MAS.551 - EcoWearables


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Design concept delivered for "Learning Sustainability" and the workshop sponsors, the Province of Brescia, Italy. Class audited while a research assistant of the MIT Mobile Experience Lab.

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MAS.551 - EcoWearables

  1. 1. EcoWearables: Fostering environmental awareness and sensible decision making for a more sustainable future >>Solomon Bisker >>Zijian Li >>MAS.551 - Design Without Boundaries, Fall 2007
  2. 2. Research Questions
  3. 3. We decided to tackle two complementary questions… Firstly, how do we create personal awareness of the impact ones daily decisions make on the environment?
  4. 4. And secondly, how can we initiate group learning about sustainable living?
  5. 5. The Big Idea
  6. 6. The big idea: we create awareness of sustainable decisions by inviting youth to make their impact part of their physical identity…
  7. 7. we imagine a line of wearable bracelets, from the sentimental, to the showy…
  8. 8. … from the practical, to the fanciful.
  9. 9. Personal Awareness
  10. 10. RFID or Wireless Receiver LEDs Embedded in Band EcoWearables let you show off your environmental impact everywhere you go
  11. 11. Water Electricity Participation With EcoWearables, your impact on the world is measured … … aggregated … … and combined to find your “ ecoscore ”… … which is downloaded to your wearable accessories…
  12. 12. <ul><li>as people tap their ticket for a city bus or </li></ul><ul><li>walk past a wireless station… </li></ul><ul><li>… their ecoscore is updated to reflect the difference in your environmental impact </li></ul>
  13. 13. Your “ecowearable” brightens to reflect your positive impact... Light intensity Eco-Score
  14. 14. concept shot in a club wearing energy bracelets on a weekend. ...just in time for you to make your big impression
  15. 15. Your Ecoscore could reflect… *your ability to use less energy than your peers *your personal improvement over previous energy usage *your resourcefulness in making sustainable decisions (using public transport, sharing rides, the like) We view such wearable electronics as an evolution of the Livestrong campaign (selling bracelets to raise funds for cancer victims), whose popularity swept across the US. ( (
  16. 16. EcoWearables serve as positive reinforcement of the environmental impact we can all make as individuals. They aim to inspiring pride and friendly competition amongst those who wear them.
  17. 17. Living & Learning Together
  18. 18. … can we use public spaces to allow for group experiences? Much has been made of using computing in public spaces to share information. However, instead of using standard “broadcast” LCDs to create isolated experiences …
  19. 19. RFID or Wireless Receiver Band embedded on one side with LED Band with personal barcode printed on other side We double our wearable accessories as personal identifiers … … this allows ties between viewers and people Clasp for easy reversal of the band
  20. 20. Bracelet barcode-side out camera array With this technology, as a user approaches or touches the screen, his barcode is read by a set of cameras attached to its frame… “ Logging in Solomon…” … the end result being, the system can adapt to whoever owns the EcoWearable without further login. We ask, what opportunities does such a platform create for creating interactive experiences with shared displays ?
  21. 21. Concepts for EcoWearable learning environments on shared displays <ul><li>EarthSwap - use a screen as a board for swapping of environmental advice, thoughts, stories… </li></ul><ul><li>EarthViz - one can view the environmental impact of a group of people, a room, a bus stop, a building… </li></ul><ul><li>GroupShare - integrating group ad-hoc decisions on ride locations and resources into a greater ride sharing network </li></ul>
  22. 22. Mockup of EarthSwap interface for sustainable knowledge exchange (part broadcast, part input via phone or touch) By adding ecology advice, people adding ‘leaves’ to the ‘tree’, Precedent: Ecotonoha by NEC
  23. 23. Mockup of Earth Viz (broadcast) interface for collective resource awareness The virtual tree as index of overall energy consumption in the area, all the trees consist forest for environment awareness. Your area! The best tree!
  24. 24. Mockup of GroupShare (touch) interface for group ride finding Solomon B. Jenna F. David C. Destination set to: Home Destination set to: Groceries, then Home Destination set to: Groceries, then Home Possible Rides For Your Group Owner Space Storage Desti. Jim B. 2 Ppl None [View] Abbie B. 4 Ppl Trunk [View] In Return: “ Help me carry my groceries!”
  25. 25. participation in shared experiences combined with environmental impact as gauged by personal statistics… … leads to change in bracelet over time… … which then encourages further participation Some examples of such feedback points: *updating EarthViz by revisiting it with your new statistics *recognition and privileges as a more valued/trusted member of EarthSwap community *understanding your environmental impact as a GroupShare user encourages you to keep using it
  26. 26. EcoWearables serve as a technological platform for unobtrusive, privacy-aware personal identification. They allow their wearers to participate in shared experiences that can reinforce environmental thinking in their daily lives.
  27. 27. Variations On A Theme
  28. 28. <ul><li>Individual Bracelet Covers for Different Environmental Causes - Represents “Divide and conquer” approach to environmentalism through personalization </li></ul>
  29. 29. EcoWearables as a sensor network and a platform for introspection - chemical sensors on the bracelet could detect air pollution levels and dim brightness in response
  30. 30. invisible tattoo is printed with signal-sensitive ink We also looked a step further to the body itself as a way to reflect your environmental impact…
  31. 31. Each time you, say, take a bus or log in the ride-share system, a signal will be emitted that will “tan” your tattoo for a while, rendering it more visible.
  32. 32. <ul><li>One week later two weeks later </li></ul>The more consistent your environmental impact, the more ‘electrically-tanned’’ by exposure to signal you can stay (still researching temporary inks with appropriate chemical properties)
  33. 33. Amelie is the most beautiful girl in class…….. we started dating this month and went out a lot, by public bus…. then we had our first kiss…… … and matching tattoos! A QUICK EXPERIMENTAL STORYBOARD: PUPPY LOVE STORY IN BRESCIA
  34. 34. Grazie / Questions pattern : identification brightness : expression and introspection