of each item to 10 as an arbi- page next to the word ‘Products’,name of the category. If you scroll trary number. We do this to ensure you will find a button labeled ‘Addyour mouse over the name, you will that you get into the habit of check- New.’ Pressing this button will loadnotice a menu come up underneath ing the inventory of your drop ship- up a blank Product Editor for youthe name of the product (Edit | Du- per to prevent back-orders. to fill in information about prod-plicate | Trash | View). Edit will take ucts you would like to add to your Featured: This list of grey and goldyou to the Product Editor to make website. This includes an item stars determines which productschanges to the product listing. Dupli- name, description, pricing, etc. show up on the front page of yourcate will make a carbon copy of the When adding new items to your website. Any start that is gold meansproduct listing. Trash will delete the inventory, it is encouraged that you that the corresponding product willproduct listing. View will allow you use the tabbed browsing feature show up on the home page of theto see how the product looks to the of your browser. To learn more website. To feature a product, scroll
  6. 6. html. Summary: This box should be com- pletely ignored. Do not put any more information in this box. Details & Specs: This box should be completely ignored. Do not put any more information in this box. Product Images: We have preload- ed all the images for your products. This required us to download the images from your drop shipper’s website and upload them to your website. To learn how to download an image visit: http://www.ehow. com/how_4939_download-picture- internet.html. To upload an image to the website, click the “Add New” button within the product imagesabout tabbed browsing visit: http:// this product. This is useful when box. It will open up a dialog box you don’t want someone to get lost find the image on your computer toFor Safari Tabs: http://support. looking for a specific product on; For IE Tabs: your website. Pricing: This box is where pricing is Main Description Box: Beneath controlled. You should see four la-US/windows-vista/Tabbed-brows- Permalink you will find a large box bels within this box: Price, Sale Price,ing-frequently-asked-questions; For with a product description in it. This Shipping, and Inventory. Price is theFirefox Tabs: http://www.mozilla. is where any and all descriptions full retail price of your product. Iforg/en-US/firefox/tabs.html; For should go for the product. We have you would like to change it, you canChrome Tabs: http://support. copied and pasted the description simply delete that price and type directly from your drop shipper’s a new one. We have calculated thepy?hl=en&answer=95622. website into this product descrip- pricing to be 40% above wholesaleProduct Editor tion box. It is encouraged that you price. If the 40% increase is too high tweak this a bit to make it original above the drop shipper’s suggestedAfter you click the ‘edit’ option un- for Search Engine Optimization. For retail price (or MSRP), we used thederneath the name of the product a quick lesson on copying and past- MSRP as the retail price. Sale Priceyou would like to edit, or ‘Add New’ ing information visit: http://www. controls the price of the item if youto add a new product, the product want it on sale. When the Sale Priceeditor will load. This is the sectionof the website that will allow you tomake changes to existing productsand or input new information for anew product.The first main box is the Title of theproduct. Whatever name the prod-uct has should go in this box.Permalink: Directly beneath theproduct title box you will find a linethat says permalink with a web ad-dress. This will be the specific ad-dress to refer someone from any-where on the web to directly view
  7. 7. check box is selected, a new pricing one of your drop shippersbox will display beneath it. When you is, a SKUput a sale price in this section, your should look something linkitem will be on sale and anyone that GS-8UHB43.purchases this item will be charged Save: This is the box wherethe Sale Price. Where there is a you will save any changessale price, the item will display the to your products by clickingitem’s original price with a striketh- the blue “Save Product”rough as well as the sale price with button. The “Publishedthe amount saved if purchased now. On” checkbox allows youShipping should always be selected to pull products down offor else shipping will not be charged. a T-Shirt that you are trying to sell your shelf without having to deleteWe have already programmed in that has three colors: red, green and the information. This is beneficial if blue; as well as three sizes: small, you have seasonal items. When an medium and large; this option will item is unpublished, it will keep all make it easy to make these distinc- the information in your website da- tions. Instead of adding nine differ- tabase but no customers will be al- ent products for each size and color lowed to order the item. combination, you can add the one Catalog Categories: This section product and allow people to pick is how we categorize our items in their size and color combination our store. If a category already ex-your shipping information. If you see from a series of drop-down menus. ists, all you have to do is select thea number in the Weight box, that 1. To set these options, check the check box of the category you wantmeans your website has been set up “Variants” box and then scroll the item to be under. To add a newwith weight-based shipping. For any down to the “Pricing” box. You category, select the “New Category”new products added, you will need will see within the