Mobidemics lecture 6 revenue model


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Mobidemics lecture 6 revenue model

  1. Mobidemics Green Energy RedefinedNilanjan Banerjee (PI) Xiangyu Liu (EL) Douglas Hutchings (CM)
  2. Our PunchlineWe are a third generation energy managementcompany for grid-tied and off-grid homes. While othercompanies provide visualization and monitoring of PVsystems, we provide intelligent appliance-levelprofiling, personalized energy recommendations,and home specific energy optimizations. Market: new product in an existing market.
  3. The Business Model Canvas From Last WeekEnergy meter Long Term Webservice dev.manufacturer Home owner(z-wave) Homeowners (off-grid, grid-tied):Utility Companies - energy-saving Utility recommendations CompaniesSolar installationcompanies Solar Installation Utility company: Companies renewable energy Webservice: data analytics utility company Analytic engine solar installer Nick Rosen Web/phone: Home ownersBackend Backend Monthly SubscriptionMaintenance Development One time installation fee
  4. The Business Model Canvas UpdatedEnergy meter Long Term Webservice dev.manufacturer Homeowners Home owner and(z-wave) (off-grid, grid-tied): commercial blgs -energy-savingUtility Companies recommendations Utility -per-appliance Companies profilingSolar installation -maximize cost ofcompanies electricity sold Solar Installation Webservice: Companies utility company Analytic engine solar installer Utility company: Nick Rosen renewable energy Web/phone: data analytics Home ownersBackend Backend Price-related monthly SubscriptionMaintenance Development One time installation fee
  5. Conversation with Customers/partners4homeowners, 8 Solar Companies, 2 Utility companies Waiting for 4 more Solar Companies to reply
  6. Customers and value proposition? Home owners Lesson Learned Jaci -Interested in our system. -Depending on how much electricity is save, she will consider to pay for it. Chien -Regularhomeowners might not be interested, but it’s useful for green homeowners -Need more functionalitiesMichele Hassel @Sustainability center -explore ways to tap into smart metering -Explore initial funding through NSF SRN Tom Riley @Little Rock -our product can provide building service applications
  7. Partners and Sales Channels Solar Companies Lesson Learned Bill Ball @ Stellar Sun Government policy is key to our success. Utility Companies hate decentralized energy generation. He would be interested in bundling our product with his solar panelsWill Anderson @ Complete Solar Solutions Will provide a channel to get to homeowner customers. “Extremely interested” in our product and a monthly subscription based service Terry Tremwel @ Tremwel Energy Willing to pay to test our system and provide feedback. Potentially refer us to his customers Jim Philips @ Nanomech LLC Follow up meeting to present the idea before him and his CTO.
  8. Continued… Solar Companies Lesson Learned Suncity Solar Energy We learned the pricing scheme of selling electricity and about government subsidies Liberty Solar Solution They will be interested once a price tag is attached to our product.Enphase (Inverter company) They said “It’s a good idea” and needs to be cross-platform (ours is cross platform).They are happy with what they have and do not want to adopt our system.
  9. 2 Utility Companies Solar Companies Lesson Learned Ozark Electric Find out the price and how customer can sell electricity back to the gridAmerican Electric Power
  10. Key Learnings• Government policy is important determinant of our success – We may have more success in certain states (CA, NJ) and countries (Germany) than others• Solar installers are key partners and distribution channel and not Utility companies• Commercial buildings are another customer segment• Off-grid and grid-tied homeowners willing to be early adopters – Price proportional to the amount of savings?
  11. Inferred Customer Decision Tree Mobidemics 4c – 8c/W Home owner utility (grid-tied) company Time of day pricing generational electricity flat pricing? ~$4.5/Watt Hardware cost bumped up by Inform on government subsidies our product - tax credits Mobidemics Steller Sun Complete SS Government solar subsidiesinstaller Partner apply
  12. Probable Sales channel hardware bundled Solar with mobidemics Customer installers Webservice/applicationMobidemics
  13. Creating Customer Demand• Version of the webpage up –• Adword campaign ($10/day)• Referrals, Facebook page, Google blog, and Twitter page.
  14. Cost of customer demand.• 116Unique visitors (80front page views,31iPhone app view) – Got just two email addresses – Next goal: trying A/B testing• Adwords(24 clicks) – Trying to distinguish between types of referrals• Estimated cost of demand – Insufficient data
  15. Among other things.Two presentation appointment to two groups of private investors scheduled for Nov 4.The Ask: What should our presentation look like?
  16. Things to do.• Find more solar companies, and how many of them are willing to buy our product – Google Search + phone calls• Call Utility companies to validate that they will “hate” us – Google Search + phone calls• Customer demand cost (get data)• Find out homeowners – Referral and knock on their doors