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Iq Service Overview

  1. 1. Contact Center and Communication solution Testing services Ensuring the best possible customer experience... goes well beyond agent training. Your complex and expensive communications and contact center infrastructure must also perform as expected so customer communications will go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. If your communications infrastructure does not perform as expected, you will not see the financial and customer satisfaction returns that justified your technology investments. So how do you ensure your communication solutions perform as designed and deliver the best possible customer experience? Comprehensive customer-oriented testing at all stages of the Communication Solution Life Cycle. By engaging a flexible, seasoned testing services partner like IQ Services, you take advantage of years of testing experience and avoid costly test equipment investment and upkeep charges. Whether you need comprehensive test planning and implementation services or a single managed service to support your in-house team, you can trust IQ Services to deliver highly responsive support, experienced people and proven, up-to-date testing methods. IQ Services offers a full spectrum of quality assurance testing services... Comprehensive TesT planning: Balancing your unique requirements hearTbeaT™ availabiliT y and perFormanCe moniToring: with risk analysis to efficiently distribute resources and help manage technical, 24 x 7 remote monitoring to validate the integrated, production solution continues schedule and financial risk. to perform as expected and to immediately notify technical support if and when it does not. appliCaTion FeaTure TesTing: Performed during development and deployment to make sure the solution performs as designed and documented. perFormanCe and usage analy TiCs: End-to-end, automated monitoring and analysis of live customer interactions during the evolution phase to provide usabiliT y analysis and TesTing: Performed during design and actionable data and insight for solution, agent and business optimization efforts. development to ensure the application flows the way customers want and expect. sTressTesT™ perFormanCe and load TesTing: Performance What can IQ ServIceS teSt and monItor WIth an end-to-end, testing to observe, tune and verify solution performance under various conditions remote, cuStomer-orIented approach? including increased levels of calling traffic. CommuniCaTion TeChnologies CommuniCaTion business soluTions inTegraTed ip Telephony TesTing: Deployment and post- • VoIP & TDM • Customer Care & CRM deployment testing to certify that enterprise, employee-facing IP communication • ACD, PBX, IVR • Presence solutions are fully functioning, properly configured and thoroughly documented. • Auto Attendant & Voice Mail Systems • Self-Service • Speech Recognition & Text-to-Speech • Online Service user aCCepTanCe TesTing: Testing performed as required to ensure the • VXML & Middleware • Security Dial Plan solution meets the requirements and expectations of the various stakeholders. • Management Reporting • Voice Authentication • Call Routing, Screen Pop, & Agent Routing • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery inTegraTed ip Telephony managemenT: Robust maintenance, optimization, and help-desk services and tools to ensure enterprise, employee- • CTI • Multiple-Location/Intelligent Call Routing facing IP communication solutions are properly configured and documented in • Web Servers • SOA production as well as to help evolve the solution to meet future needs. • Media Servers • Unified Queuing • Gateways • IP and Enterprise Telephony ©2008 Interactive Quality Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. ConFidenCe at Every Stage of the communication Solution Life cycle IQ Services’ comprehensive and flexible testing services empower companies with confidence that their unified communications and contact center solutions will deliver the best possible customer experience at all stages of the Communication Solution Life Cycle. To accomplish this, IQ Services focuses on testing and monitoring the end-to-end performance of integrated technologies and business solutions from the customer perspective. What Service? Why? What Stage? Comprehensive Test Planning Services • Review configuration • Assess risk • Define test requirements & objectives StressTest™ Performance & Load Testing • Benchmark legacy system performance StressTest™ Performance & Load Testing • Check performance (iteratively as required) • Assess network Usability Analysis &Testing • Check application flow/usability (iteratively as required) Application Feature Testing • Check application against design (iteratively as required) Integrated IP Telephony Testing • Perform integrated testing • Conduct phone registration monitoring • Execute automated test plan • Obtain deployment certification • Automatically generate as-built documentation StressTest™ Performance & Load Testing • Observe, tune & verify performance • Document acceptance • Test business continuity & disaster recovery plan Application Feature Testing • Observe, tune & verify performance • Document acceptance StressTest™ Performance & Load Testing • Test performance before & after upgrade Integrated IP Telephony Management for Enterprises • Troubleshoot help desk issues • Control phones remotely • Track & report changes HeartBeat™ Availability & Performance Monitoring • Monitor availability & performance around the clock StressTest™ Performance & Load Testing • Periodically check performance • Periodically check disaster recovery plan Integrated IP Telephony Management for Enterprises • Monitor voice quality Application Feature Testing • Periodically check application against design Usability Analysis & Testing • Periodically check application flow/usability HeartBeat™ Availability & Performance Monitoring • Proactively monitor solution for performance optimization opportunities • Monitor & analyze trends Performance & Usage Analytics • Proactively monitor & analyze customer calls 6601 Lyndale Ave South Suite 330 • Minneapolis, MN 55423 Tel: 612-243-6700 • Fax: 612-869-6200 • • ©2008 Interactive Quality Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved.