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Azad apartment illegal parking case study


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Case study of trying to use Delhi Traffic Police to solve illegal parking problems

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Azad apartment illegal parking case study

  1. 1. Illegal Parking in Towaway Zones in Delhi – How I keep trying to get thissolved?Current State as of Jan 18th,2011Ten days after the initial complaint on Jan 8 no sustainable solution has been foundand there is no feedback on why from the area traffic police. DCP Traffic, SouthZone, Prem Nath and Joint CP, Traffic for Delhi Satyendra Garg.Why this case study?If no cars park here the benefit will be slight but the larger question is of obeying andenforcing the law. I am making all this effort so that move towards obeying andenforcing laws happens across Delhi.Hopefully this will inspire others. A famous quote which I have changed to make itgender neutral says “All that is required for evil to triumph is for good persons to donothing”If you read this case and are a good person I hope you will do something.Some observations –DTP and MCDThe DTP site has been great in fining residents based on other resident’s reports.This itself is good because it hopefully increases discipline and revenue for DTP.DTP site’s track record needs to improve when like in this case the fix is not finingresidents but reforming systems including their own. The job of senior managers in alot of government units is tough because they may have to manage a large numberof incompetent, lazy, corrupt people who cannot be fired. Both DTP and MCD are tobe commended for using open platforms. MCD has also shown that for a limitedsubset for a few days its own working has improved and citizens have got positiveoutcomes. We are still learning and i hope these experiments succeed.I also hope that our religious leaders of all faiths will in their discourses preach thatwork is worship and that if by not doing your work, taking bribes etc. you areindirectly responsible for killing a lot of people ( bad sanitation kills around 700000 inIndia according to WHO) then by saying a lot of hail mary’s, doing kar seva, doinghaj or visting Vaishno Devi you cannot set it right. The almighty is not a dealmaker.BackgroundIllegal parking even in Towaway zones is very common in Delhi with the traffic policeturning a blind eye. It is alleged that people who want to park there (offices,shopkeepers etc. bribe the police to look the other away. Excuses that the trafficpolice have are shortage of personnel (this excuse is becoming untenable withcitizen monitoring through facebook) and lack of tow trucks (flimsy again – ifeffectively managed). Signage is indeed very poor in these zones but like mostsignage in India that is a given so if an area has no cars a new visitor knows to ask
  2. 2. why? and will be told by many of the local area people that the risk of being towed away is high. (This should not be taken as an excuse not to improve signage). The particular stretch of road this case talks about is around 100 metres and is a 5 minute walk from a bus terminal and 5min walk from a metro station. It is also well served by auto rickshaws, taxicabs etc. This is probably why the high court of Delhi by court order made this a Towaway zone. One would think that not enforcing the courts order would amount to contempt of court but the traffic police do not seem to worry about that as probably it would take a brave citizen to get a senior traffic police officer jailed for contempt of court and the chance of that actually happening for not enforcing a Towaway zone would probably be as high as corruption falling by a factor of ten in India. Even I would consider jail excessive punishment unless the officer was warned and continued to flout the order inspite of the warning. I digress. The road is in front of Azad Apartments which is near IIT Delhi. The area is also called Kalu Sarai. My mother in law Ms.Vimal Kapur lives in Azad apartments and when MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi) launched its facebook page to initially complain about garbage sites she asked me to complain about the garbage site on this road which was in awful condition. That is in great condition now (another case study) but as soon as it was cleaned cars started parking in the cleaned area. This led to conversation and then I found out that the whole area was a Towaway