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Spring 3.1 and MVC Testing Support - 4Developers


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Please note that this presentation is an abridged version of the one given by Rossen Stoyanchev and me at SpringOne 2GX 2012.

This session will give attendees an overview of the new testing features in Spring 3.1 as well the new Spring MVC test support. Sam Brannen will demonstrate how to use the Spring TestContext Framework to write integration tests for Java-based Spring configuration using @Configuration classes. He'll then compare and contrast this approach with XML-based configuration and follow up with a discussion of the new testing support for bean definition profiles. Next, attendees will see how testing server-side code with annotated controllers and client-side code with the RestTemplate just got a whole lot easier with the new Spring MVC test support. Come to this session to see these new Spring testing features in action.

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