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Success secrets


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Published in: Self Improvement
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Success secrets

  1. 1. S U C C E S S S E C R E T S WE ARE WHAT WE THINK ABOUT SrinivasRaoBokam
  2. 2. ABOUT SUCCESS All the information presented in the slides is either experienced by the writer or observations from experiences & Success stories of others. Miracles will happen when you believe in these and practice. These are lessons learnt and best practices to achieve your dreams/Goals. For more details contact me @ SrinivasRaoBokam
  3. 3. SUCCESS PHILOSOPHY  Belief is a magnetfor success  Success is a journey, there is no end. Enjoy the journey  Don’t postpone your happiness  Get over frompast  To have a successful journey towards Goals, we have to look forwardand drive  We spendmost of our time talking to us, this is calledself talk, it is the basis for thoughtsand actions  You cancreate fortunesby working more on yourself SrinivasRaoBokam
  4. 4. SUCCESS PHILOSOPHY CONTD.  Have unquestionable belief in you  Whatever happensdon’t lose faith and make a commitment that nothing canmove/disturb you  Believe that everything is happening for good  Goodpeople whenexposedto difficult situations they become better andnot bitter. Have an attitude of whatever happens is for our owngood.  Learnfromfailures and move forward  If something unexpectedhappens andcauses loss of money, create pain . Acceptit andmove forward. SrinivasRaoBokam
  5. 5. SUCCESS PHILOSOPHY CONTD.  Remember that whenthere is setback : God( if you believe) /Universe wants to teach a lessonto you – learn the lessonandmove forward  100/100 : No one is perfect, 100-10= 90, you are goodat so many things, don't worry about 10% . Focus on 90%. Most of the people talk about10 % - ignore their strengths.  If you see goodin others, you will become better  Positive thinking is not to expectbest to happenevery time .  You can't become an expert in riding bicycle or driving Car without initial hiccups SrinivasRaoBokam
  6. 6. SUCCESS PHILOSOPHY CONTD.  Everything happens for a reasonin life - you have to accept and move along . Don'tcomplain about the pain or injustice happened/ experienced, just learnfromit andmove on  If there is injustice , the God/Universe is planning to teach you a lesson, provide wisdomor more strength to handle bigger challenges in future  What does it mean it takes time to become an expert, have belief, burning desire invest effort withpassionon your Goals andwait with patience . Work withPHD ( Passion, Hunger and Desire ) on your Goals, you are going to achieve it , no one can stopyou achieving success - it is a matter of time  Don't lookoutside for success, look inside, identify your strength and buildyour career on your strengths SrinivasRaoBokam
  7. 7. THOUGHTS ARE SEEDS Thoughts Words BeliefsActions Results/ Habits  The words you consistently select will shape your destiny – Anthony Robbins  Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind –Rudyard Kipling  Thought has got tremendous power. Thought can heal diseases. Thoughts can transform the mentality of persons  Thoughts are giant-powers. They are more powerful than electricity. They control your life, mould your character, and shape your destiny.SrinivasRaoBokam
  8. 8. ATTITUDE  Attitudes are mirrors of the mind. They reflectyour thinking  Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference -WinstonChurchill  Attitude is everything -If you have this you can get anything  People may hearyour words, but they feel your attitude - John C Maxwell  Attitude is like a price tag, it shows howvaluable you are  A bad attitude is like a flat tyre. If you do not changeit, you’ll never go anywhere. SrinivasRaoBokam
  9. 9. MORE ON ATTITUDE  The greatestdiscovery of my generationis that humanbeings can change their lives by altering their attitudes- WilliamJames  A positive attitude is a person’spassport to a better tomorrow  Your Attitude is your windowto the world  Better keepyourself cleanand bright;you are the windowthroughwhich you mustsee the world – George BarnardShaw  A happy personis not a personin a certainset of circumstances, but rather a personwithcertain set of attitudes - Hugh Downs SrinivasRaoBokam
  10. 10. BELIEF  Make a Commitment and you’ll move mountains!  What this power is I cannot say; all I knowis that it exists and it becomes available only when a man is in that state of mindin which he knows exactly what he wantsand is fully determined not to quit until he finds it - Alexander GrahamBell  If you can dreamit , you can do it - Walt Disney  Say you are well, or all is well withyou, and Godshall hear your words and make themcome true – Ella Wheeler Wilcox SrinivasRaoBokam
