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Blockbusters #soccd


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Based on an idea by @owen_becca

Published in: Education
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Blockbusters #soccd

  1. 1. PLAYER KEY MP How to Play Work in pairs. One player should try to create a chain from side to side, the other makes a chain from top to bottom. Create your chain by colouring in your block when you answer the question correctly. Each player should use a different colour. You may also choose questions to block your partner’s chain. The first player to complete their chain is the winner. N ST A SC WC MP D FS FD C M F DF SC S DA K W Y E BDO R C O L K B R S U T SE N SC ST D WC SC A M F DF FD FS S DA C GCSE SOCIOLOGY When money is gained by telling lies or giving false information This is the type of court where less serious crimes are dealt with This is the type of court where serious crimes are dealt with This is when the media makes a problem worse by the way they report it Punishment given by the court the media exaggerates an issue and makes the public worry about it The idea that the pressure to succeed encourages people to turn to crime The way in which society directs the behaviours of its members A description of the amount of unreported or undiscovered crime A punishment for breaking a law or a written rule Crimes that are committed by the middle classes, usually linked to their jobs Groups that the media make people afraid of The breaking of social norms Not having firm guidelines about the way to behave with each other Crime committed in public places Social expectations that guide behaviour @stevebishop100 from an idea by @owen_becca