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Introduction to the web2practice project presented at the JISC conference 2009. This project will produce guides to how emergent technologies can enhance the practice of researchers, lectures and administrators.

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  1. 1. web2practice A guide to the effective use of emergent technologies Funded by the JISC Users & Innovation programme Image:
  2. 2. Remember when… photo:
  3. 3. And now…
  4. 4. So our staff should be… Happy, free, productive… photo:
  5. 5. Finding the way
  6. 6. Manual labour photo:
  7. 7. Our approach… A carrot photo:
  8. 8. Evangelism & pragmatism photo:
  9. 9. web2practice prototype Social Media
  10. 10. Tell us what you think! How do you use web2.0? photo:
  11. 11. Image credits