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UCSF Life Sciences Week 1 digital health - Value Proposition


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UCSF Life Sciences Week 1 digital health - Value Proposition

  1. Value Propositions Lean Launchpad: Digital Health UCSF Entrepreneurship Center October 1, 2013 Abhas Gupta, MD Mohr Davidow Ventures @abhasguptamd

  2. HC Costs are a BFD “Healthcare costs will be the preeminent
 social and political issue of the next decade”
  3. What is Digital Health? Software Healthcare +/- Consumers Venture Profile: Fast to fail, low capital intensity,
 highly scalable, +/- regulatory burden
  4. Why now? Technology Adoption Data Evolving Business Models
 ACOs Capitation Consumer Reach
  5. Business Model Canvas Product/Market Fit, Customer Growth,
 Revenue and Costs, Partnerships and Operations
  6. Broader Context Competitive Landscape Regulatory Changes Industry
 Trends Become your own expert!
  7. Value Propositions This Week Next Week
  8. Key Customers Consumers Employers Insurers + Government Providers Producers
  9. Learning Loops Consumers Employers Providers MVP? MVP? MVP? Insurers + Government Producers MVP? MVP? Hypothesis, Experiment, Data, Insight
  10. Consumers Convenience Lower Costs Better Quality (perceived)
 Other Factors:
 Privacy, social, comfort, delight,
 decision support, outcomes...
  11. Employers Lower Costs Productivity Work output Engagement Absenteeism
 Other Factors:
 Lower administrative burden,
 hiring advantages, culture, ... Employee Satisfaction

  12. Providers What is their business model? Fee-for-Service At-Risk ! ! Reimbursement Productivity ... Retention Cost Reduction (Outcomes,Technology) In-Network Productivity
  13. Insurers + Government Core Business ! Productivity Provider Offerings Acquisition/Retention Risk Analytics Compliance ! As Fiscal Intermediaries:
 Consumers (Self-Insured) Employers
  14. Producers Pharma, Medical Devices, Cloud-based EMRs Increase Sales of Existing Business Enter New Lines of Business Cost & Risk Reduction Core functions -> Enterprise SaaS opportunities
  15. Key Customers Consumers Employers Insurers + Government Providers Producers
  16. This Week’s BIG IDEA Strength of
 Value Proposition
 is proportional to Pricing! ROI > Outcomes > Access > Convenience
  17. Looking Ahead Product & MVPs: 10-20 interviews with key customers/users ! Efficiently Sample Customers: Start with breadth, transition to depth ! In 2 weeks, you should have Product/Market Fit down cold! This Week Next Week
  18. Our Contact Information @abhasguptamd @kyradavis