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Day 1 template


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Day 1 template

  1. Columbia B7739-002: Advanced Entrepreneurship TEAM NAME HERETEAM MEMBERS Member 1 Name Member 2 Name Member 3 Name Member 4 NameDegree program Ex. MS in Computer Ex. MBA in Financeand ScienceDepartment/MajorProvide yourLinkedIn publicprofile URLAre you the subjectmatter expert (SME)for this team?Pick a role you think Hacker = Engineeryou most likely will Hustler = Customerplay on this team Development(Hustler, Hacker, Designer = ProductDesigner or Product Picker = VisionaryPicker)Anything interestingwe should knowabout you (be brief)
  2. TEAM NAME HERE FILL OUT ALL 9 BOXES OF THE CANVAS IN ORDER 1 THUR 9 What Key Activities do we Which of our How will we Get, require? customer’s Keep and GrowWho are our Key Manufacturing? problems are we Customers? Who are our most Partners? Software? Supply helping to solve? important chain? customers? Who are our key Which customer suppliers? needs are we What are their satisfying archetypes? What are we Through which getting from What are the Key Channels do our What Job do they them? Giving What Key Features of our Customer want us to get them? Resources we product that match Segments done for them? require? customers want to be Financial, problem/need? reached? physical, IP, HR?What are the most important costs inherentin our business model? Fixed? Variable? How do we make money? What’s the revenue model? Pricing tactics?