Mega path broadband


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Mega path broadband

  1. 1. MegaPath Broadband Access Simple, Nationwide Broadband Connectivity MegaPath has the largest nationwide broadband footprint— reaching virtually any business location Business-grade Broadband Service It’s a competitive world out there. Keeping ahead of the competition means having access to critical information when you need it. Too often, keeping connected means slow dial-up service or, worse yet, expensive and slow frame relay connections. Broadband changes everything—with a cost-effective, high speed, “always-on” connectivity solution. However, finding the “right” business-grade broadband service to meet your needs and working through the deployment process can be a real drain on any business—not to mention ongoing broadband management and support. What you need is a cost-effective broadband solution that is easy to deploy, manage and support. MegaPath delivers just that. Broadband Access Services • Coverage for virtually any location in North America • Scalable bandwidth options • Proven turnkey broadband deployment process • 24 x7x365 technical support • Static IP address standard with most circuits • Online account management • Wide range of access technologies • State-of-the-art network The Right Broadband Service for Every Situation Turnkey Deployment and Management MegaPath has the solution, whether procuring and deploying your broadband Customer Benefits solution while ensuring your service is the most • Maximized productivity with high-speed, low cost DSL, T1, Cable, Wireless and Satellite service • One provider to securely connect and manage all broadband services— from a single-site to thousands of locations you’re an enterprise with high-bandwidth requirements for connecting multiple branch offices, retail stores, teleworkers and corporate headquarters or an operator of a home or single-site business. We offer the industry’s widest selection of high-speed business class broadband services available including DSL, T1, Cable, and Satellite. MegaPath handles every detail involved in costeffective for your business needs. We offer SLA-backed installation guarantees a well as assurances for latency, packet loss and uptime. Nationwide Broadband Footprint MegaPath delivers the largest nationwide broadband footprint—reaching virtually any location in North America with most services routed over our own national IP backbone. Find out today how much you can save. Call 1-877-MEGAPATH or visit
  2. 2. MegaPath Broadband Access MegaPath Broadband Access Technologies include: DSL MegaPath DSL is built for businesses of all sizes that not only want the high-speed and affordable prices of broadband services, but also the support, business-grade features and service level agreements that companies rely on to run their businesses. • Fast, always-on connections to multiple users at a fraction of the cost of traditional dedicated Internet access technologies • Wide range of DSL services including line shared ADSL, IDSL and SDSL • Comprehensive broadband footprint through MegaPath’s partnerships with the ILECs, major CLECs, IXCs, and smaller DSL providers and ISPs. If DSL is available in your location, MegaPath can get it for you T1 MegaPath T1 offers full, fractional and multi-T1 Internet access that enables mission critical applications. • Choose from multiple speeds ranging from 128 kbps x 128 kbps to 6 Mbps x 6 Mbps Cable MegaPath cable is a business grade, always-on, high-speed data connnection service. Cable is best suited for teleworkers or small offices requiring broadband access. • Ability for subscribers to run VPN traffic • Available with dynamic or static IP addresses Satellite MegaPath satellite enables enterprise customers to gain 100% connectivity for their distributed locations where traditional terrestrial broadband is not available. • Proven two-way satellite (VSAT) technology provides a robust, secure platform to deliver cost-effective, business-grade broadband connectivity • Coverage for virtually any location in North America Wireless MegaPath Wireless Broadband provides secure access to your VPN and the Internet at broadband speeds. • For remote locations that aren't able to connect via DSL or cable • As a quick start solution while you're waiting for your primary broadband connection to be installed or for a temporary location • As a fully-redundant backup access service for your existing T1, DSL, or cable service distributed locations where traditional terrestrial broadband is not available 1-877-MEGAPATH • About MegaPath Founded in 1996, MegaPath is relied on by over 22,000 business customers at over 70,000 business locations. MegaPath offers a wide range of nationwide broadband connectivity and managed services for small businesses and larger, all the way up to Fortune 500 enterprises. © 2008 MegaPath Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. 555 Anton Boulevard, Suite 200 • Costa Mesa, CA 92626