zone. This is how the case started. To get the full flavour read all the comments as well. January 8th,2011 – The first day Vimal Kapur The entire stretch in front of Azad Apartments, near IIT DELHI is a tow away zone. See photo but there are a number of cars parked there. I will upload licence plates of some of the cars but the bigger need is for DTP to ask their people to patrol the area so that everyone knows that parking here is risking being towed away and challaned. The outcome we want is no cars parked on this stretch which is as per law. MCD has managed to get the dhalo on this street spotless. Can DTP ensure that the law is followed and no cars are parked here on a sustainable basis ? January 8 at 5:41pm · Like · Comment•o Delhi Traffic Police Thanks for your response, area traffic police officer informed for necessary action.724/2011. January 8 at 6:24pm · Like · 1 persono
  3. 3. Kapil Sharma aise boards delhi mei 36000 hai....har ghar k aage ek...... January 8 at 7:50pm · Likeo Vimal Kapur DTP, Whatever the law it must be enforced. In this case traffic police has declared the entire road tow away based on a high court order. Please check your records and ask the area traffic to strictly enforce. I do not want car owners to get fined but I do not want them to violate the law either.The area traffic person should also be questioned as to why he or she was not enforcing the law. Was it ignorance,laziness or corruption. I will continue to monitor and report to you number of cars illegally parked if this illegal parking continues January 9 at 8:56am · Like Photographs of around 12 cars were loaded. All 12 not included. Just the first and last. Vimal Kapur Illegal Paking in Towaway zone near Azad Apt Sat 08/01/2011 5pm January 8 at 5:49pm · Like · Comment•• 3 people like this.•o Vimal Kapur This person met me and requested I not post his car because he was a visitor and did not know it was a tow away zone. If leniency is allowed please do not give him a challan January 8 at 5:53pm · Like · 3 people ·o Delhi Traffic Police Thanks, action will be taken.Ref.726/2011. January 8 at 6:28pm · Like · 1 person ·
  4. 4. o Smita Patil There is actually a very clear sign right next to the car that says "No parking. Tow away zone". January 9 at 6:52am · Like · 2 people ·o Gagan Gupta vimal ji, superb efforts!! youngsters must learn from you January 9 at 7:43am · Like · Vimal Kapur Illegal Parking in Towaway zone near Azad Apt Sat 08/01/2011 5pm January 8 at 6:11pm · Like · Comment•• 2 people like this.•o Delhi Traffic Police Thanks, action will be taken.735/2011. January 8 at 6:40pm · Like January 9th, 2011 - Persistence Vimal Kapur This refers to reference number 724/2011. I have not got a reply to my comment which I repeat as my aim is to have zero cars parked in front on Azad Apartments ( near IIT Delhi) as the entire area ( both sides of the road ) is a towaway zone. The law must be enforced. In this case traffic police has declared the entir... See More January 9 at 11:09pm · Like · Comment•• Amit Gupta likes this.•o
  5. 5. Vimal Kapur I do not want the lowest level cop suspended or any such thing. I just want that person to be told to do their job. Our big problem In India is that people do not do their job and maybe Baba Ramdev should tell them to do their job in addition in to drinking lauki juice and rubbing fingers to make your hair stay black. I am a great fan of Baba Ramdev. January 9 at 11:31pm · Like · 2 people ·o Amit Gupta No acknowledgment from Dtp is very discouraging...! Wht could be the permanent solution to this deputing smone permanently is not feasible coz its all over in Capital. January 10 at 6:15am via Facebook Mobile · Like ·o Vimal Kapur Amit, to me all the cops need to do is random inspections where they tow away and challan illegally parked cars. Delhi people are smart. Everyone on this stretch will tell them "Yahan mat park karo, lene ke dene ho jayenge" and the area will become car free. They do not need to post a permanent person. If they want I can call 100 if there are more than a certain number of cars parked which they specify. So solutions are plenty. When there is a will there is a way. January 10 at 9:09am · Like ·o Vimal Kapur By the way I must state that I am a great fan of Delhi police in general and the way they take care of senior citizen safety. While a few terrible incidents occur there would be a lot more if it were not for the Delhi police. DTP will resolve this issue I am sure. It may be taking a few days because I posted on a weekend. January 10 at 9:22am · Like ·o Madan Lal ALL THE BEST January 10 at 11:36am · Like · January 10th, 2011 – Some towing happens. Premature celebration- DCP South Zone takes note Vimal Kapur Reference 724/2011 - Daily Update on unsolved illegal parking problem in towaway zone in front of azd apartments, near iit. As of 1pm today 25 cars were illegally parked. I will keep reporting till this count comes to zero January 10 at 1:16pm · Like · Comment
