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Graphene frontiers lecture 2 bus model canvas


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Graphene frontiers lecture 2 bus model canvas

  1. Graphene Frontiers (v1.2)• Zhengtang Tom Luo: EL• A.T. Charlie Johnson: PI• Mike Patterson: Mentor• The subject of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics, graphene is believed to be the strongest and most conductive material ever measured• Graphene Frontiers is working to scale and commercialize a patent pending production process for manufacturing graphene that produces a higher quality material at a lower cost than other known methods
  2. The Business Model CanvasEquipment Mfg Scale up Low Cost Education Thermal Mgmt SolutionsUniversities Customization Higher Quality Service/Maint. Transparent Production Conduct.Downstream Large Area (Touch)fabricationcompanies Chem/Bio “Industrializable” IP License Sensor CVD Equipment Direct Sales Facilities/Lab License/Royalty Capital equipment Personnel Material Sales Direct Sales/Travel Lab space
  3. Hypothesis #1• Leading Customer Segments – Transparent Conductors – Chemical/Bio Sensors – Thermal Management• Hypothesis Test: – Contact 10 Customers in each segment – “Do you value what we can produce?” – How would you use it? – How much do you need? – What would you pay for it?• Pass/Fail Criteria – Pass: “We could use that for XXX”, “We would pay for that” “I’d like to hear more… that sounds like pretty good stuff” – Fail: “What’s graphene?” “We already have that” “We’re not interested” “I don’t know what we’d use that for” “our end customers aren’t asking for that…” “we’d like to play with it, but there’s no market right now…”
  4. Segment #1: Thermal Management Total Market Size: Substrates and Interfaces $910M Total Addressable Market: Substrates and Interfaces $XX??? $15 Demand Estimate: M w/Existing Graphene Technology and Cost
  5. Total Addressable (Graphene Specific) Market Total Market Size:Thermal Management