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Constructing a go kart


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Constructing a go kart

  1. 1.  Cars are diverse and abundant Not many people realize how complex and important it is to design and assemble a car Modern or old I explored the process of builidng a similar moving vehicle; a Go-kart
  2. 2.  History of Go-karts Evolution different designs and models that can be produced Racing
  3. 3.  My idea was to start with parts and a basic understanding of mechanics Final output would be a finished kart My younger brother will primarily use it
  4. 4.  Creating motor mounts Wiring on/off switch Replacing spark plug Sprocket and chain
  5. 5.  Tye Hopkins Professional landscaper and horse breeder, family friend, lots of experience with small motors and general mechanics
  6. 6.  Making use of parts that I had, becoming creative with the mechanics Getting the drive to start from a blank slate Didn’t always know the next step Drafting up ideas Wiring and new practices Change of plans
  7. 7.  Any Questions?
  8. 8.  This project was EXTREMELY relevant to me and my career Mechanical Engineer Have to envision the mechanics of a project and how things actually work Very interested