  6. 6. •• 3 people like this.•oo Anjali Sablok I am not from that area though but still happy to know that the action has been taken. Thanks to all. January 11 at 9:03am · Like ·o Vimal Kapur The cars are 28. My joy was shortlived January 11 at 5:07pm · Like · Vimal Kapur Ref 724/2011 - Illegal Parking in Towaway on road opposite Azad Apts( near IIT Delhi). Fantastic Action by DTP. Some cars were towed away. Problem is not fully solved. Will keep monitoring but great start DTP. If you tow for a few more days and let the people in the area know then problem will be solved as most people ... See More January 10 at 4:40pm · Like · Comment••o Madan Lal KAPOOR JI LAGE RAHO January 10 at 5:14pm · Like ·o Prem Nath We will continue with action against violators . your observation noted. January 10 at 7:39pm · Like ·o
  7. 7. Vimal Kapur DCP Prem Nath, Thank you very much. It is wonderful to see that a senior police officer has taken the time to respond. Very impressed. I know see the power of facebook where I was able to bring a problem to your attention easily without taking up too much of your valuable time. January 10 at 10:45pm · Like · January 11th, 2011 – Providing updates Vimal Kapur Ref 724/2011 ATTN: DCP Traffic South Zone. Thanks for taking personal interest in the illegal paking in front of Azad Apts. This is more feedback to you. As of 2:45pm there were 28 cars illegally parked so problem is far from resolved. Just so there is no confusion I am taking the illegal parking area as both sides of the road till Verma store ( photocopy,fax,courier). Sorry for the delay in posting but I need help from family to post and could only do it now. January 12th, 2011 – Start getting puzzled losing a bit of hope : Also a suggestion for DTP and MCD to collaborate and learn from each other Vimal Kapur Ref 724/2011. Illegal parking in Towaway Zone on road opposite Azad Apartments ( near IIT Delhi. 4th Update. Today at 12.15pm there only 2-3 cars stationary till Azad Apartments with drivers so maybe you cannot consider them illegally parked. After that till Verma there were about 12 parked cars. This problem is still not resolved. Could the Area traffic police give me an update through this site on their plan to strictly enforce the law in this area and whether I should continue providing these updates. January 12 at 12:45pm · Like · Comment•• Rajendra Chopra likes this.•o Anita Bhargava DTP, a question, is standing with the driver in the car in a tow away zone an offense. January 12 at 12:51pm · Like ·o Sanjay Bhargava I am helping Mrs. Kapur post. Its been quite long now and I would prefer bringing this to a closure. A few people are watching this as a test case on how to enforce parking laws across the city January 12 at 12:55pm · Likeo Delhi Traffic Police Thanks , area traffic officer informed to check & take necessary action.Ref.No. 724/2011
  8. 8. January 12 at 12:57pm · Like ·o Sunny Kataria Vimal Kapur @ We have to find a parking solution for the vehicles parked there and then if they violate challan them. Better Way January 12 at 2:14pm · Like ·o Vimal Kapur Sunny, if people set up offices which require people to park knowing there is no parking there, that is not our problem. However, if there is a tow away zone, citizens cannot violate the law. January 12 at 6:09pm · Like ·o Sanjay Bhargava This location is very close to a bus depot and metro and the main commercial activity is coaching institutes. The solution may be as simple as taking public transport or if you rich enough to get your car to drop you and pick you up. On Rajpath if you visit PMs office you cannot park on the road. You get dropped off and picked up. Bottomline the cars parked there need no solution. They are indulging in an illegal activity and must face the consequences Sanjay Bhargava Learning from each other and not reinventing the wheel. It would be great to see DTP and MCD facebook teams connect and make each other better. To start off with