  11. 11. MIRACLE Unwavering Faith Extraordinary Effort Enthusiasm Miracle  We can achieve anything:  With love, fashion, burning desire & never give-up attitude  if we stop blaming and start believing SrinivasRaoBokam
  12. 12. WOW FACTOR - BELIEF  Have WOWfactor : Give your best in whatever you do & enjoy – whether it is relatedto work, eating, playing etc..  Sowing and Reaping  Mind is like a garden, you are gardener, self talkis more important  Lawof attraction- what you focus on grows in life/expands  Focus on your Strengths and not weaknesses  Self Belief on your abilities  Love – start loving yourself,if youare not doing – start it , it improvesself esteem& self confidence. If youdon’t love yourself otherswon’t loveyou.  Buildyour assets ( positive attitude, good deeds, Integrityetc..)for self development – it is like depositing moneyin your bankaccount – one day it will get converted intoCash SrinivasRaoBokam
  13. 13. WHY SOME PEOPLE SUCCEED  We are what we think about - As a Man Thinketh . In Sanskrit it is calledas “Yad BhavamTad Bhavati “  You become what you believe :  You thinkyouare weak?Yes, you are!  You thinkyouare strong?Yes, youare!  Everything is in yourmind and so all youwant to change is your mind  Whatever you think, youwill manifest it in your life - Nothingwill happenin the real worldunless it has alreadyhappenedin your mind  You thinkyoubecome a millionaire,youwill become one  You fearyouwill be poor forever, youwill remainpoor  In simple words, what youthink in your mind will happen in your real life. This is calledas ‘Lawof Attraction”. Secret to success SrinivasRaoBokam
  14. 14. WHY SOME PEOPLE SUCCEED  The range of our success depends on strength of our foundation & thoughts  If the foundation is basedon Belief, Positive Attitude, Value System& Core Competency  Making foundationis in our hands whether you want buildhut, simple house , multistory building or skyscraper  We have choice and optionwhat we wantto become  What happens is ‘whathappens for everybody’ – how we reactto circumstances decides our success SrinivasRao Bokam
  15. 15. WHAT YOU NEED TO SUCCEED Goals/Dreams& Visualization Burning Desire& 1 % increment Everyday Sowing& Reaping Belief& Affirmations Positive Attitude Discipline & Commitment Countyour Blessings  Put your heart,mind, and soul intoevenyour smallest acts. Thisis the secret of success.  Big ThingsHappen When You Do Little Things Right SrinivasRaoBokam
  16. 16. LAW OF SOWING AND REAPING  What you SOWis what you Reap  Thoughts are seeds  Mindis like a garden/Fertile Land  You canreap whatever you want  If you don’t SOWany seeds, weeds will come out SrinivasRaoBokam
  17. 17. CHOOSE YOUR ASSOCIATES  Choose your associateswisely  Lawof attraction helps like a magnet  Whatever you focus expands and energy flows  You can’t change anyone – we caninfluence people withour attitude & character – Leads to change  You canchoose anything exceptyour parents – respect them  If you don’t like your presentaddress – you canchange it – You are not a Tree  You canchange your : Attitude, Goals/Dream, Boss, Employer, Friends & Partner  Get associatedwithpeople who will helpyou to grow SrinivasRaoBokam
  18. 18. LEARN FROM MASTERS  Have you ever noticedKids, if something unpleasant happens to them– they will forgetabout it and will focus on the next activity – they don’tcarry the baggage. This is a greatlessonwe can learn, if we practice it and implement, it yields excellent results.  Helps you focus on whatever you do and give 100%  Howto get ridof past : have an attitude of kid SrinivasRaoBokam
  19. 19. IMPORTANT FACTS  One personwitha commitment is worth more than 100 people who have only an interest  Ourcapabilities are beyondour limitations  Every master was a beginner and every expert was an average person at some point of time  What you give is what you get  GIGO– Good[Garbage] In Good[Garbage] Out  If you want to growin life stretch your self , come out of your comfort zone - trust your self, listen to your inner self  Nothing comes free in life, you have to work hardand earn  Healthis not absence of decease , it is enthusiasmto work  Every morning you getupyou have a choice which voice to listen SrinivasRaoBokam
