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Photocatalysts lecture 2 bus model canvas


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Photocatalysts lecture 2 bus model canvas

  1. PHOTOCATALYSTS for WATER REMEDIATION (nanocatalysts) PI: PerenaGouma Assoc. Professor Lead: Jusang Graduate Student Lee Mentor: Clive Director of Industry- Clayton University Center (SPIR) and Professor• Aim to commercialize our visible light activated nanocatalysts(Nanogrids™ © )• Invented breakthrough nanotechnology offers inexpensive,extremely fast and efficient hydrocarbon decomposition• Uses in oil decomposition and environmental remediation (c) copyright 2011
  2. •New product •Water remediation •IP validation (replaces toxic •Expanding their companies •Building a brand surfactants) services •Coast Guard •Pilot studies•Industrial nano- •Green •Continuous/long term •Shipping •Marketingmanufacturing Photochemistry •As-needed leasing industry •Distributionproviders • Fully •Refineries decomposes oil •Oil service industry•Suppliers of •No energy cost •EPAprecursor to use •Federal groups onmaterial •IP protection •Speed of remediation • R&D capability deployment •Individual / •Direct sales home use •Brand •Recoverable and/or leasing •Expertise •Customization (e.g. pool cleaning) •Partner •Risk reduction distribution •Convenience/us channels ability •Shipping •Sale of nanogrids™ © per square foot •Per use charge (leased) •Marketing • First to market; premium revenues •Licensing otherIP (c) copyright 2011
  3. Testing the HypothesesBuilding Blocks TestingCustomer Segments Municipal, Industrial, and Government EntitiesValue Propositions Municipal, Industrial, and Government EntitiesKey Partnerships Contact has been made with BASF; still to explore other potential manufacturersKey Resources Seek partnerships with precursor suppliersKey Activities IP portfolio validation, prototypingKey Resources UseNDAs to talk to potential partners, expand R&D facilitiesChannels Following on establishing partnershipsCost Structure Assessing partners and in-house development efforts and product demonstrationsRevenue Streams Use surveys on current remediation costs, assess IP strengths
  4. Market Size Estimates• Total available market for environmentalnanotechnologies: In 2010 was estimated at $6.1b In 2014 is projected to reach $21.8bServed Available Market is the environmentalremediation market that is 40% of the total marketTarget Market –Gulf oil spill $1b and the servedavailable market totaling about $8bRef: F. Boehm, Nanotechnology in Environmental Applications, BCCResearch, 2006;NOAA, Gulf Spill Restoration, 2011
  5. Nano CleaningTechnologies NCT PerenaGouma, PI Jusang Lee, Lead Clive Clayton, Mentor