When Silicon Valley went Hollywood


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When Silicon Valley went Hollywood

  1. “I found it slightly disrespectfulhim going through the pitch deckand making his own judgments”
  2. “I found it slightly disrespectfulhim going through the pitch deckand making his own judgments” WTF Is Going On?
  3. When Silicon Valley Went Hollywood And What It Means For You
  4. HollywoodThe Other California Industry Cluster
  5. Industry Cluster A geographic concentration ofinterconnected businesses, suppliers and associated companies and institutions in a single field
  6. Nickelodeons1905 - Movies Go to the Masses Product consumed by millions
  7. Movie Studios Thomas Edison in New York• Formed a Patent monopoly for movie cameras and film
  8. Hollywood – Escape From New York • Escape patent trolls/get great scenery • Become “the cluster” for film making
  9. Narrative and Stars1910 – Star Envy and Stories • Actors no longer anonymous • Became a brand
  10. Hollywood – Gossip
  11. Hollywood – Hangers On• Pr agents/publicists • Kids of the famous• Damage control pr, lawyers • Dog walkers to get out of jail • Assistants, assistants of• Party planners/brokers assistants• Lawyers • Old kid stars out of work• Parents, boyhood friends • Guild employees• Ex pro players/security • Journalists/bloggers• Personal manager/handlers • Failed models who tried• Body trainers become actors• Rich kids investing • "C" list actors, radio personalities
  12. So What?
  13. Technology – Defense and Silicon Of interest to other technologists
  14. Silicon Valley Culture Wins• Escape east coast culture/get great scenery• Become “the cluster” for technology innovation
  15. From Technology toComputer Products• Consumed by tens of millions•Loved by a tech niche• A tool for others
  16. From Computer Products to Consumer Product • Consumed by hundreds of millions • Understood by everyone
  17. Narrative and StarsStar Envy and Stories• CEO’s no longer anonymous• Became a brand
  18. So What? Our Time as Industry ofjust Hard Workers is Over
  19. Silicon Valley – Another Industry with a “Star Ecosystem”• Gossip press• Gatekeepers• Herd effect in products• Fad investing• Poseurs• Hangers-on• Auteurs• Hard workers
  20. Valley Gossip
  21. Why Do It?• Ego• Ego• Ego• Vanity Metrics• Attract talent• Get funding• Drive customer demand
  22. Silicon Valley – No Longer Just “Those Who Do”• Founders with “Ideas” • Rich kids investing• MBA’s who just need • Wanna-be Angels & VC’s coders • Family of the famous• PR agencies • Gossip bloggers• Party planners • Conference junkies• Lawyers • Real Estate agents• Patent Trolls • Parents, boyhood friends
  23. Don’t Get Distracted by the Noise• Build a great product• Find customers who grab it out your hand• Build something really big
  24. Summary• We’ve gone from technical obscurity to Hollywood• Ecosystem now has more unproductive people• They think your job is easy• Recognize and Avoid them• Build something amazing