  20. 20. IMPORTANT FACTS  Life is full of opportunities - one door closes another door opens- one idiot goes out of your life – another wise personcomes in  If you keepknocking you will finddoors of opportunities  Failure is the opportunity to beginagainmore intelligently - Henry ford  We are all better thanKings & Queens - what they did not have 100 years back we have  Ourstruggles in life developour strengths. Without struggles, we never growand never get stronger, so it’s important for us to tackle challenges on our own, andnot be relying on help from others  Every obstacle we come across in life gives us an opportunity to improve our circumstances, and whilst the lazy complain, the others are creating opportunities through their kind hearts, generosity, and willingnessto get things done. SrinivasRaoBokam
  21. 21. IMPORTANT FACTS  To succeedin life you don't have to do wonders . Do simple/small things right - Give your 100 % and enjoy whatever you do.  Everything in this worldworks on basics - we ignore - take it casual . If you are not serious about life you don'tget anything big in life  Whenyou change the way you look at things , the things you lookat change  If you wish to reapyou must plant, planters deserve reaping/receiving  Life is not designedto give what we need, life is designedto give what we deserve SrinivasRaoBokam
  22. 22. IMPORTANT FACTS  If thereis anythingthatis stoppingyoufromsuccess, that is fear  Imagine- if a kid stops walking because he is falling- can he walk? Is thereany meaning forsuch a fear , allour fearsare likethat  We don'tget killedby what we eat but by what is eating us.  Worryingis likesitting on a roaring chair, it givesyou somethingto do but it takesyounowhere  Nothinggreatis ever achievedwithout criticism  A smile is an inexpensiveway to improve yourlooks  Success dependson support of otherpeople SrinivasRaoBokam
  23. 23. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS  Whenwe count our blessings, we concentrateon all the good things in our livesinsteadof the negative  Whenyouarise in the morning, give thanks for the morning light,for your life andstrength. Givethanksfor yourfoodand the joy of living. If yousee no reason for givingthanks, the fault lieswithyourself  If youpractice gratitude a little, your life willchange a little. If youpractice gratitude a lot everyday,your life will change dramaticallyand in ways that youcan hardlyimagine  Whenwe’re not countingour blessings, we can fall intothe trapof unintentionallycounting negative things. We count negative thingswhenwe talk about the things we don’t have. We count negative things when we criticize or findfault withother people, when we complainabout traffic, waitingin lines, delays, the government, not enoughmoney, or the weather  Whenwe count negative things theyincrease too, but on top of that,witheverynegative thing we count, we cancel out blessings that were on their way SrinivasRaoBokam
  24. 24. TEAM WORK IS DREAM WORK  Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. -Michael Jordan  Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. -Henry Ford  It is literally true that you can succeedbest andquickest by helping others to succeed. -NapoleonHill  So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth. -Bahaullah  With an enthusiasticteamyou can achieve almost anything.-Tahir Shah SrinivasRaoBokam
  25. 25. THINGS TO DO  Recharge your body/mind  Use apps judiciously- some apps in mobile phone drainyour battery. Same is the case withyour thoughts.  Some thoughtswill makeyoufeelweak, reduces your self confidence anddrainyourenergy.  Keepyourself awayfromenergydrainers  Branding – create branding for yourself in whatever you do  Create your story /movie/trailer - Like Bahubali  You are thehero, producer, writer & director for your story  Lawof attraction - what you focus on grows/expands in life. It works like a magnet SrinivasRaoBokam
  26. 26. THINGS TO DO  Don't blame others when you receive a setback. Remember, how you think when you lose determines how long it will be until you win.  Exercise or meditate for at least 20 minutes a day  Smile - baby smiles 500to 1000times a day and is healthy . How many times you do ?  Bestrevenge is massive success SrinivasRaoBokam
  27. 27. SUCCESS LEAVES TRACKS  The mostsuccessful people in any field in the world have kept their focus on their strengths and not their weaknesses. Andthat’s why they achievedsuccess  Bill Clintonand Steve Jobs have had glaring weaknesses but they definitely didn't achieve success by focusing on them  Look at your ownlife. Most of us have the tendency to complainand grumble at something which we aren’t goodat  But have you ever thought how life would have been if we would focusedon our strengths andpositive things we posses?  Shift in your focus fromweaknesses to strengths can instill confidence and positivity SrinivasRaoBokam
