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Strategic Performance and Change Management, IQPC Exchange

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  1. 1. Become a Process Excellence Network Member and receive our weekly newsletter!Testimonials“The most comprehensive approach to integrate of strategic planning with performance management.”- President, Board of School Superintendents“It was a wonderful experience sharing ideas with other practitioners of the BSC from other corporate organizations”- Uganda Revenue Authority“This is an experience that has deepened my insight to strategy management particularly with regards to change management andleadership engagement.”- Anonymous“Good start for change in your organization towards improvement.”- Primary Health Care-Qatar“A great method to derive structure and content for any strategy.”- LOOP, LLC“Excellent content that encourages audience participation.”- Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Limited (ADGAS)“Your performance management and measurement journey and personal transformation definitely will be enhanced by attending.”- Defense Information Systems Agency“I have…learned a tremendous amount in terms of new insights, methods, and techniques [that] I can begin applying immediately.”- Anonymous“If you need to know how to put together strategy, planning, and measurements for your organization, this… is time well-spent.”- Anonymous“Excellent program that has been very useful in increasing my capabilities as a performance manager, a trainer and a consultant.”- Anonymous“This is the beginning of your organization becoming better and move strategically focused.”- Anonymous“Well worth the investment of money, time, and energy.”–Therapon“An excellent presentation of strategic planning and performance management.”- Anonymous“Great program for integrating strategic plans and translating them into actionable items with tracking measurement.”- Veolia WaterSolutions & Tech“Comprehensive, connecting, and complimenting to what we are doing in our organization both in long term and short term strategicplanning and strategy in action.”- IFFCO GROUP“Well worth the time and an excellent value.”--Customs & Border Protection“This is much more than I expected--the value it brings is tremendous.”- Cox Target Media“This experience has given me a new confidence in the practice of aligning mission, vision, values, and strategy to move an organizationforward.”—University of Minnesota.”- I loved hearing the real-life stories!”—US Army Corp of Engineers