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Kirkland Museum: Module 2 instructions and eval.


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Introduction and evaluation for docent training Module 2: Styles and Movements

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Kirkland Museum: Module 2 instructions and eval.

  1. 1. Once again, Module 2 is presented on paper or PowerPoint, with the addition of a DVDfeaturing Metro State College professor David Klein’s lecture on the History of IndustrialDesign.Using the PowerPoint presentation: You must have Microsoft PowerPoint or aPowerPoint viewer to use this version of the information. Open the file in PowerPointand click “Slide Show”. This presentation has no sound, but instead links to manydifferent internet sites with good information about the topic. While in “Slide Show”click on the highlighted titles to go to the related website. Take your time exploringthese sites. You’ll need to pick up some information to complete your evaluation. Plus,we hope you’ll find them fun!Using the DVD: The DVD was copied from a computer file, so if it doesn’t work in yourDVD player, try opening it on the computer.As always, if you have trouble using these resources from home, we’d be happy to setyou up at the museum.Module 2 EvaluationMay be presented in written form, or as a discussion with a staff member.For each of the styles or movements discussed in Module 2 (Arts and Crafts, AestheticMovement, Glasgow School, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Bauhaus, Wiener Werkstätte, DeStijl, Pop Art) choose one item on view and discuss what features identify its style.New Docent TrainingModule 2Design Styles and Movements