  28. 28. LEADERS WHO INSPIRED ME  SwamiVivekananda  Karoly Takacs  Steve Jobs  Thomas Alva Edison  Nepolian Hill  Jim Rohn  Brian Tracy  Mahatma Gandhi  Beethoven  Mother Teresa  Nikola Tesla  Swami Sukhabodananda  Henry Ford  Robin Sharma  Less Brown  Nelson Mandela  Gowtham Budha  Chintakindi Mallesham  Anthony Robbins  John C Maxwell  Anand Mahindra  Elon MuskSrinivasRaoBokam
  29. 29. CASE STUDY : CONNECTING THE DOTS  Lookingbackwardsyoucan connect the dots – it is 100%true – youcan introspect your journey  Whatever I put in these slides, I practice dailyas I believe it happened to me and it happened to others. Lookintothis story …..  A man whohas not completedhis graduation. Who usedto collect Coke bottles& sellfor 5 cents, walk7 miles overweekend to Hari Krishnatempleto have hisfull meal  Started hisbusiness in a garage became CEOof the one of the worlds best innovative & Successful Organization  Later firedfromthecompanyhe has started  Whenthissetbackhappenedto him–he has options - Positive (Proactive)/Negative(Reactive)  He startedagainwitha PositiveMentalAttitude– rest is history  Guesswho is he …. SrinivasRaoBokam
  30. 30. CASE STUDY CONTD..  He is none other thanSteve Jobs  You knowwhenhe was firedfromApple– what brought himback to Apple  Burning Desire & His Dreams  Passion & Enthusiasm  Belief & Positive MentalAttitude  He startedNeXT & associatedwithPixer SrinivasRaoBokam
  31. 31. CASE STUDY CONTD..  This is what I have mentionedin my slides, if you believe start working onyour dreams you can create fortunes  You may not have requiredresources & skills – it doesn’t matter – Universe listens to you and you will get associatedwithpeople they will help you  All youneed is Dream/Goal -Belief - Passion – Burning Desire  Start putting your efforts – Rest willhappen  Howis not yourproblem. The Lawof attraction – Power of subconsciousmind works here if youare alignedwithyourGoals SrinivasRaoBokam
  32. 32. CASE STUDY CONCLUSION  I have observedthese working for N number of people, it also worksfor you.  Summary takeaways fromthis Case study  He startedApple whenit was difficult to have his full meal  If you have Courage to followyour heartwithcommitment, dedication& discipline – rest will be takencare  Can you imagine the state of a personafter getting firedfroma company he has started  Need lot of courage to come out of the agony& focuson future  It is not easyto get out of past under these circumstances, but if youpractice, anything is possible SrinivasRaoBokam
  33. 33. QUOTES  No pressure, no diamonds  Think, act andtalk withenthusiasmandyou’ll attract positive results–Michael LeBoeuf  You can’t always control circumstances. But you can control your ownthoughts -Charles Popplestone  If you can dreamit , you can do it - Walt Disney  Efforts only fully releases its rewardafter a personrefuses to quit  Every adversity carries with it the seedof an equivalent or greater benefit  With Ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable - Sir Thomas Buxton SrinivasRao Bokam
  34. 34. QUOTES  Adversity brings out our hiddenpotential – Jeff Keller  The people who always talk about a lackof money generally don’t accumulate much of it - Jeff Keller  Do the thing you fear and the deathof fear is certain– Ralph Waldo Emerson  The only way to escape fromthe prisonof fear is action– Joe Tye  Success is going from failure to failure withoutloss of enthusiasm– WinstonChurchill SrinivasRaoBokam
  35. 35. SUMMARY  Friends,I have acquiredtheseskills throughstudyof several books , listeningto audiotapes, reading& watchingof Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bible.  In a nutshell; The teachingsof theepics like Ramayana, Mahabharataand Bibleare same – it talksabout what to do and what not to do.  For example; Mahabharata has every problemthat is happeningin the societytoday and itssolution.Everytime I read or watchI findnew dimensionto the solution  I see lotof material on the web on different topicswhereyou have to go through100 hoursof trainingto understandtheory.  I have beenpracticingall the principlesput into theseslidesand introspect [Steve Jobshas calledthis “lookingbackyoucan connect the dots” ] withmy experiences& othersexperiences ; I have developeduniquestyleof findingthe root causefor successor failure  I can talk on thesesubject hours togetherwithevidence,trust me this is not theoryit is proven  I thought of sharingthisknowledgeand helpothers , this is just beginning, morewill follow.  Thank youforreadingthis,shareyourfeedback SrinivasRaoBokam
  36. 36. SrinivasRaoBokam So, We are what we thinkabout If you keep knocking you will find opendoors ( of opportunity) What you SOWis what youReap