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Agora<br />1/18/2011<br />
Who we talked to<br />
Testing value proposition hypotheses: Lessons Learned<br />
Major challenges<br />If seller is private cloud, potential security concerns<br />For startup buyers, Amazon = Trust<br /...
Current thoughts on value prop<br />
Questions going forward<br />How do we get past Amazon as the default?<br />How viable is telecom as potential seller?<br ...
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Questions going forward<br />How do E245 agora-week 3


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Questions going forwardHow do we get past Amazon as the default?How viable is telecom as potential seller?Validate buyer & seller value propositionsHow do we access the buyers and sellers? What sort of sales structure and sales force does it require? Who is the main buyer and what are his motivations?Is buying guide/ matching service superior value proposition to marketplace?

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