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Project proposal to empower rural families through self sufficiency in basic livelihood needs


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A very interesting business proposal for young entrepreneurs who wish to do Social Marketing and work for the poor families in rural areas and especially those who are interested in Empowerment of Women.

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Project proposal to empower rural families through self sufficiency in basic livelihood needs

  1. 1. Prof.Shrikant Bhate. Architect and Social Entrepreneur. D-9, Durvankur Society I, Panchavati, Pashan. Pune 411008. Mobile:9890440648. E mail: ___________________________________________________________________ PROJECT PROPOSAL EMPOWERING RURAL WOMEN THROUGH VARIOUS EARNING OPPORTUNITIES TO BECOME SELF SUFFICIENT IN BASIC LIVING NEEDS. Preamble: It is seen that after 66 years of independence the fruits of development have not reached the needy people of society as there are huge problems in delivery system, with the result even though Govt has spent huge sums of money for rural development, due to lack of co ordination between varios departments, the expected results could not be achieved. Considering above mentioned aspect we wish to design and implement a unique delivery system through which the individual family would be able to meet all its basic requiremnets and get Economic Freedom to pursue higher goals in life. BASIC NEEDS OF RURAL FAMILY: It is observed that average rural family faces following problems in their day to day life. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Availability of clean drinking water. Clean and Healthy Toilet facility. Assured supply of fuel for cooking. Availability of Electricity. Skill based education and entrepreneurship development.
  2. 2. 6. Good farming practices such as Organic Farming and assured income to agricultural produce. 7. Primary Health Care facility. 8. Guidence for all kinds of building construction activity such as housing, cow sheds, cold storage facility, dairy, and poultry sheds etc. 9. Cultural and Social awareness programmes. Our proposal. It is not possible to tackle all these problems simalteneously but we wish to take up few of these issues and offer various solutions under one roof so that as families improve their economic level thay will add on various other tools/ gadgets etc so that their life will become less cumbersome and they will have more time for earning opportunities. We wish to offer following facilities with approximate cost estimates and their advantages. 1. Clean Drinkig water. We will be giving a small water filter which removes all the harmful substances from water and makes it potable and free from any bacterias. All the major diseases in village occur due to impure water and we hope that this fcaility will save considerable amount of money from the family budget. Approximate budget: Rs. 1000/
  3. 3. 2. Clean and Healthy Toilet Facility: We wish to offer very comfortable toilet facility which is very easy to construct and which uses mimimum amount of water and the urine is collected separately and used as fertilizer in the farms. The excreta are sanitised with the help of good ventilation and solar heat and then it is converted in to good quality wormicompost. This facility will improve the health of families and will also considerably increase the agricultural production from their backyard/ farm. The toilet may cost around, Rs. 15,000/
  4. 4. 3 Domestinc ready to install Bio Gas plant and Solar Cooker. This plant will help provide the fuel for cooking and will make the cooking much easier without any harmful smoke etc and will help maintain good health of women. The slurry from gas plant is good manure and can be used in the backyard for growing vegetables of daily use. Approximate Budget: Rs 20,000/ 4 Solar Electricity: In rural areas the power cut severly hampers various activities such as students study, watching T.V, running of small industries etc. We wish to provide basic lighting facility so that minimum amount of light required will be available in the house and as the family gets more income they will add more panels and will get more light. Approximate Budget: Rs.10, 000/
  5. 5. 5 Providing income generation by planting Moringa Trees and giving nutritious food. We wish to provide basic nutritinal needs of all family members to keep them healthy. We will be giving them ready to eat items prepared by local Self Help Group so an income generation activity will get going and each family will be benefitted. Approximate Budget Rs. 500 per month. Above mentioned basic needs will be fulfilled by providing income generation opportunities to the women SHG’S and helping them to get the loans and timely repayment. Livelihood opprtunity through tiny and small scale industry initiative. 1) Earthworm rearing, wormi composting etc. The earth worms and wormi compost command good price in the market so we hope that the group will be able to earn good income through this venture.
  6. 6. 2) Marketing Solar Dried Agri Produce. The Solar Dried Food business is quite new in India and has got good demand in Urban areas. Well designed packaging and aggressive marketing will generate good business for these products. 3). Solar Cooking and selling Solar Cooked Nutritious Food Items Solar cooked food is very delicious and remains in good condition for considerable time. Urban Areas and neighbouring housing will have good scope for these products.
  7. 7. 4) Sericulture. Weaving of silk yarn, selling of cookens. The rural women can take up this business very seriously as Govt purchases the cookens at fixed rate so there will be constant income through this venture. 5) Weaving cotton yarn with modified Amber charakha
  8. 8. This venture is also very suitable for women for earning good income working from their home. With the help of solar electricity the yarn spnning is much simpler and earning will also be much more. So it will be our endeavour to offer earning opportunities to rural women so that they can earn about Rs 100/ per day and save about rs 25 to 30 daily or about Rs 750/ per month to afford above mentioned facilities in their house which will give them more time for earning and improve the quality of life by removing the drugery thay have to face everyday. By having above mentioned facilities overall saving/ earning will be as follows, 1. Water purifier and Toilet facility: saving Rs. 100/ ( on medicines and sickness) 2. By solar lighting. Rs. 200/ 3. By bio gas plant. Rs. 300/ 4. By solar cooker. Rs. 100/ 5. By having nutritious food. Rs. 300/ 6. Increased agricultural production. Rs. 500/ Total earning/saving per month Rs. 1500/ So it will be seen that if a family invests Rs. 50,000/ initially, then they will get all the basic needs fulfilled and the life will become much easier and the members of family will be able to devote more time for earning opportunities. We feel that if a Bank sanctions a loan for a group of 10 families which may be a SHG in a village then the total loan amount will be re. 5,00,000/ and considering present interest rate and a loan repayment period of 100 months we assume that EMI will not be more than RS 750.00 whereas
  9. 9. total saving/ earning will be Rs.1500/ per month, so even after paying regular installment of maximum Rs 750/ per month the family will be saving Rs.750 per month. We also wish to offer Health and Accident Insurance benefits to all families out of their savings which will take care of any eventuality and also help them tide over any medical and accidental mishap. So this is a unique scheme of Empowering Rural Women and helping them get rid of daily hardhips they have been facing in their daily routine. The actual benefits will be as follows, 1. Improved Health due to water filter and toilet and less expenditure on medicines and hospital. 2. Assured fuel for cooking, smokelss kitchens and so better health condition. 3. Assured lighting so kids can study till late night, parents can put in additional work, they will have better entrtaining opportunities due to T.V, music etc. 4. Improved living condition due to assured income through tiny business model. 5. Overall improvement in health due to more intake of nutritous food and the children, old people, pregnant women will enjoy good health and new born babies will also show this improvement. It is proved internationally that if we invest 1 rs in fulfilling the basic needs of families then overall economy growth will be around Rs. 8 to 9 which is about 8 to 9 times the original investment. So if we can adopt this model in rural areas we will see exponential growth of economy and it will give great impetus to purchasing power of rural population which will drive the overall industry on the path of rapid growth. So we strongly advocate that all the financial Institutions may consider this proposal and may be implemented in every village in order to usher in a Green and Economic Revolution in India.