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How to Use Reddit For Marketing

  1. 1. Reddit Marketing Nick Hershey NOTE: This tutorial is best viewed not in Print Layout. To toggle Print Layout off, click View. 1) What is Reddit? Reddit is essentially a bunch of forums to which its users post. The site is divided into subcommunities (called "subreddits") with a common interest in a certain topic (denoted by "r/topic" at the URL ""). 2) Why should I use Reddit? Subreddits are what makes Reddit perfect for testing interest in your idea: you have a group of people who have self-identified as interested in your topic. These people want to see your product and will likely be your earlyvangelists. Because of this, my group saw higher conversion rates through Reddit than through Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Oh, and Reddit is free! 3) Make an account on Reddit
  2. 2. 4) Browse Reddit
  3. 3. After you make your account, I recommend browsing Reddit a little. Post various places and try to get a feel for the website. Posting will make you less likely to get marked as spam 5) Search for your topic Use the search bar to search something related to your topic. We worked on architectural software, so we looked into architecture. 6) Find relevant subreddits When you search, Reddit will suggest subreddits you should consider. Be careful though: only choose subreddits that pertain to your topic and have a large following. For our group, we decided r/Architecture would be sufficient.
  4. 4. 7) Get a feel for the subreddit(s) you choose Once you choose a subreddit, read the guidelines on the right and read a few posts. Learn what constitutes a “normal” post in this subreddit.
  5. 5. 8) Post! You can post a link or text Once you have a feel for the subreddit. Go ahead and post a link (to drive traffic to your site) or text (to learn more about your topic). I recommend posting text first to learn more about your topic. If you post a link, word it like a recommendation from a friend not an advertisement. 9) Respond to comments People will give you feedback on your idea and website, so engage in discussion with them.
  6. 6. And that’s it! Contact me at if you have any questions!