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  • More specific – on number of ad words bought, more data
  • Possible use animation
  • The kid can type in their own schedule and we will match the time zones so it’ll display nicely (so they know what the other child is doing at that time). Also allow commenting and interacting per each entry (click & expand?) How to best display?
  • Screenshot of real product (alpha product launch)
  • Daphne quick demo
  • Tink r labs_final

    1.  Team Name – Tink R’ Labs Initial Idea A device agnostic platform that enables distribution and management of high quality educational and entertainment content for children. Initial Size of Opportunity Dual-sided opportunity targeting 20,000,000 American children aged 4-11 who use online devices and educational content providers
    2.  Henry Hsiao ◦ Mattel Inc. ◦ Digital and Web business / technology experience ◦ Conceived initial idea Daphne Luong ◦ Tellme Microsoft ◦ High tech startups, education non-profits. ◦ Engineering management, bringing version 0 products to scale Tanuja Singh ◦ AT&T ◦ Lead Technical Architect, Educational non-profit ◦ Application Architecture, Technology and Business Roadmaps Michael Bowers ◦ Research Affiliates ◦ Background in Management Consulting and Asset Management ◦ Business model research, advanced financial modeling
    3. Risk2 channels7 value props6 partners
    4. Parents  Willing to pay to control their children’s online experience through selecting and managing educational and entertainment content  Valued a device agnostic experiences for their childrenContent providers  Seeking multiplatform distribution  Unhappy with the Apple ecosystem  Wanted additional analytics on user behavior
    5.  Interviewed 50 parents in person Interviewed 3 child-focused content providers and publishers Observed the technology usage behavior of parents and children Researched existing solutions and technologies Researched industry
    6. Parents  Concerned about controlling content and managing online experience, but not willing to pay for a service  Not concerned about device agnostic experiences for their childrenContent providers  Multiplatform distribution is nice to have, but not worth the effort to adapt content  Unhappy with Apple ecosystem – but benefits outweigh sacrifices and they are skeptical of an alternative  Want more data as user behavior is a blind spot, but only a nice-to-have as they perceive a level playing field
    7. 1. COPPA Edutainment AppStore2. Edutainment Content Platform3. Kid Screentime Analytics
    8. Key Activities Key Partners Value Customer Customer Proposition Relationships Segments - App - Help parents - Parents: - Two-sided- Content developers Automated discover good, age market, discovery - Toy/Game services and subject connect Co. appropriate - Content content to- Content rating - Publishers Provider: content users and review by - Entertainment Co-creation - Provide one-stop- experts Co. - Communitie shop for kids edu- - Parents with - Educators taiment content s k-8th grade- Provide “Seal of Key Resources - Allow parents to Channels children Approval” (?) search and structure their - Parents with- Provide user - Engineers/I - Direct web kids content and K-6th grade specific T channel curriculum children recommendatio - “Experts” / - Provide content ns reviewers - Advertising on providers with - Content/game - Marketers social networks, consumer insights providers- COPPA parent lists & - Provide expert compliance magazines ratings and reviews + user ratingsCost Structure Revenue (parents/kids) Streams- Platform / webservices design, development, and operation - Subscription fee- Marketing expenses - Freemium- On-going content discovery/rating/reviews - Premium content fees - Ad revenues
    9. Key Activities Key Partners Value Customer Customer Proposition Relationships Segments - Toy/Game Co. Content Providers: - Co-creation - Content /- Platform - Entertainment - Automated - Simplify authoring game Development Co. services content tool providers - Educators - Alternate revenue- Recruit brand- - Educational model for content - Parents with name content Institutions distribution k-8th grade providers - Textbook - Specialized content children publishers distribution- Targeted Key Resources platform Channels - Parents with Marketing K-6th grade - Engineers Parents: children - Direct - Content - Device agnostic relationship providers education and with content - Content library entertainment providers - Marketers platform (HTML5?) - Direct web - Brand channel Cost Structure Revenue Streams- Platform design, development and - Platform license fee (?) maintenance - Premium content fee- Marketing expenses - User analytics data to content provider
    10. Key Activities Key Partners Value Customer Customer Proposition Relationships Segments - App platform Parents: - Automated - Parents with- Platform developers services - Monitor & k-8th grade Development - App developers benchmark children children’s progress- Targeted - Motivate children - Working Marketing through rewards & parents with K- recognition 6th grade- COPPA - Know children’s children compliance Key Resources media usage time Channels and usage content. - Engineers - Direct web App developers: channel - Customer usage insights Cost Structure Revenue Streams- Platform design, development and - Subscription fee maintenance- Marketing expenses
