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5 Reasons to use pharmaceutical grade fish oil


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Learn how buy fish oil concentrate that is pure and pristine source. Onlypharmaceutical grade fish oil providing an ideal dose and ratio of highly concentrated EPA and DHA omega-3 supports overall vibrant health and well being - for your vibrant health and energy.

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5 Reasons to use pharmaceutical grade fish oil

  1. 1. ==== ====For pure and pristine sources of pharmaceutical grade fish oil providing an ideal dose and ratio ofhighly concentrated EPA and DHA omega-3 to support overall vibrant health and well being checkout this link: ====What is Depression?Depression is a serious medical condition that an estimated 19 million people suffer from on ayearly basis. A large number of individuals do not seek treatment for a depressive condition;however, such a condition often requires crucial attention in order to prevent the condition fromworsening or other conditions from developing. Generally, those that suffer from this conditionhave a lack of energy or motivation, they lose interest in activities that were once enjoyed, have aloss of appetite, or become easily frustrated and irritable, which often interferes with daily life--work, family, and socialization. However, such a condition has become widely recognized andaccepted over the years with the over-whelming number of people--children and adults alike--thatsuffer from depression.Depression is not a condition to be ashamed of, and is an understandably accepted occurrence intodays society. With mild, moderate, and even severe anxiety, there are all natural treatmentoptions available--such as the use of fish oils. When most people seek treatment for depressionthey are initially prescribed medication from their physician in the form of a pill or are referred to atherapist for further evaluation of the condition. Although these anti-depressant medicines maywork, there have been several dangerous side-effects linked with anti-depressant medications andthe individuals that suffer from depression and take these medications on a regular basis.If these side-effects occur, it could further hinder those that take the prescribed medications. Inmore severe cases, there have even been anti-depressant medications that have been linked tosuicide or suicidal thoughts and tendencies. However, there is an all natural, side-effect free wayto help fight depression and gain your life back. It has been scientifically proven that the use of fishoils is linked with increased serotonin levels in the body, which directly help ease symptoms ofdepression. Additionally, a daily intake of fish oil greatly helps to reduce, or even cure, adepressive condition.What Causes Depression?Depression is caused by physical changes in the brain and an imbalance of chemicals--neurotransmitters--that carry the brain signals to your nerves. Specifically, low serotonin levels inthe brain are responsible for depressive changes. There is not one particular cause that triggersdepression, and it usually develops from exposure to several different factors together. Such asgenetics, which means the condition very well could have been passed on from a parent or frompast generations. If you are aware of relatives that have suffered from depressive episodes or longterm depression, the odds of developing the condition yourself automatically increase.
  2. 2. Traumatic events and stress are also substantial causes of depression. In todays economy,people are stricken with financial woes and fears of where their next paycheck may come from orhow to put dinner on the table. Also, those that suffer the loss of a loved one, or a person carryinga traumatic experience, such as an assault, with them on a daily basis also commonly battledepression. Most people often think individuals with low self-esteem already suffer fromdepression, and simply have low self-esteem because they are depressed. On the contrary, thosethat lack self-confidence or self-esteem are often found to be pessimistic people by nature, andeventually exhibit depressive symptoms at some point in their lives after dealing with low self-esteem issues for a substantial period of time. Individuals that are products of a sexually,physically, or emotionally abusive environment, or an environment with constant conflicts, such asan impending divorce, often develop a case of depression.The consumption of certain medications have also been linked to cases of depression. It has beenfound that many individuals that suffer from high blood pressure and take medication to helpcontrol such conditions, such as beta blockers or reserpine, often develop depression because ofthe interference in the transmission of the neurotransmitters in the brain. Additionally, there arealso individuals that suffer from other physical and medical conditions--such as cancer, HIV andAIDS, or even heart failure--that struggle to come to grips with the fact that they may have adecreased or limited amount of time with family and friends, and are unable to accomplish all oftheir desires before leaving everyone and everything behind them. With depression, it has beenestablished that other conditions often accompany depression. These other conditions include, butare not limited to, anxiety, schizophrenia, eating disorders, as well as substance abuse in order toacquire a small level of relief from such depression conditions. With the daily intake of fish oils,however, the odds of developing depression or additional condition that coincide with depressiongreatly decrease or become eliminated all together.Why Use Fish Oils to Treat Depression?There have been many beneficial scientific studies, which have shown that increased levels ofomega-3 rich fish oils greatly decrease the symptoms of depression, and possibly even curedepression all together. In 1993, a psychiatrist from Harvards McLean Hospital stumbled acrossthe link between omega-3 fatty acids and fish oils to decrease or eliminate symptoms ofdepression while researching for a new treatment to be used against manic depressive disorder,otherwise known as bi-polar disorder. In 1998, the first study results were released and publishedin the Journal of Affective Disorders, stating that individuals with lower than average levels ofomega-3 fatty acids--found abundantly in fish oils--in their red blood cell membranes were prone todevelop a depression condition or already suffer from a depressive disorder.An article following in 1999 by a group of medical doctors was published in the Archives ofGeneral Psychiatry, declared results they found in a controlled study group of 30 severelydepressed individuals, which received omega-3 fatty acids via fish oils. More than 60 percent ofindividuals in the controlled group that received a mere 10 grams of the omega-3 rich fish oilsmarked a vast improvement when the 10 grams of fish oils were taken on a daily basis for a 4month period. In other countries with higher fish consumption, due to fish being the main delicacy,it has also been found that those societies in whole have tremendously lower rates of depressionoverall, which also directly enables scientists to further accredit their study results. Also, in 2007 astudy was conducted that included 10 clinical trials of individuals suffering from varying levels of
