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Blockbusters #socfam


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Based on an idea by @owen_becca

Published in: Education
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Blockbusters #socfam

  1. 1. PLAYER KEY How to Play Work in pairs. One player should try to create a chain from side to side, the other makes a chain from top to bottom. Create your chain by colouring in your block when you answer the question correctly. Each player should use a different colour. You may also choose questions to block your partner’s chain. The first player to complete their chain is the winner. M F N BP R E SS H CP CR CP DB B K PS S K W Y E BDO R C O L K B R S U T SE M E F SS R BP N DB B CP H K PS S CR CP GCSE SOCIOLOGY The role played by many women in the family A legally recognised union of a same sex couple The name given to the roles the husband and wife have in the family The name given to the loosing of the role of religious beliefs in society The role of the family according to Talcott Parsons A family unit consisting of a nuclear family and other relatives Have a negative view of the family as they think it oppresses women An alternative to the family—usually found in Israel The one who earns the money for the family People living in the same place but are unrelated Partners have children from other marriages which they combine Another name for a nuclear family Both partners are of the same sex This type of family consists of a husband and wife and children Multi-generational family with few siblings in each generation These have a negative view of the family as they think it supports capitalism to form a new family @stevebishop100 from an idea by @owen_becca