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Capella Space Week 6 H4D Stanford 2016


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Capella Space Week 6 H4D Stanford 2016

  1. Capella Space We are providing low-cost SAR imagery satellite constellation with a high revisit rate. Payam Banazadeh Aerospace/Business Timon Ruban Machine Learning Isaac Matthews Aerospace Jose Ignacio del Villar Business # interviews this week: 5 users 1 buyers 4 experts # total interviews: 70 Redacted
  2. Experiment #1 - Insurance companies want persistent imagery Hypothesis Experiment Result Action Insurance companies will care about persistent imagery Talked to two former insurance consultants Property insurance is not very dependent on persistent imagery (an image every few months might be more than enough). Insurances concerned with disaster relief/damage assessment do care about immediacy but not persistence Talking to more insurance experts in the coming weeks Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted Redact ed Redacted Redacted Redacted RedactedRedacted Redact ed
  3. Duh! moment: Sending the interviewees SAR images have changed the way that interviewers respond to our project: there is much more enthusiasm! We’ve been performing interviews on the phone constantly. We have been struggling in making the interviewees understand what we can offer. JUST SHOW THEM! Redacted
  4. Experiment #2 - Commercial Use-Case: Hedge Funds Hypothesis Experiment Result Action Hedge Funds will pay for data extracted from SAR imagery Chatted with research data analyst at Citadel and lecturers on big data and hedge funds at Stanford Companies like Orbital Insight are trying to sell signals (counted cars in store parking lots) for seven figure numbers => there is interest! Big problem: you do not know how valuable a signal is BEFOREHAND! HF are less willing to pay before knowing if the additional data will be helpful Talk to more research analysts at hedge funds #customer-discovery-rules Try to identify useful signal that could be extracted from SAR imagery Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted RedactedRed acte d Redacted Redacted Redacted Reda cted Reda cted Redacted Redacted
  5. Experiment #3 - Explore use-case for Law Enforcement Branch of USCG Hypothesis Experiment Result Action Persistent satellite imagery can fill a gap in the LE-Branch of the USCG, that is bigger than the one in Search & Rescue Talked to chief of the enforcement branch of District 11 and other members of the USCG Drug interdiction is a well-defined problem!! Using SAR satellite imagery to detect ships that try to smuggle drugs across the border could potentially solve a big gap (having to randomly search for vessels). Keep up conversations with LE to better understand use-case. Start fleshing out an MVP. R e d a c t e d Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted
  6. 30-feet Panga Style Vessels 4-5 hours 10-12 hours Mexican BorderRedacted Redacted Redacted
  7. Back-of-the- envelope Calculation - LE Mexican Border Assets deployed around mexican border 1-2/day Typical duration of deployment: 6-8 hours Cost of asset (helicopter + crew) per hour: $10,000 Costs per year: 365 * 1.5 * 8 * $10,000 = $43,800,000 Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted
  8. Potential MVP for US Coast Guard We need to understand this Redacted Redacted
  9. Concerning the NGA...Redacted
  10. Redacted
  11. Redacted Redacted
  12. • Deploy 1 to 3 satellites and sell the images by September 2017. • Finish the deployment of 40 satellites by 2020. • Construction of payload for testing • Development of image analysis algorithms • Construction of satellite under required constraints • Data Analytics providers (Orbital Insight, Omni Earth, etc) • Sponsors (military and commercial) • Satellite structure providers • Satellite component providers • Orbital communication providers • Satellite launch providers • Get a customer in a country in the Equatorial orbit (Government) • Get commercial customers interested enough in our tech • The DHS and other government departments adopt our technology: • - USCG: to thwart drug trafficking from Ecuador and Colombia • Summer ground demonstration: $50k • First satellite: $6 million (including operations) • Subsequent satellites: $3 million each • Final constellation: $150 million total over 3 years • Funding to perform payload test during Summer 2016 • Government advocacy for our technology: DHS • Contacts in the Equatorial countries’ government agencies. Beneficiaries Mission AchievementMission Budget/Costs Buy-In/Support Deployment Value PropositionKey Activities Key Resources Commercial Satellite imagery resellers Illegal fishing in Indonesia Oil tankering in Nigeria Stop pirating at sea in Somalia Key Partners USCG Law Enforcement DO Information Watch Officer USCG - Stop more boats carrying drugs from Ecuador/Colombia - Reduce the cost of drug intervention operations NGA Provide better intelligence to other agencies/services Commercial Satellite Imagery Resellers: they can offer better and more diverse products Illegal fishing: tracking of ships that are doing suspicious activities at sea. Better law enforcement. NGA Intelligence Analysts Services in the DoD?? SOCOM Government sector driving demand (Indonesia, Nigeria, Ecuador, Colombia) Coast Guard Deputy Commandant for Operations (CG-DCO) Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted
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  14. Areas of focus: Commercial focus: Image resellers Patterns of life Oil/Gas Mining Disaster relief ¿Maritime Domain Awareness? ¿City planning? ¿Agriculture? ¿Construction? DOD focus: NGA ¿Coast Guard - Maritime Domain Awareness? Redacted Redacted Reda cted
  15. Products & Services Run counter-drug Operations Catch “bad guys on boats” Customer Jobs - “The sea is vast” -Low budget (=> cannot deploy to many resources) -Hard to know where to look/patrol Gains Pains Gain Creators Pain Relievers -Information on where boats are in patrol area lets duty officers deploy assets more strategically and more efficiently -High revisit rate enables duty officers to see smugglers even on quick runs (3-5h) - Stop more boats carrying drugs from Ecuador/Colombia - Reduce the cost of drug intervention operations Value Proposition Canvas - USCG Law Enforcement DO -provide locations of boats without AIS in desired area (extracted from SAR images) -web-based UI -modern machine learning/computer vision techniques can scan many images for boats and cover vast areas -locations of boats without AIS can queue where to send patrol vessels/aircrafts Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted
  16. Products & Services Deliver geospatial intelligence to, warfighters, intelligence professionals and first responders Customer Jobs - Insufficient knowledge (images) of areas interesting for DoD services - Over-tasking of analysts - Backlog of un-extruded data Gains Pains Gain Creators Pain Relievers - Global Coverage - On-Demand SAR images made possible by a high revisit rate - Data conditioning alleviates analyst tasking - Extrusions may align with current tagging practices -Receive high-resolution imagery from arbitrary places on-demand to make it easy to deliver insight - ??? Value Proposition Canvas - NGA -radar satellites -high-resolution SAR and InSAR images Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted
  17. Products & Services -Efficient exploration and production and delivery of fossil fuels Customer Jobs -Temporal and spatial resolution not sufficient -high cost while oil is cheap Gains Pains Gain Creators Pain Relievers -Inform oil production per well -Predict future surface changes based on historical data -Detect oil spills before they become a huge problem -Reduce maintenance cost of tiltmeters -Reduce manpower needed to maintain tiltmeters -Able to provide long term predictions/analysis -Precise surface deformation analysis to estimate well productivity -Efficient resource allocation directly to trouble spots (oil spills) Value Proposition Canvas - Commercial - Hedge Fund Investors, Oil/Mining, Agriculture -radar satellites -image analysis software -web-based UI Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted Redacted