  3. 3. depression, which studied the effects of omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils, and the correlationbetween increased levels of fish oils and depression.The conclusion of the studies found that fish oils, which are polyunsaturated fats that can not beproduced by the body naturally and are derived mainly from the consumption of sea foods, had asignificant impact on decreasing depression symptoms and essentially the fish oils acted as ananti-depressant. Scientists and researchers alike are pushing for the natural, side-effect free fishoils to be used more widely in order to help treat or cure depression, which in turn will helpalleviate other conditions that are often developed due to depressive conditions. Given the largelypositive results from the years of research, it is widely concluded that the use of fish oils isimperative to proper bodily functions and the reduction or complete elimination of depressionsymptoms.How Fish Oils Decrease DepressionBiochemical researchers point out that cell membranes are all partially made up of omega-3 fattyacids, meaning the brain is made up of these omega-3 fatty acids, and the walls of neurons arealso made up of the omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish oils. As a matter of fact, researchersfrom Harvards McLean Hospital say that most of the brains dry weight is made up from fat. Fishoils contain essential fatty acids that are not found in our bodies naturally, and our bodies onlyreceive the beneficial fish oils through our diets. Fish oils cannot be manufactured or syntheticallycreated--it must be ingested from a natural source or a source created with the natural fish oilingredients.If individuals increased their daily intake of the omega-3 fatty acids by consuming more essentialomega-3 fatty acids, such as fish oils--by taking pill supplements or adding fish to their diet 2 or 3times per week--it would be made simpler for serotonin--the chemical that carries messages fromone brain cell to another--to pass through cell membranes, which would regulate bodily functionsand minimize or eliminate symptoms of depression conditions. Since omega-3 fatty acids--found infish oils--directly affect serotonin levels in the brain, as well as change the way our bodies function,the use of fish oils is strongly recommended, and there have even been talks of prescribing theomega-3 rich fish oils along with medications such as Prozac.What Causes Low Levels of Omega-3 and Serotonin?Researchers have found through multiple studies over the years that, within the last severaldecades, changes in dietary habits--such as ridding diets of saturated fats and cholesterol, foundin red meats or eggs--are contributors to increasing low levels of the omega-3 fatty acids found inthe body because the items cut from daily diets are rich sources of the omega-3 fatty acids. Intodays society, and with the many medial advancements and findings on cholesterol and hypertension, doctors are increasingly counseling their patients to remove or reduce the amount offoods that once supplied them with the proper levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which were keepingserotonin levels in check.In order to alleviate high cholesterol or hyper tension, dietary changes may need to take placeunder the guidance of a physician, however, proper supplementation of the omega-3 fatty acids--found in fish oils--must also occur to retain proper levels of serotonin in order to preventdepressive disorders, mood swings, as well as the development of anxiety disorders. It is
  4. 4. especially common in individuals that do not eat sea food, or are allergic to sea foods, to havelower than average levels of the essential omega-3 fatty acids in their diets. If consuming fish is adifficult task, it is recommended to find supplementation elsewhere, such as adding fish oilsupplements via pill form in order to prevent dangerously low levels of serotonin, which may createa depression condition.Forms of Beneficial Fish Oil SupplementsThere are several different forms of fish oils that can be taken in order to receive the proper levelsof omega-3 fatty acids, which keep your serotonin levels and depressive condition under control,and return balance back to your body. Sometimes, adding a real piece of fish to your daily diet willhelp start to restore the proper amount of omega-3 to your diet through the essential fish oils.However, not all fish are created equal and the amount of Omega 3 in each fish varies. It is alsoimportant to remember that consuming too much fish can lead to mercury poisoning due to toxinsabsorbed from our polluted oceans by the fishs skin.To protect you from this, many health professionals advise getting the recommended dose ofOmega 3 through ultra refined ultra high dose fish oil supplements. Companies selling thesesupplements filter out the impurities from the fish oil so people taking the capsules are ingestingonly the beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids and not harmful toxins such as mercury, lead, PCBs andother contaminants. Such supplements can be purchased for low or moderate costs online, atlocal vitamin stores, department stores, or health food stores. Since fish oils cannot bemanufactured or synthetically created, all of the fish oil supplements available are made withnatural fish oil ingredients.If you are interested in pharmaceutical grade supplements to ensure you get enough Omega 3 inyour diet, I recommend that you consider these Fish Oil Supplements []Article Source: ====For pure and pristine sources of pharmaceutical grade fish oil providing an ideal dose and ratio ofhighly concentrated EPA and DHA omega-3 to support overall vibrant health and well being checkout this link:
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