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Cost vs. potential revenue Costs Haro Pharmaceutical I-Corps@NIH 121014


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Cost vs. potential revenue
• COG will pay for IND filing and for phase-1/2 cost. Company provides testing material ($250K-$500K per kg)
(Medical Director, Pediatric Cancer Foundation Developmental Therapeutics Program)
• Orphan status filing: $40K (Orphan consultant)
• Compound testing PDX mice $1,100 per mouse (Jackson Lab)
• Social media are fundamental game changers but companies must be careful in handling them. Global Director
Bio-CSL President IMPAX
• Market potential for orphan drugs can be estimated by using cost of current care in view of clinical efficacy
• Current cost of treatment:
 Families with debts in the $1M range in the US.
 $250K Israel
 €180K France
 1 course of mAb treatment $250K-cash for non-US patients in US
• Find early on whether costs of drug development will match the potential revenues. Determine the potential
revenues by estimating the number of paying patients in the Western World and finding the prices of orphan
drugs with equivalent therapeutic efficacies. Professor of Economics, Temple University
• Multiple indications is a financial advantage. (Partner, Third Rock Ventures)

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