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Personas: The Bedrock of Content Creation and Design

My favorite UX tool is the persona, a fake person based on real data to model content creation and software designs

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Personas: The Bedrock of Content Creation and Design

  1. 1. PERSONAS The bedrock of content creation & design 1@sbmorrissey #WCKENT
  2. 2. Overview ◦ Me ◦ What is a Persona? ◦ Initial Creation ◦ Validation ◦ Regular use ◦ Example 2@sbmorrissey #WCKENT
  3. 3. Stephen Morrissey ◦ 1996 Made first website ◦ 2001 Read "Don't Make Me Think" ◦ 2009 Was laid off ◦ 2011 Started doing UX professionally ◦ 2018 Attended my first WordCamp 3@sbmorrissey #WCKENT
  4. 4. 4 I @sbmorrissey #WCKENT
  5. 5. Why personas? ◦ I have created or updated personas at nearly every UX job ◦ They are the first critical step in designing an experience ◦ A solid understanding your audience's wants and needs keeps them engaged and connected with your content and products 5@sbmorrissey #WCKENT
  6. 6. What is a persona? A fake person based on real data used as a model for content and design @sbmorrissey #WCKENT
  7. 7. Let's break that down Fake Person: This is usually not a person you actually know, but a composite of different data points Real Data: Use data from different sources to create the most accurate representation as possible Model: This should be the lens you design experiences and create content through. 7@sbmorrissey #WCKENT
  8. 8. Persona Example 8@sbmorrissey #WCKENT
  9. 9. Initial Creation Your best guess is actually good enough to start with @sbmorrissey #WCKENT
  10. 10. Start with data first ◦ Start with data and let it shape your persona(s) ◦ Greatly divergent data indicates you may need another persona ◦ Capture only relevant data 10@sbmorrissey #WCKENT
  11. 11. Data you can use to create you first persona ◦ Personal experiences with customers ◦ Anyone with regular customer contact ◦ Google Analytics data ◦ Public information like census & crime data ◦ Surveys, both online & in-person ◦ Colleague research 11@sbmorrissey #WCKENT
  12. 12. Empathy Map Framing data in the context of your audience @sbmorrissey #WCKENT
  13. 13. 13@sbmorrissey #WCKENT
  14. 14. You're already ready ◦ Running your initial research through the filter of an empathy map is enough ◦ Validation is essential perfecting a persona's effectiveness, but not for their use ◦ Start using personas now, and validate when you can 14@sbmorrissey #WCKENT
  15. 15. Validation Checking your work didn't end with elementary school math @sbmorrissey #WCKENT
  16. 16. Why and how to validate personas ◦ Your initial guess was a transformation of your data into a story about your customer ◦ Now you need to make sure any interpretations are (mostly) correct ◦ Similar methods are used in validation, but with a more narrow focus 16@sbmorrissey #WCKENT
  17. 17. Validation methods ◦ Customer interviews ◦ Surveys (yes, but different) ◦ A/B tests ◦ Google Analytics data ◦ Comments and feedback 17@sbmorrissey #WCKENT
  18. 18. Using Personas Why did we go through all this work? @sbmorrissey #WCKENT
  19. 19. Using Personas Content Creation: Always ask "would (persona) care about this?" Social Gatherings: Does this group target the same groups or use the same approach? Themes & Design: What are the latest fashion & culture trends for this persona? 19@sbmorrissey #WCKENT
  20. 20. Using Personas (cont.) Template Creation: Add persona data and references to wireframes or templates Simplify Reviews: Turn a discussion toward what the persona wants rather than the reviewer 20@sbmorrissey #WCKENT
  21. 21. Using Personas (cont.) More Research: Using personas may show where gaps exist in your original thinking Social Media: From platforms to relevant hashtags, use personas to remain relevant 21@sbmorrissey #WCKENT
  22. 22. An example of knowing your audience @sbmorrissey #WCKENT
  23. 23. 23@sbmorrissey #WCKENT
  24. 24. A broad, but somehow narrow focus on children Fred Rogers had a persona: children with access to a television Every decision was based on the question "would children benefit from this?" The show's design was based on "what are children's concerns?" 24@sbmorrissey #WCKENT
  25. 25. Revisit and re-validate your personas Fred Rogers tried other personas, but none matched the way his original did The base persona did not change, but the times did, and he had to adapt He regularly met with his audience to re-evaluate his message and content 25@sbmorrissey #WCKENT
  26. 26. Persona Review ◦ A fake person based on real data you can use for design decisions ◦ Start with an educated guess, filter through an empathy map, and then begin using it ◦ Validate when possible ◦ Use as often as you can 26@sbmorrissey #WCKENT
  27. 27. Questions? @sbmorrissey @sbmorrissey #WCKENT 27