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  • So branching off of that this is our new business canvas. As Lisa mentioned, we identfied a key problem that in our old business canvas there was not sufficient incentive for MDs to participate. And we stumbled upon a
  • Team o. mobile cloud medicine

    1. Lean Launchpad: Day 5 M O BI LE M ED I CI N E Serving medically underserved communities through a virtual web platform Kenneth Cheng Lisa Ahn David Dabscheck Alisa Umanskaya Thiago KapulskisColumbia College GSAS Biotechnology EMBA PhD Physiology MBA Interview Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Total No. 24 16 14 18 5 77
    3. Business Model Canvas: Day 1
    4. Business Model Canvas: Day 1What we thought:1.) The customer segments are: -Disabled/elderly who have limited mobility/access to care  Their PAIN: Difficulty getting to the Dr’s office  Their GAIN: Accessibility to care and convenience of home visit -Pts with busy schedules  Their PAIN: limited time to see a physician  Their GAIN: Convenience of timely appt. to locationand time specified by Pt
    5. RESTART Hi, I’m Dale. I have a sore throat, fever andchills. My address is 25 Skylar Drive. I am free Hello Dale, I’m Gina. I’d be happy to set from 2pm-5pm tomorrow. Can I make an up your appointment. The MCM solution appointment? will arrive tomorrow between 2-2:30pm. M O BI LE M ED I CI N E Dale Armstrong: Gina Harris: Homebound patient MCM Appointment Services
    6. Business Model Canvas: Day 2
    7. Business Model Canvas: Day 2What we learned:1.) START-OVER!!2.) -The elderly  24% would use Mobile So….. Cloud Medicine. Use appointments as an opportunity to go outdoors -Pts with busy schedules  16.7% would use Mobile Cloud Medicine if they had to pay a small fee. -MDs  Are not confident in an individual technician/PA/RN’s abilities to correctly diagnose
    8. National Health Rural Clinics/ Service Corp Patients OUR NICHE Virtual Health Platforms
    9. Day 3
    10. Day 3What we learned:1.) -Low income rural community  69% would use Mobile So……… So….. Cloud Medicine -MD/physician  75% would only relocate to urban areas if eligible for loan repayment program  1 Anesthesiologist expressed interest in volunteering to serve underrepresented areas 1day per month free of cost2.) Billing CPT Codes - $50 Average Medicaid reimbursement for check-up - Expect $40-$45 for online consultations
    11. DEEP DIVE
    12. Customer Archetypes•Dr. Julia Lamb, • Brooks County Clinic in  Georgia Department ofrheumatologist; married to Georgia run by Dr. Jackie HealthJason Schpiel, JD Brown, GP  Underserved rural•Works part-time in privatepractice • Established and valued areas result in less –has patient patient/doctor relationships preventative medicine cancellation—logs in community and higher costs onto Cloud Health • In need of  Already exploring –has two “family” assistance/training for telemedicine solutions days—can take ad- more complex or chronic hoc/pre-scheduled  2.5 million on Medicaid virtual appointments cases (eg cardiovascular from home abnormalities)
    13. Day 4
    14. What we learned: 1.) The Channels are: -Social workers  3 of 3 expressed willingness to serve as a social channel -State MedicaidDay 4  policies vary widely. 39/50 state governments willing to consider telemedicine reimbursement if Pt health outcomes are So……… So…….. comparable 2.) Revenue Stream:  USDA granted ~30 million dollars to utilize telemedicine and collect outcome data 3.) Results:  Preliminary data in ‘comprehensive reimbursement’ states show telemedicine health outcomes are comparable  GPs benefit from virtual medicine by linking with specialists
    15. Telemedicine Field TodayProject Description Location Limitations How we differProject ECHO Telemedicine New • No ad-hoc Their focus: long-term program developed Mexico component. GP/specialist to treat chronic and • Not clinic-friendly relationships complex diseases in (interview). rural and • Revenue model Our focus: focus on ad underserved areas complicated in other hoc specialist states (not loan component, with repayment-based). appointment-based longer term relationship options availableOhio Telemedicine Ohio • No ad-hoc SettingDepartment of program between 32 component (seemsRehabilitation prisons and Ohio to work in theand Correction State University setting)telemedicine Medical CenterprojectGeorgia Georgia • Urban specialists Scheduling makes itPartnership for have “block time”- inaccessible on ad-hoctelehealth based apt scheduling basis. (cumbersome).
    16. Medicaid Reimbursement Policy for Telemedicine across the US 27 : Partial reimbursement 12 : No reimbursement 11 : Comprehensive reimbursement
    17. Day 5
    18. ANALYSIS PatientChannels Direct Sales Rural clinic State Medicaid Direct sales (med schools, hospitals, Urban MD conferences), web advertising, etc. Cloud Medicine National gov’tReimbursement $50 (loan repaymentDoctor’s fee $30 programs)Customer acquisition/clinic $5000Variable overhead/visit $5Attrition rate 10%/y ear ColorSale cycle/clinic 2 mo. Black Cash flowSale cycle/doctor 2 wks. Other Distinct relationship
    19. A profitable Start-up? Months 1-18700000600000500000400000 Revenues per Clinic300000 Variable Costs Total Costs200000 EBIT100000 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18-100000-200000
    20. However…. 900000 800000 700000 600000Conservative 500000 Revenue Case (300 VC 400000 TC Clinics 300000 EBIT Maximum) 200000 100000 0 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 1600000 1400000 1200000 1000000With Continued Revenue 800000 VCClinic growth of 600000 TC 5% EBIT 400000 200000 0 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36
    21. Financial projections$10,000,000 $8,000,000 $6,000,000 0-18 Months $4,000,000 19-36 Months (conservative) 19-36 (with growth) $2,000,000 $- Total Revenue Total Costs Net operating profits$(2,000,000)
    22. Lean Launchpad Conclusions• Be on the same planet as your ME customer. Understand their needs. Customer• Innovation is not always innovative.• Focus---Solve one problem at a time. In the beginning stages, you can’t fix everything• ‘If start-ups are your babies, you are married to your team’
    23. Heaven healthDr. Ana Zeonice
    24. M O BI LE M ED I CI N E Serving medically underserved communities through a virtual web platform Kenneth Cheng Lisa Ahn David Dabscheck Alisa Umanskaya Thiago KapulskisColumbia College GSAS Biotechnology EMBA PhD Physiology MBA
    25. M O BI LEM ED I CI N E We Serve medically underserved communi-
    26. Mobile Cloud Medicine Interviews Mobile Cloud Medicine Interviews Mode Name Type No. Interview Elderly 4 Interview Time restricted 12 Interview Disabled 4 Interview Law Student 3 Interview Hospital PT 2 Interview Dave K. MD 1 Interview Odeyl MD 1 Interview Jack M. MD 1 Interview Laura F. Sponsored Projects Officer 1 Survey MD 21 Survey Medical Student 13 Interview Randall L. Assistant Dean Rural and Underserved Program 1 Interview David G. Clinic 1 Interview Georgia Partnership for Telehealth 1 Interview Drew F. MD/MBA 1 Interview Domain Expert 2 Interview Mark R. Domain Lawyer 1 Interview S. Cicero Support Staff 1 Webinar ECHO 1 Alina Genis, Emilie Wasserman, Akil Puckerin, Lana Pushlikova,Interviews Sofiya Chernyak Medical Students ___5__________Interview May N. Georgia Department of Community Health TOTAL 77