The effects of pesticides on bees


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The effects of pesticides on bees

  1. 1. The effects of pesticideson bees.
  2. 2. Buzzing FactsScientists have foundthat two types ofchemicals areinterfering with theBees ability to learn andremember.Experimentsrevealed thatexposure was alsolowering brainactivity, especiallywhen the twopesticides wereused incombination.
  3. 3. Falling numbersBees around the worldare facing anuncertain future.The pesticides targetthe bees nervoussystem’sThey have a long-term effect on thebees as it effectstheir survival instincts
  4. 4. Stinging CriticismWaitrose are askingtheir suppliers to avoidusing pesticides linkedwith bee declines.The move makesWaitrose the latestretailer to takeaction on pesticides,after the Co-operativesuspended its useon its farms severalyears ago
  5. 5. In Conclusion• Pesticides are killing the bee race• The way companies and suppliers can stopthis is to stop using insect fatal pesticides• Thankyou for listening- any questions?