My hero’s


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My hero’s

  1. 1. MY HEROES By samdi bowen
  2. 2. MY MOTHERShe is always there for me and my sisters. Taught me right from wrong, she never judged me. Taught meto be a independent women. Has always taught me to live your life to the fullest and don’t let anythingstand in your way of your dreams. My mother raised3 kids on her own she worked 2 jobs most of her lifejust to give us a great life there is nothing she would not due for any of us. When I was 16 and had my son she was by my side the whole time and supported me told me I could still make my lifewonderful and don’t let anyone or anything stand in my way of reaching my goals.
  3. 3. GRANDFATHER He was the only man in my life growing up that Icould trust. He was always there when I needed him. Taught me right from wrong. Took care of me.Made me understand I was loved and treated me like I was his little angel. He would take me placeswith him. Let me help him in his restaurant. He always told me live for the future remember everyone willget what they deserve and God never gives you morethen you can handle. He passed away when I was 9 however he taught me so much knowledge and showed me more love then I can ever imagine. Imiss him dearly to this day but his wisdom and love carries on in my heart.
  4. 4. GRANDMOTHERShe was the best grandmother any one could ask for.She was always there to listen to us take us to school help us with homework and would do anything we ask. She never judged me and taught me right fromwrong. She taught me how to cook, sew and taught us to work hard love your family and we couldachieve anything. She was also there when my oldest son was born and supported me emotionally 100percent . When she passed away it was another greatloss in my life but her love and knowledge she shared with me with keep living and I will pass on to my children the life long skill she gave me.
  5. 5. KIM My older sister she is wonderful and has always been there growing up yes we had fights but at the end of the day I neverquestioned if she loved me. She is someone I could look up to growing up, She is always willing to help me when ever I ask her foradvice. She Is a wonderful mother of 2 great boys and a little girl. She is always there if I need someone to help with my own kids I trust her with my heart and soul.
  6. 6. BOBBIE My younger sister. She was always theregrowing up. Could count on her for anything she is always there for me still to this daywhen I call her I know I will have anything Ineed within a few minutes. She has a heart ofgold and I really admire her for all the work she does for her church and helping the children in her area. She has 3 wonderful boys that are the joy of her life and shewould do anything for anyone and everyone.
  7. 7. HUSBAND My husband We have been married for 5years and he is wonderful . He supports mein every decision I have ever made since we met. He is the love of my life and always helps me anyway he can to achieve mydreams. I am so proud of the work he doeshe works as a EMT and is always on the go.His drive for helping people makes me reallyrealize there is more important things in life then money or fame.
  8. 8. BEST FRIEND This is herb he is my best friend and has beenthere for me for over 10 years. He never judgesme and is always there to listen. He will give me his opinion however then will support any decision I make. He is there for my whole family and my children love him especially mylittle one who calls him grandpa. Any time I amfeeling sad or my day is not going how I think itshould be I can call him and he will remind me there is more important things in life don’t let the little things get you down.
  9. 9. MY BOYS These are my boys and my world the oldest one is20 the little one is 3. Just looking at them remind mewhy I do what I do. My older son gives me the drive and passion to achieve my goals and dreams he reminds me every day that life is short, dream bigand you can do anything you set your mind to. The little one just looking at him I know everything will be ok his smile brightens up my day and I know Ineed to reach my goals I want them both to be proud of their mother I want them both to learn from me that if they set their minds to something they can achieve anything.