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Polyfill Web VR


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Ensure u write one code for Web VR. How ? Check the presentation to find out

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Polyfill Web VR

  1. 1. Polyfill WebVR
  2. 2. Agenda 1. The Advent of Virtual Reality to the Web 2. The Fight 3. Bridging the Gap
  3. 3. The Advent of Virtual Reality to the Web The next super cool thing ?
  4. 4. The Early adopters • MozVR • VR.chromeexperiments • janusVR • Firfox Nightly • Chrome - ofcourse
  5. 5. Whats the idea ? • Rendering Canvas (WebGL or 2D) to VR output devices • Rendering 3D Video to VR output devices (as directly as possible) • Rendering HTML (DOM+CSS) content to VR output devices – taking advantage of existing CSS features such as 3D transforms • Mixing WebGL-rendered 3D Content with DOM rendered 3D-transformed content in a single 3D space • Receiving input from orientation and position sensors, with a focus on reducing latency from input/render to final presentation
  6. 6. The Fight Or early signs of a War
  7. 7. My VR code is better than yours • Mozilla believes/d VR should be rendered from good GPUs only. Hence their obvious choice was to support the likes of Oculus rift and PC which has great GPU • Google Cardboard changed the game, now ur mobile is your VR • Then the VR bubble burst • Lead to : (not necessarily in order) • Moggles, • Sony Morpheus, • HTC Vive, • Samsung Gear VR, • Microsoft HoloLens, • Fove VR, • Carl Zeiss VR One, • Avegant Glyph, • Razer OSVR, • Archos VR Headset
  8. 8. Is there a standard format • So far so good, VR bubble - > Great • But the problem is -> My code is better than yours • Different usecase • A developer may usually ask – • How can I code once and run everywhere. Is that the reason why web and JS are so famous ?
  9. 9. Bridging the Gap Polyfill em!
  10. 10. Enter Boris Smus • Created Responsive WebVR, headset optional • The base idea is like our responsive web design, write once and run on any VR platform • Web VR boilerplate was born • If you are not carrying your VR headset you’ll still be able to experience the website is 2D. This is not just a fallback. It’ll be a ful scale Three.js enable website. With a disclaimer saying that Better experienced with VR. • Once you have a VR, experience the 3D.
  11. 11. WebVR bolierplate features
  12. 12. Key Take-aways 1. Web VR is Awesome. You should love it if you haven’t already 2. Will it be the future, too early to say! 3. Use the boilerplate, it makes life easy 4. Start contributing to the boilerplate. 5. Remember your open source is not any better or any worse than my open source. #stopthewar
  13. 13. Thank You