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Akuo Investment Management is a leading provider of fund management services that offers investors access to diversified portfolios of long-term, project-financed, renewable energy infrastructure assets with well-defined cash flows. Our combination of entrepreneurial, industry, and regional expertise allows us to deliver innovative services and strong investment returns to our investors while at the same investing in assets that promote a more sustainable environment.

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  1. 1. Our C O mpanyAt AIM, we know that the smartestinvestments should do two things: profitinvestors, and enrich the world.This is why we are 100% committed to renewable energy. Thisincredibly dynamic sector not only offers exceptionally stableand attractive financial returns. It is also one of the best ways ofensuring tomorrow’s energy needs, and the future health of theplanet.We don’t just ‘believe’ in renewable energy. We’re not wide-eyedideologues. We’re hard-wired technical and financial expertswho know the science and have done the math, and we’rebacked by one of the best players in the business. aIm is anoffshoot of akuo Energy, a private group that builds industrialpower plants that run on wind, sun, water, biogas, biomass andbiofuel. akuo has 300 mW of projects in operation, over 400mW of projects under construction, and is developing numerousprojects with a goal of having 3,000 mW of capacity in the next5 years.aIm has built on this powerhouse foundation to create a globalfund management and advisory group specializing in renewableenergy investment and in the creation of social and financialvalue.
  2. 2. I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy.“What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to waituntil oil and coal run out before we tackle that. “Thomas Edison
  3. 3. Every aIm-backed project brings social benefits, from transferring know-how to local communities to more effective and responsible farming practices. Our community-oriented development strategies pioneer a distinctive context-based approach that optimizes sustainable energy production and original land usage by harmonizing these two factors. Our agrinergie program, for example, synergizes solar power production and the land’s original agricultural output by switching to higher-value crops that take advantage of greenhouses and the shadowing created by ground-mounted panels. We make money. and we make a difference. a longtime advocate of impact finance, aIm finances the development and construction of renewable energy infrastructure projects worldwide. We have a proven track record in carrying through clean energy initiatives that generate stable, long-term returns for investors and real social value for local communities. adaptive synergy is an impact financing strategy characterized by our commitment to sustainability and social investment. Combined with our unique sourcing opportunities, investment independence, rigorous investment process, and strong risk management, it is a distinctive investment philosophy that produces capital and social gains.At AIM, we do the right thing,for the right reasons —because sustainable investmentsgenerate sustainable returns
  4. 4. Our S ECTO r Renewable energy assets are long-term, low-risk projects that: • are frequently backed by government guarantees, supported by national regulation and incentives, and enjoy local community support • are real, tangible assets that generate secure recurrent cash flows • are underlined by long-term power purchase agreements signed with large industrial offtakers and utilities • have high residual value due to long-term lease agreements and power generation authorizations, making them comparable to concessions • utilize free and abundant resources like wind, sun and water, and are unburdened by exposure to commodity fluctuations and costly fuel logistics • benefit local communities because electricity production and consumption is, by nature, localized • have a strong potential for significant capital gains due to rapidly growing demand for electricity driven by increasing fossil fuel prices and population and economic growth • truly benefit from a portfolio effect as the more renewable energy assets one owns, the more each individual mW production facility is worth • are economically viable and present a real alternative to fossil fuels plants thanks to new technologies • are the only electricity alternatives in certain remote regions not connected to the national grid.According to the United Nations, renewable energy couldmeet 77% of the world electricity demand by 2050
  5. 5. Saudi Arabia aspires to export as much solarenergy in the future as it exports oil now.“ “a li a l- n aimi, Saudi Minister for Petroleum and Mineral Resources
  6. 6. Our C O mp ETITI v E Edg E aIm has longstanding relationships with top-tier developers, including our technical partner, akuo Energy. aIm has exclusive first right of refusal on all akuo Energy projects. akuo Energy engineers and specialists provide our teams with invaluable sector knowledge in targeting and evaluating green infrastructure assets.Our unique combination of technical and financialexpertise is a double advantage
  7. 7. Our Exp E rTISEa ss ET manag Em E nT Produc T sTruc TuringWe manage private equity funds We structure dedicated financialregulated by the Luxembourg market products backed by long-term cashauthority, building diversified portfolios flows of renewable energy investments,of renewable energy assets. We ensuring stable distributions to investorslocate infrastructure assets typically with fixed annual coupons.characterized by the low-risk, regularreturns of debt securities and theattractive capital appreciation of pureequity investments. risk and returncharacteristics of each asset arerigorously analyzed to determine if theymeet our exacting investment standards.advisory sErvicE sWe offer institutional clients, clean-tech companies and government agenciesunmatched insight and opportunities in the renewable energy sector. The team’sdistinctive competence lies in its combination of:• Extensive green-tech investment experience• Exclusive access to industry experts• In-house engineering expertise through Akuo EnergyTapping into a world of investment opportunitiesin renewable energy
  8. 8. Fusing international outlookwith local know-how
  9. 9. Our gLO ba L rE aChheadquartered in the European union, our alliances with internationalfinancial institutions, prime developers, leading operators and governmentsextend through expansions and joint ventures to north america, the middleEast, north africa (mEna) and Turkey.
  10. 10. akuo Energyfounders andshareholders createperfect Wind, anIndependent powerproducer (Ipp)specialized in windenergy. perfect Wind becomes the 2nd largest wind akuo Energy is energy operator in established by the France with a 600 initial perfect Wind mW portfolio. team. 2004 2005 2006 2007 akuo Energy founders sell perfect Wind France to Iberdrola and deliver more than 100% Irr to their investors. akuo energy aim
  11. 11. O ur m ILESTO n ES akuo Investment management and akuo Energy launchakuo Energy aIm Luxembourg, anco-founds akuo advisory companyInvestment specialized inmanagement, a renewable energydedicated fund investments. akuo Investmentmanager that has a akuo Investment SICar is endorsedfirst refusal right on SICar completes its and promoted byall projects developed first exit and generates Société généraleby akuo Energy. an Irr of 23.5%. private banking. 2008 2009 2010 2011 aIm and Idinvest partners enter into an exclusive partnership to launch a renewable energy infrastructure fund. aIm, La Compagnie benjamin de akuo Investment management rothschild and ascent Capital win launches akuo Investment SICar tender to manage a renewable specialized in investments in energy fund on the behalf of the SIE, European renewable energy a government agency dedicated to projects assets. energy investments in morocco. akuo Investment management aIm partners with the Islamic enters into strategic partnership Corporation of development to with Oddo asset management launch a renewable Energy Fund and becomes advisor to two dedicated to renewable energy of their funds dedicated to investments in the 56 country renewable energy investments: FIp members of the Organization of the Ecoplanète and EcoSolaire. Islamic Conference.
  12. 12. a ImaKu O I nvEST mE nT managEmE nT aIm mEna aIm nOrT h am ErICa
  13. 13. W E ’ d LOvE TO TEL L yO u mO rE a kuo in v E s Tm En T manag E m E n T 3a rue guillaume Kroll L-1882 Luxembourg