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Kirkland Museum: Module 1 instructions and evaluation


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Instructions and evaluation for docent training Module 1: Looking at Art

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Kirkland Museum: Module 1 instructions and evaluation

  1. 1. New Docent TrainingModule 1: Looking at ArtThis module is presented in two forms: written, or audio with PowerPoint. Choose theform that suits your learning style, and that works best with your technology. Thewritten form is completely contained in this folder. The audio version comes on theenclosed data CD. In order to use this version, you will need a computer with aPowerPoint viewer (or Microsoft Office Suite), a sound card, and speakers orheadphones. Choose “Play slideshow” and be sure your sound is turned up. You willneed to advance the slides manually, so you will have plenty of time to look at the art. Ifyou would like to try the audio version, but don’t have the proper equipment, please setup a time to use the laptop at Kirkland Museum.If you choose to complete your evaluation orally, please make an appointment throughShelly. Please don’t try to catch a staff member without warning. Thanks!Please return this folder to the Volunteer office when you have completed your work.Thank you.