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Coin out columbia univ jan 2014


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Coin out columbia univ jan 2014

  1. Coin Coin Out Out (Team 8) The Digital Coin Jar *142 Interviews 1
  2. What We Thought Coin Out is for everyone Need to integrate with old school POS Merchants will love it Coin Out 2
  3. Canvas 1 Coin Out 3
  4. Big Ideas Future partners are current customers Value proposition requires precision Coin Out 4
  5. The Journey: Customer Discovery Tracked down 4 free passes to a conference, and then snuck in a 5th… Kicked out of ~15 eating establishments… Crashed 1 dorm party… Bought and drank beers at 9 different bars (in one night)… …all in the name of “customer discovery” Coin Out 5
  6. The Journey: Customer Discovery End-Users Merchants Industry Partners Total: 89 89 29 29 23 23 142 Examples: oBartenders oWaiters oCafé customers oStudents oTech-savvy professionals Coin Out Examples: oFairway Market oCommons Chelsea oChop’t oCafé Silvana oUniversity Stationary Examples: oToshiba oHeartland oAmerican Express oSquare oShopkeep oLeaf oClover oLevelUp 6
  7. The Reward: Customer Archetypes 1 Point of Sale Vendors Ahha! “Customer…not just a partner” Archetype: “New” iOS & Archetype: “New” iOS & Android PoS systems Android PoS systems Value Prop: Merchants Value Prop: Merchants happy; revenue-share happy; revenue-share Archetype: High-traffic, Archetype: High-traffic, small biz w/ new PoS small biz w/ new PoS Value Prop: Loyalty; Value Prop: Loyalty; communication channel communication channel 2 Merchants 3 Archetype: Smart phone Archetype: Smart phone user who is paid in cash user who is paid in cash Value Prop: Utilize Value Prop: Utilize change; eliminate hassle change; eliminate hassle End-Users Start Coin Out Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 7
  8. Archetype: Point-of-Sale Coin Out 8
  9. Archetype: Merchant “Loyalty programs allow us to connect to customers and increase our ability to make some serious cash; we’d love another channel” -----Manager at Joe’s Coin Out 9
  10. Archetype: End-User Coin Out 10
  11. Canvas 5 Coin Out 11
  12. Getting to MVP Coin Out 12
  13. Getting to MVP Coin Out 13
  14. Our MVP Demo First actual code… Coin Out 14
  15. Next Steps Coin Out 15
  16. Thank You, Lean Launchpad! For ongoing contact: Jeff Witten Norman Niemer Lee Cooper jeff.witten Coin Out citynorman Ivan Miao lcooper15 ym2459 Berfu Altintas ba2417 16
  17. Appendix Coin Out 17
  18. Canvas 1 Coin Out 18
  19. Canvas 2 Coin Out 19
  20. Canvas 3 Coin Out 20
  21. Canvas 4 Coin Out 21
  22. Canvas 5 Coin Out 22
  23. Market Size TAM 143.3 Million Total Users in US SAM 34.4 Million Potential Users Opportunity 1 Million 1 Million Target Users Target Users Coin Out Total Smartphone Users - 60.8% of mobile market penetration Mobile usage - 24% people active mobile phones to pay Possible capture - User number for similar mobile payment system 23
  24. Get Strategy Coin Out 24
  25. Financials 1 2 3 4 5 Users 1,000 250,750 500,500 750,250 1,000,000 Revenue ($MM) $.02 $4.51 $9.01 $13.50 $18.00 Gross Margin $0.00 $0.95 $1.95 $2.85 $3.80 Net CF ($0.93) ($0.24) $0.71 $0.88 $1.05 Coin Out 25
  26. Value Prop Canvas Gain Creators Gains Quick exchange Loyalty Fun experience Recognize value capture that otherwise wouldn’t have New access point for rewards/added money Entertaining and fun way to earn More efficient POS More money Greater traffic Customer in and out quickly Cashiers counting fewer coins Communication to new customer base Pain Relievers Pains No more loose coins in pockets Immediate conversion Digital access/staying on top of deals Cashiers spend less on counting coins Less need to stock Get people paying in cash out quicker Carrying around coins Walking/finding the Coinstar machine Forgetting loyalty card/not getting credit Coin Out Time costs Costs of stocking registers Long lines 26