    11. Key Activities Key Partners Value Customer Customer Proposition Relationships Segments - Schools / teachers Teachers: - Teachers of- Platform / Portal - Educators - Relevant, engaging Teachers: 3rd to 5th Development - Content providers - Co-creation , effective lesson grade - Curriculum plans for children classrooms- Establish content developers - Safe way to expose - Middle relationship with students to school(?) schools/teachers internet - High school(?) (US + international) Key Resources Students: Channels - Exposure to other- COPPA - Engineers cultures, writing Still selling compliance - Through school skills, communicati - Marketing on skills, both districts or through- Curriculum / - Business / directly with content relationship teach & learn. teachers schools and development - Through teachers parents Cost Structure Revenue Streams- Platform design, development and maintenance - Sponsorships- Procure classroom participations (US + - Subscriptions international)- Content development
    12.  More customer validation ◦ Parents (interviewed 30 parents) ◦ Teachers (interviewed 7 teachers) More Research ◦ Everloop.com (meeting with founder) ◦ Facebook (meeting with CIO) Launched parents and teachers sign up pages ◦ Over 70 sign ups / Average ~18% conversion rate Purchased adwords to generate traffic ◦ 80 ad words Begin build out of functional MVP website
    13.  School approval process tedious and convoluted Teachers prefer parents to pay for solution Teachers are excited to endorse this solution
    14. Here’s What We Did
    15. A Day in the Life of Michael Jones (California) Xi Cheng (Shanghai, China)7:00 AM Wake up and eat breakfast, I 10:00 PM Sleepinghave cereal and milk8:30 AM Go to school, my mom drivesme to school10:30 AM Recess, play kick ball with What is kick ball?my friends12:00 PM Lunch time, I have hamsandwich and milk today. I play in theplayground with my friends1:00 PM I have music class. We learn asong and some music theory3:30 PM Done with school 5:30 AM Wake up and eat breakfast, I have porridge and break.
    16. Link
    17. MVP - Google siteLink
    18. Here’s What We Found(Lessons from MVP Product) Simple, “living” interface with visual cues Easy commenting and conversations Easy usage of widgets ◦ Embed Pictures, videos, games, etc. Additional engaging content Strong endorsement from Teachers Strong preference for sponsorship of another child with subscription
    19. Here’s What We Did Market data from research firms Launched Alpha Product (mynetpals.com) ◦ Analyzed customer feedback o Recorded kids and parents usageo Launched social marketing campaign ◦ Facebook Fan: 150 likes, 81 talking about ◦ Twitter: 24 Tweets, 93 Followers
    20.  Great discussions with leads for the following organizations: ◦ One Laptop per Child (OLTP) ◦ BCT - http://bctindia.org/. They have an extensive educational program including a residential school. ◦ KommunityDesK - http://www.kommunitydesk.com/Default.aspx. The TechAwards laureates. (http://thetechawards.thetech.org/) ◦ Global Give Back Circle - http://www.globalgivebackcircle.org/ Schools and partners in India funded by Small Steps Foundation (US 501c3 charity) for a computer center or computer education ◦ Deenabandhu Trust @ http://deenabandhutrust.org/index.html ◦ Sshrishti @ http://sshrishti.org/ ◦ Hayden Hall @ http://haydenhall.org/ Facebook campaign generated lots of overseas interest
    21. Next Version (Usability focus)
    22.  The Process o Don’t be afraid to show “imperfect” versions of your product o Get outside the building! o Have mentors! o Share information (41 blog posts, 24 mentor comments, 13 teaching team comments, 38 team responses) o Go Lean! Bootstrap! The Business o There is a business here! o Focus! o Communicate Value Proposition to Parents and Provide User Experience to kids o 5.9 million US kids 6-11 with family income > 150K o Amazing feedback from EVERYWHERE (interviewees, beta users, online search, Facebook, Twitter, potential partners) To Pursue on not to Pursue o Yes, Yes, and Yes! o Launch version 2.0 of MyNetPals product in two weeks o Engage early adopters more fully to take the UI to the next level
    23.  Mentors (Nick O’ Connor and Jack Kloster) o Agreeing to weekly meetings and email conversations, proving honest feedback, and pushing us to do things we weren’t comfortable with o Nick – always being there, to push and guide us, share tools knowledge, send emails to his school, his daughter our one of our first “alpha” testers o Jack - Sharing Yardbarker experience and guidance on business approach Teaching Team (Steve, Jon, Jim, Oren, Bhavik) o Allowing us to grow our business idea, teaching us the framework, and giving us opportunities to fail and learn o Providing new thoughts and avenues o Caring so much