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Male, age 25-32 Significant exposure Aqualink Lessons Learned H4D Stanford 2016


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Male, age 25-32
Significant exposure to SDV operations and
conditions, but not an actual end-user
Respond/react to acute health problems
Limited ability to prevent issues based on
access to data
Friction: Don’t know what’s causing diver
health problems
SDV Operator
Male, age 21-32
Competitive, driven, physically fit, mentally resilient
Volunteers to join the Navy; spends 2-4 years training
Volunteers to become a Navy SEAL; spends 1.5-2 years
Volunteers to join SDV; spends an additional 3-6 months
Driven by problem solving and technical mastery
Not naturally focused on the long-term health impacts
Highly specialized; constant pursuit of optimization
Friction: time spent lost, short-term/acute health problems
Medical Officer Researcher
PhDs across the board
Medical counterpart of SEALs
Cares about the operators they are helping
Explores uncharted territory
Wants to try new technology
Wields unique influence due to IRBs
Friction: Access to divers and adequate equipment

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