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  1. 1. Questionnaires
  2. 2. What’s wrong with these questions: Skyfall is a great film. Do you agree? How old are you? How often do you pick your nose?
  3. 3. What’s wrong with this questions: How many times do you look at the maths blog: A lot [] Sometimes [] Not very often []
  4. 4. What’s wrong with this questions:What type of films do you like:Thriller []Romance []Horror []Science fiction []
  5. 5. What’s wrong with these questions:What is your age:Under 18 [] 18-20 [] 20-25 [] Over 25 [] How many times a week do you look at the maths blog: Once a week [] Twice a week [] More than three times a week []
  6. 6. Avoid:• Embarrassing questions• Leading questions• Subjective answers (a lot etc.)Do:• Cover all the options• - but only once!• Make it easy to answer