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Strengthening Your Strategic Focus & Performance


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Elaine Furlow from AARP Speaks on Performance Measures Linked to Strategic Objectives

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Strengthening Your Strategic Focus & Performance

  1. 1. Case Study: Strengthening your Strategic Focus & PerformanceIn this Free podcast, Director Enterprise Strategy & Planning at AARPtalks about transforming the dashboard into a more strategic tool, on how to drive performance tobest increase strategic success, and determining the right to achieve your goals. Listen to the 7minute podcast here: can hear directly from Elaine Furlow at the Strategic Performance & Change Management,November 13-15th at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside on the Performance Management Track,Main Day 1, on November 14. Elaine Furlows session will highlight: - Transforming the Dashboard into a more strategic tool - Driving performance to best increase strategic success - Determining the right objectives to help achieve your goals - Communication and tools to sharpen strategic focus - The strategic intent role of the Enterprise Strategy GroupWhat do you think about how AARP links their Performance Measures to Compensation Rewardsin a non-profit business?View the full program here: If you would like to receive the brochure or podcast directly email Let’s connect on LinkedIn: