Team m patch aid v5 aug 31


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Team m patch aid v5 aug 31

  1. Bio-Patch: Team M Microneedle/Microchip Enabled BiosensorDaily Contact Count: 23Total Contact Count: 49 Joan Affleck Mike Dimitri Kirim Kim John Marshall Matt Nudell
  2. Insulin Injection! Wireless Data Transmission!
  3. Business Model Canvas Day 1HP Production Smart drug Inventory Medical delivery Control supply Platform / system – companies networking chip and Co-creation needle Insurance companies HP patent Direct sales CMOs CMOs, Data Data sales team, collection Direct DDS collection general tools sales fees admin
  4. Discovery & Research
  5. Business Model Canvas Day 2 -- Smart drug -- Inventory delivery system ControlHP Production Med supply (chip and needle) -- Co-creation companies` -- PersonalizedHospitals / doctor Platform / medicine entry -- Brandingoffices networking Pharma -- Various uses -- Smart delivery companiesInsurance Licensing system may -- Personalizedcompanies extend patent life data monitoring Patients -- Ease of use,FDA time mgmt Doctors -- ControlledCMOs pain-free delivery Insurance HP patent Direct sales companies -- Lower patient Cloud service care costs HP -- Purchasing CMOs FDA -- Regulatory CMOs, sales Direct DDS team, general sales admin Data collection Data collection fees tools
  6. FDA and PATENT Time and $$???
  7. Business Model Canvas Day 3 -- Smart drug -- Inventory Production delivery systemHospitals / doctor Control Med supply (chip and needle) -- Co-creationoffices Platform / companies` -- Personalized networking medicine entry -- BrandingPharma Pharmacompanies -- Various uses Licensing -- Smart delivery companies system may -- PersonalizedInsurance Procure HP extend patent life data monitoring Patientscompanies patent -- Ease of use,HP time mgmt Doctors -- ControlledFDA pain-free delivery Insurance HP patent Direct sales companies -- Lower patientCMOs Cloud service care costs BI Application HP -- Purchasing CMOs FDA -- Regulatory CMOs, sales Direct DDS team, general sales admin Data collection Data collection fees tools
  8. Drug Delivery/Insulin InjectionBioSensor Only
  9. Business Model Canvas Day 4Med Device Platform / networking -- Smart drug delivery -- InventoryCompanies Software development system Biosensor (chip Control Med Supply / integration and needle) -- Co-creation Device -- Personalized CompaniesPharma companies Patent development biomarkers -- Branding -- Clinical Studies PharmaHospitals / Doctor Companies Procure HP patent -- Smart delivery systemoffices -- Personalized Production -- Preventative data monitoring PatientsInsurance companies healthcare -- Controlled pain-free Hospitals /HP Needle & chip mfg Doctors deliverySoftware Developer HP patent Insurance -- Lower patient care Direct sales costs Companies Cloud serviceFDA Patented software Web-based HP -- PurchasingCMOs software Manufacturing download -- Regulatory FDA Hardware costs, CMOs, sales team, general Direct DDS Biosensor sales admin Data collection fees Data collection tools Biosensor customization Application development Software development, patents, legal fees
  10. MVP – DVTPatients Only
  11. Business Model Canvas Day 5Med Device Software developmentCompanies Biosensor Med Device / integration Co-creation Companies Personalized biomarkersPharma companies Patent Filing Clinical Studies Pharma Preventative healthcare CompaniesHospitals / Doctor Production Personalized dataoffices monitoring Patients Lower patient care costsInsurance companies Hospitals / Regulatory DoctorsNeedle & chip mfg InsuranceSoftware Developer Direct sales Companies Patented softwareFDA Web-based FDACMOs Manufacturing software download Hardware costs, CMOs, sales team, general admin Direct Biosensor sales Biosensor customization Software development, patents, legal Application development fees
  12. Getting out of the building• Total number of contacts: 49 – Pharma industry subject matter experts in IT, business development, pharmacokinetics, clinical research directors – Medical device experts – Physicians specializing in diabetes, immunology, geriatrics – Life Science consultants – Private equity expert – Venture capital experts – Patients
  13. Hypothesis Testing Hypothesis Test ResultMicro-needle self- Interviewed Doctors, Board TRUE-Patients dread selfapplication patches are member of Medical Device pricking & inaccurate testingpreferred over at-home and Company, Pharmaceuticalhospital blood tests Reps and Patients MIXED-Would require proof of concept, safety studies and cost effectivenessFDA regulation period will Interviewed Consultant and TRUE- 510(K), Class IIbe less rigorous for online research device will take 3 to 5 years,biosensor than drug delivery approximately $30 million vs. 7 to 10 years costing more than $100 millionFiling for patent will Interviewed current patent TBD - Microneedlesdifferentiate us from owner combined with integratedcompetitors alert system could be a potentially patented product at a cost of $20,000 to $100,000 taking from 2 to 15 months
  14. Hypothesis Test ResultChannels: Direct Sales tomedical device companies Confirmed by experts TRUEis most efficient in fieldRevenue: Revenue streamis generated through sale of TBD TBDbiosensor as well asapplication fees forintegrating with doctor’soffices
  15. What to do next?? Day 6+Micro-needle and Micro-chip enabled patch providing periodic monitoringof anti-coagulant efficacy (prothrombin time).Data is wirelessly transmitted to patient’s phone and/or to hospitalsystems. Ensure Contact Engage Evaluate patent regulatory software CMOsprotection consultant developer
  16. 110 Million People Worldwide At Risk of Thrombosis Target Market:• 2,000,000 DVT US patients per annum• $800 for current monthly testing kit TAM: SAM: Target Market: • Finger prick test Medical Device• Potential insurance cost of People at Suppliers DVT occurs in $1,600,000,000 risk 2,000,000 per for Co vidien annum thrombosis: Johnson & Johnson• $100 for new continuous testing kit Baxter 600,000 are• Potential insurance cost of 110 million hospitalized w/ Meditronic worldwide Boston Scientific $200,000,000 affected DVT/PE Abbott Labs
  17. Marketing approach Medical Community InsuranceMedical journal publications Results Oriented DataKey opinion leaders Comparative Product CostsAmerican Society of Prevention of Acute CareHematology Conferences Patients EpisodesEducation sessions DVT Awareness Month (March) American Public Health Assoc. Trusted educational online info MD Office
  18. Channels with Capital Flow $$ Insurance $$ $$ ClaimRegulators Med Device $$ Bio-Patch Claim Suppliers Rx Approval Patch $$ Shipper Patch Patch Patient Shipper $$ Rx $$ $$ Rx Pharmacy Patch CMO Network Doctor $$ Needles, Chips Chip / Needle Producers
  19. Getting Customers/Acquisition
  20. “I want to be there for my family. Biopatch helps me monitor my DVT condition so I can worry less and be with my grandchildren” Meet Dave Retiree, Grandfather Age 60+ Former McKinsey Consultant Purchases 120 BioPatchs annuallyDemographic: Traits: Condition:•Male/Female Ages •Loves to travel (for •Bedridden due to60+ business and recent hip pleasure) – sitting replacement (onBudget: down on flights general•Fixed Income •No history of anesthetic)•High Insurance familial cancer or •CalfCosts thrombosis swelling/Localized•Spends $100 dollars •Used to be avid swelling in leg’sannually on Biopatch hiker before hip venuous system injury •Weight gain
  21. Day in a life-Remote Monitoring Bio Patch Current • On line order • On line orderPatient gets • Direct from pharmacy Patient gets • Direct from pharmacy materials materials • Peel off adhesive • Finger prick Patient • Apply patch Patient does • Reader with stripsapplies patch finger prick • Electronic results for • Electronic read out on device immediate use and e-records • No long term electronicPatient gets Patient gets results • Call MD office if needed results record
  23. Financial Analysis After 3 years in market, IRR is roughly 50%, sales of $170 mm and net profit of $68 mm Year 0 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7Patent Pending (100,000)FDA Approval (7,500,000) (7,500,000) (7,500,000) (7,500,000)Sales 59,500,000 110,500,000 170,000,000Program Expense (40,000) (10,000) (10,000) (10,000)App Store Costs (1,000) (1,000) (1,000)Mfg / CMO Expense $ (27,216,000) $ (50,544,000) $ (77,760,000)Distribution (10,000) (10,000) (10,000)Sales (283,000) (487,000) (725,000)Customer Acq Cost (59,500) (110,500) (170,000)Support (8,164,800) (15,163,200) (23,328,000)Admin (60,000) (25,000) (25,000) (25,000) (25,000) (75,000) (75,000) (100,000)Total Cash Flows (200,000) (7,525,000) (7,525,000) (7,525,000) (7,525,000) 23,680,700 44,099,300 67,896,000• Assumes 2 MM patients in its 3rd year (Yr 7 of analysis)• Assumes 35% penetration in year 5, 65% penetration in year 6 and 100% penetration in year 7 of newly recognized DVT patients• Costs are estimates developed through “getting out of the building” – $0.325 for each purchasing and manufacturing of patch after inventory-financing – Outsourced support and service based off of 30% of manufacturing/CMO expenses