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Ticket Accuracy Six Sigma Case Study


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Six Sigma Project Case Study Overview, from the General Electric "At the Customer, For the Customer" Six Sigma Program, led by Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and President of the International Standard for Lean Six Sigma (ISLSS) and Owner of the Lean Six Sigma Group

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Ticket Accuracy Six Sigma Case Study

  1. 1. Six Sigma in Action Ticket AccuracyCustomer Profile – 41,000 employee pharmaceutical research companyBusiness Problem & Impact Process Capability –fo r C 3 P C ha rt BeforeThe customer estimated error rate of 40% in the accuracy of 0.7tickets logged into the client’s in-house help desk was causing 0.6 3.0S L80 person-hours of time per month to correct. 0.5Measure & Analyze Proportion 0.4Data Collection: Accuracy of logged calls was measured - defects 0.3 P = 0.3existing sigma (long term) was found to be 0.5 (31% defects)Root Causes: Lack of operational definitions of the calls, 0.2differences in agent interpretation, too many options for 0.1classifying tickets and the accuracy of supporting databases 0.0 -3.0Swere identified as root causes. 0 10 20Improve & Control S am p le Num b e rExisting databases that feed the ticket system were corrected and maintenance controls were established.The number of fields that client help desk staff had to select from was reduced, and operation definitionswere clarified and published. Sigma was increased to 2.8 and defects were reduced by 69%.Results/BenefitsAs a result of the project, the customer saved over US$26K in productivity since less time was needed tocorrect ticket errors within their process. A savings of US$26K annual to the customer!