MCD will probably get more than it will give .I will also post this on DTP. One immediate thing that MCD facebook team can work on is to have a very good Extended Info tab like DTP. January 12 at 8:59am · Like · Comment••o Sanjay Bhargava I have also posted on MCD January 12 at 9:00am · Like January 13th, 2011 – Faith falling : Meeting never happens Sanjay Bhargava Ref 724/2011. Illegal parking in a towaway zone Azad Apartments ( near IIT Delhi). I was there for lunch today and the problem continues. Around 20 cars still illegally parked. I helped Mrs Kapur report this problem. Anita and I are great supporters of DTP and MCD and recognize that all kinds of problems cannot be solved but we and the public deserve a reply on what
  9. 9. we can expect. I do not want to waste our time or that of DTP but certainly our faith in DTP will fall a lot if after we are told that the problem will be solved it remains unsolved. January 13 at 7:07pm · Like · Comment•• Anil Kumar Pant likes this.•o Delhi Traffic Police Thanks,your complaint has been already sent to concerned area traffic officer for necessary action January 13 at 7:39pm · Like ·o Rajneesh Kapur Sanjay ji, the area officer of Hauz Khas (TI) is useless as he is not serious about his job and always conveys a No Problem situation to his seniors like Mr. Prem Nath and others. DTP should take a serious note of it. The situation at SDA market also the same. January 13 at 8:32pm · Like ·o Sanjay Bhargava Rajneesh ji, I want to make this a case study. THe purpose of the case study is to encourage replication across Delhi. I happen to be from IIM Ahmedabad, 1980 batch and I have already done one case study on how Mrs. Kapur managed to get her Dhalao cleaned by using the facebook MCD site. Lets get together and get SDA and Azad apts fixed. Send me a message and we can fix a time to meet in Barista at SDA or talk on phone. January 13 at 10:52pm · Like January 14th ,2011 – Frustration setting in ? Sanjay Bhargava 724/2011 - I sound like a broken record but the illegal parking in a towaway zone continues to be unresolved in front of Azad Apartments near IIT Delhi. Over 20 cars today. What is the plan to fix this ( target date ?). If the plan is not to fix it why not ? This was made towaway based on a high court order so is not enforcing it tantamount to contempt of court. The lack of a concrete plan is beginning to look highly suspicious January 14 at 1:59pm · Like · Comment••o Sanjay Bhargava Between Mrs Kapur and me I think we are approaching ten reminders.
  10. 10. January 14 at 2:00pm · Likeo Delhi Traffic Police Thanks,your complaint has been already sent to concerned area traffic officer for necessary action. January 14 at 2:10pm · Like ·o Sanjay Bhargava DTP the problem is he/she is not acting. To stop being a pest I can post again after a few days if area traffic needs more time but please tell me how much more time. I understand he/she could be busy but this should be a quick fix. Very puzzled. January 14 at 2:12pm · Like · 1 person January 15th,2011 – Message sent through facebook to Joint CP,Satyendra Garg Subject: Suggestions for closing 724/2011 Sanjay Bhargava January 15 at 9:36am 1. Confirm the area that is declared towaway zone by high court 2. Let all shopkeepers , azad apartment watchmen etc know that this is a towaway zone which will be strictly enforced 3. Ask them as to who parks there. Most probably its cars of coaching institutes FIIT _JEE etc. Tell them that their cars will be towed away 4. for couple of days get cars towed away so that people know police is serious 5. Reporting on facebook can be strengthened by asking local area people like watchmen, shopkeepers etc to SMS area traffic if tow away is required 6. Improve signage so that there is no confusion that the area is towaway Some people are suggesting that people who want to park there have bribed the police to look the other way. If this is true it obviously must be stopped. Hope these help in sustainably closing 724/2011 January 18th , 2011 – The saga continues after a three day pause Sanjay Bhargava Reminder # 11 - Ref 724/2011 - Illegal Parking in Towaway Azad Apartments not solved. I am puzzled as to why this problem is taking so long to solve. If it is very difficult Area Traffic should give an update on this page as to why they are unable to solve this problem. 5 hours ago · Like · Comment••
  11. 11. o Rajendra Chopra Reminder No. 11 ... good... lage raho Sanjay Ji.. 2 hours ago · Like ·