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Whistleblower presentation

  1. 1. Fraud Examiner & Forensic Specialist.Mustapha B. Mugisa, CFE, CEHImplementing SuccessfulWhistleblower StrategiesThe employee as anintegral part in blowingthe whistle.Forensic. Advisory. Fraud
  2. 2. Forensic. Advisory. FraudWhat are the two frauddetection methods inyour organization?How are they implemented?
  3. 3. ©2012 Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Inc.3Frauds are muchmore likely to bedetected by tips thanby any other method.Detection of Fraud Schemes
  4. 4. ©2012 Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Inc. 4Initial Detection ofOccupational Frauds
  5. 5. Detection of Fraud Schemes©2012 Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Inc. 5Source of Tips
  6. 6. Detection of Fraud Schemes©2012 Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Inc. 6Impact of Hotlines
  7. 7. Whistleblower inUganda
  8. 8. • Provides procedures for protectionof individuals who discloseinformation in public interest• Provides protection againstvictimisation of such peopleThe Whistle blowersProtection Act 2010
  9. 9. 2005 Code of CorporateGovernance of USIn the 2005 Code of Corporate Governance (“Code”), thescope of duties of the Audit Committee was expanded,inter alia, to ensure that appropriate measures are put inplace for employees to raise any concerns in strictconfidence with respect to any act of misfeasance by thecompany’s management, together with appropriate follow-up independent investigation of the concerns raised.Other – best practices
  10. 10. What has gonewrong?10
  11. 11. #1: Great strategy, poor implementation…11• Hotlines of local companies aremanaged abroad, where attendeesdon’t know the local language!• Processes are manual – suggestionboxes• No assurance of confidentiality andanonymityCases like thiswould go free!
  12. 12. #2: Poor response team…12• Limited capacity to address thefraud problem• Tips are not adequately reviewed toconclusion
  13. 13. Forensic. Advisory. FraudCase studyhttps://www.scethicsline.comWeb. Email. Phone.English, Luganda and Swahili. 24/7
  14. 14. Scethicsline.com features…1. Secure – ensures total confidentiality & integrityCases like thiswould go free!
  15. 15. Scethicsline.com features…2. Secure – ensures total confidentiality & integrityCases like thiswould go free!Supports manyorganizations – wecan customize foryour company.
  16. 16. Scethicsline.com features…3. Available 24/7 in English, Luganda and Swahili.Great reporting options and case managementsystem.Web. Phone. EmailWe assure you of utmost confidentiality andanonymity.Cases like thiswould go free!
  17. 17. Scethicsline.com features…4. Manage your tips any time any wherePromote Transparency. Get reports on any staffmisconduct or fraud or customer complaint.Implementation period1-4 weeks depending on size of theorganization and readinessCases like thiswould go free!
  18. 18. Q&AThanks for your time…Mustapha Mugisa, CFE, CEH, CISA, MBA, CPA, CrFAForensic specialist & fraud examiner0712984585, mmugisa@summitcl.comTitle of your presentationForensic. Advisory. Fraud
  19. 19. Summit ConsultingForensic. Advisory. Fraudwww.summitcl.com
  20. 20. We have beenconsistently ranked byour clients as the bestin our areas.We specialize in digital forensics, IT security,risk management and fraud prevention.
  21. 21. Our whistleblowerreporting system issecure & anonymous.https://www.scethicsline.com or email or phone.Available 24/7. English. Luganda and Swahili.
  22. 22. Are you getting theright forensic, ITsecurity and anti-fraud training?www.iifft.org for all your trainingand certification needs.