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  • My name’s Jay. With your help, Lift Hero will connect EMTs who have cars with seniors who have trouble driving. We also want to make it extremely easy for the caregiver to coordinate.
  • This is a mission that will last as long the company does
  • Silver ride – CPR and first aid certified drivers, door through door service, requires 24hr notice, on time guarantee, $90/hrHome Instead – 3hr minimum rides, 24hr bookingsBetter Living Transport – wheel chair capabilities, for anyone that has special needs for transportation, solely transportation companyITN – door-through-door/arm-through-arm, 24/7 availability, shared rides or single rides, membership system, 60+ and visually impaired, many complicated pricing schemesFactors: cost, disability services, availability, payment models, trust, door through door, accessibility to seniors and families
  • I developed this idea at the Founder Institute accelerator. Misha was a close mentor there and continues to be one of the most supportive people I know.Steve became a mentor while I was at DevBootcamp; technical founder at Hipmunk and RedditJason was our first formal advisor. Head of strategy at and a very entrepreneurial guyDr. Yeh is a UCSF ED doc and in charge of overseeing EMS in San FranciscoAfter 3 months at DevBootcamp, I’m now able to create our ‘minimum viable product’ on the tech side, but I’m looking for an equally driven CTO to take over and start our mobile dev efforts
  • Lift hero class1_presentation

    1. Class 1: Business Model Lean Launchpad 10/1/13 J Connolly, Qi Zhi, Jake Haffner, Stephen Nguyen, Alexandra Teng
    2. Mission: Increase freedom and reduce isolation as people age or cope with disease
    3. Business Canvas (consumers) Auto Insurance Partner EMT Schools, Nursing Programs Site: Hosting (Heroku, later Rackspace or Softlayer); Payments (Balanced); Location (Glympse); Texts (Twilio) Medical-related rides Platform development Pre-scheduled, door-throughdoor transportation to medical appointments Limited # drivers / senior Segment focus Sales and Support Rating systems Oldest daughter of senior who has trouble driving Then Senior Living centers Drivers Technical team Direct marketing to families Real-time reporting Senior Living Seed $ for initial insurance and hiring Friendly Faces (social interaction) Discharge planners / clinics Then Clinics / Hospitals / Insurance Plans Driver Compensation Insurance Cust Dev Team Payment through app ($35/hr + $1/mile) Subscription at discounted rates
    4. Competitors Senior-Centered Ride-Sharing Centered
    5. Re-segmented Market Niche: Senior Medical Appointment Customer Pre-scheduling Concerned families with Seniors; Seniors Lyft, Sidecar, Uber Lift Hero Experience in Caregive/ride Coordinating Cab, Lyft, Uber, Sidecar Driver Continuity Cab, Lyft, Uber, Sidecar
    6. Market Size *Assumption = $40 per round trip USA San Francisco Year 1 Total Available Market 40M Seniors 280M Outpatient Visits / year $11.2B / year* 135k Seniors 945k Outpatient Visits / year $38M / year* Segmented Available Market 26M Seniors 180M Outpatient Visits / year $7.3B / year* 115k Seniors 820k Outpatient Visits / year $33M / year* 13M Seniors 90M Outpatient Visits / year $3.6B / Year* 58k Seniors 410k Outpatient Visits / year $16.5M / Year* Exclude- ADL seniors and seniors in rural locations Target Middle/Upper Class Household Income – 50% Year 1 – San Francisco Year 2 – LA, Chicago, FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!!! Year 3 – Major Metro Markets (8x)
    7. Experiments Hypothesis (We think) Questions/Method Pass/Fail Criteria We think we relieve stress from families Hard Test: Do you have or have had issues or struggle with transporting your loved ones to appointments? Yes/No % of answers saying no? The elderly are not driving themselves. Observe who is actually driving the elderly to their appointments Elderly drive themselves We think that a ride costing $20 is what Ad words the customer will pay Interviews with potential customers for a single ride. ($40 round trip) click through % conversion rate
    8. Team Qi Zhi J Connolly Jake Haffner Alexandra (“Jay”) Teng Stephen Nguyen
    9. Business Canvas (drivers) Screen and Interview Candidates Resume Building Recruitment Funnel Flexible Hours Eventual: Develop Trainings Liability protection Nursing Students EMT schools Nursing Programs Job Boards Paid Job listings In-Person Recruitment Recently Graduated EMTs Rating systems Social Impact Recruiting Time / Staff Limited # drivers / senior? N/A Recently Graduated Nurses