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How to Create Whiteboard videos

  1. 1. Whiteboard Videos Nick Hershey NOTE: This tutorial is best viewed not in Print Layout. To toggle Print Layout off, click View. 1) Why make a whiteboard video? Whiteboard videos like this (direct link: allow you to tell a story with visuals that can hone in on exactly what you’d like to emphasize. Plus, you can make them yourself without too much money or work. 2) Disclaimer Although the software I used was free to download, it costs $29/month to export the videos to a usable format. Thus, to export your one video, it will cost $29. Furthermore, making a high quality video with voiceover requires a decent amount of editing and work. 3) Download software The software I used was called Videoscribe, and I definitely recommend it. It is free to download but costs money to export your videos. 4) Start a new project
  2. 2. 5) Add an image or text to your project 6) Select an SVG image You may select an image either from Videoscribe’s library or import any Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). To find SVGs, I recommend Google Images or TheNounProject.
  3. 3. 7) Edit the image You can resize, rotate, and otherwise edit the image. It’s important to notice the time element for each picture. This is how long it takes to draw that element. 8) Continue adding images and and text Keep adding images and text to your video. Make sure you watch your video as you create to see if the timings make sense and the relative sizing of objects makes sense. Videoscribe handles transitions, but you can customize them if you’d like.
  4. 4. 9) Voiceover Once you have completed your video complete, click to add voiceover. 10) Export your video And that’s it! Contact me at if you have any questions or would like a video made!