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How  Big  is  the  Market? Blinktraffic E245 final presentation


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How  Big  is  the  Market?   1.  Located  outside  the  U.S.,  Western  Europe,  and  Australia   2.  Mobile  penetra+on  rate  *  popula+on  >=  4  million   3.  Popula+on  density  >=  2500  per  sq  km   4.  GDP  growth  rate  >=  5%   China: Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen Total cities: 24 Mediterranean: Istanbul North Asia ex-China: Taipei, Hong Kong, Total mobile users: 203.7 million Seoul Latin America: Mexico City Africa: Cairo, Lagos South Asia: SE Asia: Mumbai, Delhi, Jakarta, Surabaya, South America: Kolkata Bangkok, Singapore, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Kuala Lumpur, Manila Paulo, Bella Horizonte, Lima, Santiago. Buenos Aires

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