A Proven Standard for Six SigmaiGrafx Process for Six         iGrafx® Process™ for Six Sigma is the most full-featured, ea...
Increase Customer Satisfaction and                                           integration with both Minitab andLower Costs ...
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I Grafx Process6 Sig Bro


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Learn more about iGrafx at http://www.igrafx.com, a partner of the Lean Six Sigma Group and International Standard for Lean Six Sigma (ISLSS)

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I Grafx Process6 Sig Bro

  1. 1. A Proven Standard for Six SigmaiGrafx Process for Six iGrafx® Process™ for Six Sigma is the most full-featured, easy to useSigma is ideal for: process analysis and simulation tool available and is specifically designed to help Six Sigma professionals understand and improve their processes. • Six Sigma Yellow Belts iGrafx Process for Six Sigma provides all of the functionality in iGrafx® • Six Sigma Green Belts FlowCharter® and iGrafx® Process™ plus integration with Minitab® and • Six Sigma Black Belts JMP® to run Rapid Design of Experiments, log simulation results, and Six • Six Sigma Master Black Belts Sigma method support . • Lean Six Sigma Practitioners • Lean PractitionersMeet your objectives in: • Six Sigma • Lean Six Sigma • LeanEasily create: • Flowcharts • Process Maps • Swimlane® Diagrams Key Feature Benefit • Value Stream Maps Intelligent Swimlane® Minimize time to create and edit process maps, and communicate cross- • Cause & Effect Diagrams Diagrams department process dependencies. • FMEA Spreadsheets Design of Experiments Identify optimal changes by designing and performing full factorial experiments (DOE) in a risk-free environment. • Pick Charts • SIPOC Diagrams Data Fitting Improve accuracy of the process model and simulation results through statistical fitting of real world data. • BPMN Diagrams Integration with Reduce project time and error through a direct integration with other essential • Customized Templates Minitab® and JMP® Six Sigma tools. • And more Visual Trace Visualize and inspect simulations to enhance understanding and validate models.Plus: Cause and Effect Describe causes with linked fishbone and pareto chart views. Understand Diagrams which actions will make the biggest positive impact. • Integration with Prioritization and Spotlight improvement opportunities and mitigate failure mode effects faster Minitab® and JMP® Failure Mode with color-coded spreadsheets linked to processes and activities. Spreadsheets • Discrete Event Simulation • Design of Experiments Extended Value Save time editing and updating your VSMs, and create a lean view that Stream Maps crosses plant, divisional, and company boundaries. • Resource Modeling Multiple Scenario Identify optimal changes through comprehensive “what-if” analysis. • “What-If” Analysis Analysis • Tabular & Graphical Create Reports from View simulation results through tabular and graphical reports that show side- Reports Simulation Data by-side comparison of individual and aggregated statistics. Custom Distributions Easily create distributions to model reality. PDF Publishing Share your process models as PDF documents as well as HTML and Microsoft® Office documents. Visio® Import Reduce development time by leveraging legacy content.
  2. 2. Increase Customer Satisfaction and integration with both Minitab andLower Costs JMP—a feature unique to iGrafx.Many organizations use customer A Pillar of Process Excellencesatisfaction, shareholder value and bottomline results to measure success. Six Sigma iGrafx Process for Six Sigma is ais a proven methodology for improving powerful tool for Six Sigmathese metrics and iGrafx Process for Six professionals, but excels whenSigma is a proven tool within the Six Sigma integrated with other iGrafx components to form an enterprisecommunity. wide approach to process excellence.iGrafx Process for Six Sigma provides a When coupled with a client/servervisual framework for exposing hidden based central repository like iGrafx®factories, bottlenecks and other inefficien- Process Central® or iGrafx® Enterprisecies, enabling “quick hit” improvements. Central®, the iGrafx solution will help iGrafx is an integrated suite of software and services for process excellence.Additionally, multi-factor and multi- you bridge the gap between the majorresponse Design of Experiments ( DOE) organization constituencies— IT, processcan be executed as a risk-free simulation initiatives and business analysts—to ensure Looking for a jumpstartwithout impacting the real process. Then, a level of process consistency, management, with iGrafx?simulation results can be analyzed in history and control across the enterprise. Our training and consulting services can help you apply thegreater detail through a seamless power of iGrafx even faster. For more information, please visit www.iGrafx.com/services. The DMAIC Methodology Leverage expertise for a iGrafx Process for Six Sigma has specific functionality to help users move through higher ROI the five inter-connected phases of the DMAIC methodology: iGrafx tools are used by thousands of organizations throughout the DEFINE • Process Maps • Pareto Charts world. Learn more at: the problem and • Value Stream Maps • SIPOC Diagrams www.iGrafx.com document the process • Cause and Effect Diagrams • Layout Diagrams info@iGrafx.com (503) 404-6050 MEASURE • Calculate costs, units, cycle times, resource utilization, process efficiency the process performance • Establish process capability by measuring defect levels • Calculate Rolled Throughput Yield (RTY) • Perform Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) • Capture transaction level statistics for detailed process analysis ANALYZE • Determine causes of defects data and process maps • Unveil opportunities for improvement Global Headquarters • Perform “what-if” analysis through simulation and reporting 7585 SW Mohawk Street • Fit empirical data to improve accuracy of results Tualatin, OR 97062 • Integrate with Minitab and JMP Tel.: 503.404.6050 Fax: 503.691.2451 info@iGrafx.com IMPROVE • Run multiple simulation scenarios in a risk-free environment www.iGrafx.com the current state process • Design and perform full factorial DOE • Identify improved process EMEA Headquarters Dr.-Johann-Heitzer-Str. 2 CONTROL • Centrally manage all processes and related information * 85757 Karlsfeld the improved process • Manage process knowledge and documentation through version control * Germany • Share best practices through publication of approved process Tel.: +49 8131 3175 100 • Ensure improved process is deployed Fax: +49 8131 3175 101 info.de@iGrafx.com * Requires a server component www.iGrafx.de For contact details visit: www.iGrafx.com/contact© 2011 iGrafx, LLC. All rights reserved. Current Value Stream Map courtesy of Lean Enterprise Institute, Inc. SAP is a registered trademark of SAPAG in Germany and in several other countries. Printed in USA. 8/11 Job#00421c