Pricing Box a option at the bottom of the box. Itto input a weight in pounds to calcu- section labeled “Variation Op- will ask you to type in the name oflate the proper shipping. The Inven- tion Menus.” the category. Do so and click thetory check box is where you will be Add button just beneath it. 2. Within the “Variation Optionable to change the number of prod- Menu” section, you should see Catalog Tags: Ignore this box com-ucts you have in stock. The SKU box two more boxes. Beneath those the item number. SKU stands for boxes you will find three buttons: Settings: This section allows you toStock Keeping Unit, meaning each “Add Menu”, “Link Variations” implement additional functionalitynumber in that box is unique to the and “Add Option”. For you to add to your web store. Here you will findproduct in your website. This item a new menu for a customer to options for Featured Products, Vari-number matches the item number select a color you must hit the ants, Add-Ons and Processing Time.on your drop shipper’s website. If “Add Menu” button. It will fill theyou are working with multiple drop Featured Products: This check box two boxes with “Option Menu 1”shippers, it is recommended to use has the same functionality as the on the left and “New Option 1” &a prefix to your SKU that is unique stars on the products list page. “New Option 2” on the the drop shipper. For example, if When this box is checked, the item 3. Change these menu names by will show up on the home page as simply clicking once on them to a featured product. When it is un- highlight them, then type the checked, it will only show up in the titles you would like. If you have catalog. more than two colors, add an- Variants (See Next Page): Variants other option in the right box by are used when you are selling and clicking the “Add Option” button. item that has several different op- Each time you click it, a new op- tions to choose from, such as sizes tion will be added, and you can and colors. For example, if you have input the names accordingly.
  8. 8. 4. To add a second menu for sizing, you will need to repeat steps 2 and 3.5. After you have added all the options you want, you will need to add pricing and inven- tory options for each of the combinations. The system will auto- matically output the possible combinations below the “Variation Option Menus” box. You must fill in the pric- ing the same way you would without options. (Click here to see how to fill in pricing).6. Deleting an Option or Menu: At any time if you want to delete a size or color, simply go to the option you want to delete and hover over the selection with your mouse. You should see a red circle with a dash in it. Clicking this will delete the selec- tion.Add Ons: An add-on to aproduct includes anythingsomeone can purchase foran extra fee. For example,if your drop shipper al-lows a line of embroideryto be added to any piece ofclothing, this would be con-sidered an Add On. Whenthis box is checked, you willnotice an “Add-On OptionMenu” option in the Pricingsection. The “Add Ons” willbe at the bottom beneathall the pricing of items.1. To set these options, check the “Add-ons” box and then scroll
  9. 9. down to the “Pricing” box. You fill the two boxes with “Add-on input the names accordingly. will see within the Pricing Box a Group 1” on the left and “New 4. To add a second menu for anoth- section labeled “Add-on Option Option 1” & “New Option 2” on er Add-on option, you will need Menus.” the right. to repeat steps 2 and 3.2. Within the “Add-on Option 3. Change these menu names by 5. After you have included all the Menu” section, you should see simply clicking once on them to Add-ons you want, you will need two more boxes. Beneath those highlight them, then type the to add pricing and inventory boxes you will find three but- titles you would like. If you have options for each of the combi- tons: “New Add-on Group” and more than two Add-ons, add an- nations. The system will auto- “Add Option”. For you to add other option in the right box by matically output the possible a new menu for a customer to clicking the “Add Option” button. combinations below the “Varia- select an add-on, you must hit Each time you click it, a new op- tion Option Menus” box. You the “Add Menu” button. It will tion will be added and you can must fill in the pricing the sameManaging Categories way you would without options. put a time range in (from 1 day to category or the “edit” button will get (Click here to see how to fill in X-days). you into the Category Editor. This is pricing). Another submenu of the Catalog the section where you will be able to6. Deleting an Option or Menu: At option is Categories. Clicking on change the name of a category, the any time if you want to delete this section will get you into the description of a category and upload a size or color, simply go to the category editor. This is the location the photos that represent the cat- option you want to delete and that allows you to edit category egory. hover over the selection with names and descriptions. This sec- Delete: Clicking this will delete the your mouse. You should see a tion is much more robust than the category from the system. This is red circle with a dash in it. Click- category section within the product useful in case you add a duplicate ing this will delete the selection. editor. When you hover your mouse category or decide to no longer offerProcessing Time: If you have custom over the name of the categories, that category.items, you may need to notify cus- you will see three options show up View: Clicking this will open up atomers of a processing time. You can beneath the title: Edit, Delete and new browser window that will al-do this by selecting the processing View. low you to see the products withintime checkbox. This will ask you to Edit: Clicking on the name of the that category. It will also allow you
  10. 10. Managing Promotionsto see exactly what your customers one free promotion (labeled as ‘buy ed, the promotion will only apply towill see when browsing through this X, get Y’ in the menu). the items you specify and they mustcategory. Conditions: The conditions section be in the cart for the promotion toPromotions are the easy way to man- is what allows you to set the criteria be active.age sales and deals on your website. that this promotion will be valid. for The second dropdown box is whereWhen you add input into the promo- The first dropdown menu allows you you will select if a series of condi-tions section, you will see a list of all to select what products this promo- tions must be met before the dis-the promotions that you have, both tion will apply to. The choices here count is applied. If you select “all”active and inactive. To add a new are catalog product, shopping cart, then every condition you set mustpromotion, click the “New Promo- and cart item. When catalog prod- be met for the promotion to acti-tion” at the top of the page. It will uct is selected, this will apply to any vate. If you select “any”, then onlyload into the promotions editor. product in the catalog. You will be one condition must be met for thePromotion Name: You will want to able to refine promotions with the promotion to activate.title each promotion to keep track conditions section at the bottom of The next series of dropdowns isof what promotions do what. An ex- this box. Therefore, if you want the where you can get specific with yourample of a promotion name would category “Jackets” to be 10% off conditions. In the image you can seebe “Christmas 10% Off Sale.” throughout your store, you don’t that we have set that this promotionDiscount: This section will be where have to go edit each jacket’s price. will only be active for products thatyou can set what type of discount When shopping cart is selected, the are categorized as Jackets AND haveyou want to apply. The dropdown promotions will only apply for the the word Leather in their name. Themenu will allow you to make your shopping cart. You would use this first dropdown menu allows you toselection. You can have a percentage option should you want to give 10% make a selection of Name, Category,off, a dollar amount off, you can of- off if a customer spends over $150 Variation, Price, Sale Price, Type, andfer free shipping, or do a buy one get on items. When cart item is select- Stock. This will be the main section
  11. 11. you want to determine what prod- setting that Small Business Success,ucts get the promotions. The second Inc. has set up for you and we do notdropdown will give you a series of advise changing these settings un-options that apply to the section. less you have altered your PayPal ac-The last text box is where you would count. Click on PayPal in blue to editwant to put the specific condition. · Option Name- Change the nameSave: In the save box you will see a of the option when on the pay-start date and end date option. This ment so you can automate promotions. · E-mail Account- Enter your Pay-If you put a start date some time in Pal account e-mail address to in-the future, then the promotion will sure correct payment.automatically start on that date and · Enable order verification- Veri-automatically end on the end date fies order with PayPalyou have inputted. · Use with PayPal Sandbox- FOR DEVELOPERS ONLY, allows de-Shopp Setup velopers to test different PayPalThis section controls how your shop- Add-ons they are working cart will work. You will find vari- Add Payment System- Select whichous areas to adjust taxes, shipping option you wish to add, again PayPaland add different ways for people is the default setting that Small Busi-to pay. When you click on setup the ness Success, Inc. has set up for you.first page that comes up allows you Any additional payment methodsto insert basic information: will be handled at your own risk.• Support Key- Already activated Shipping Settings key that authorizes your website To edit existing shipping options: for usage. DO NOT DE-ACTIVATE Click on the shipping option that you THIS KEY. If you accidentally de- wish to change. Fill in the appro- activate the key please contact priate fields in regards to what you Small Business Success and we wish to change. Click “Add Destina- will attempt to re-activate it. tion Rate” to add addition countries.• Base of Operations- The location Click the blue “Save Changes” but- of your business, the left box is ton to save your edits. for the country in which you op- To add new shipping options: Click erate and the right box is for the the drop down menu labeled “Add State or Provence. a shipping method..” select which• Target Markets- Select which method fits the new option that you countries your customers live in wish to add. Fill in the appropriate that you wish to do business. fields in regards to what you wish to• Merchant Email- Primary email change. Click “Add Destination Rate” address that notifications about to add addition countries. Click the your business (including sales blue “Save Changes” button to save and customer interaction) will your edits. be sent. Tax Settings• Business Name- The legal name To edit the current tax rate for your of your business. state, or if your business moves• Business Address- (optional) En- states, click the blue “%- State, ter the mailing address of your Country” (i.e. 6% — Michigan, USA). business. On the next screen, change the ratePayment Settings and/or location of your business.PayPal Standard- This is the default