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Gray routes Fall/Autumn Intern Requirements 2013


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IIT-IIM Ahmedabad and ex-HUL, Nvidia, Google alum founded startup with angel investment from senior technology professionals in Bangalore and Silicon Valley, seeks bright and highly self-driven engineering and management talent to contribute to the next-generation GPS and "mobile vision" based enterprise solutions for international and domestic FMCG and related industry firms, over this autumn season.

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Gray routes Fall/Autumn Intern Requirements 2013

  1. 1.                          Gray  Routes  Innovative  Distribution  LLP     Calling  for  Fall/Autumn  Internship  Batch  of  2013   Gray  Routes  Innovative  Distribution  –  India’s  First  Product  Distribution  Solutions  Company     An  agile  technological  startup  founded  by  alumni  from  IITs  and  IIM-­‐Ahmedabad  and  angel  funded  by  senior  technology   professionals  and  investors  from  Bangalore  and  Silicon  Valley,  Gray  Routes  conceives  and  develops  innovative  mobile   solutions  that  address  the  most  painful  product  distribution  problems  for  its  clients.  Headquartered  in  Mumbai,  Gray   Routes  was  incorporated  in  2013  by  sales  technology  industry  veterans  with  a  vision  of  building  intelligent  solutions   that  can  dramatically  overhaul  and  automate  the  last  mile  logistics  and  downstream  distribution  processes  of  domestic   and  international  FMCG  and  related  industry  players.  Gray  Routes  enterprise  solution  consisting  of  cutting  edge  GPS   navigation  technology  tailored  to  suit  enterprise  needs,  along  with  industry  leading  project  management  and  Analytics   services  is  enabling  good  distribution  to  become  great  for  several  FORTUNE  500  firms.       Gray  Routes  was  recognized  as  Top  75  Innovative  Business  startups  out  of  over  14000  entries  in  Economic  Times  Power   of  Ideas  2012  workshop  organized  by  Department  of  Science  and  Technology,  CIIE-­‐IIM  Ahmedabad  and  ET.   Intern  –  Mobility  Innovation  Group  (Vacancies:  3)   If  you  are  passionate  about  mobile  and  staying  ahead  of  the  technology   curve,  we  want  to  hear  from  you!  Gray  Routes  is  seeking  Interns  for   Android  Development  who  will  help  design  cutting  edge  enterprise   mobile  applications  on  Android  platform.   About  the  Project:   We  are  seeking  an  intern  in  Android  Developer  role  with  demonstrated  experience  developing  mobile   applications  that  leverage  web  services,  to  work  on  a  variety  of  exciting  project  engagements  with  an   exceptional  team  of  technical  professionals.  The  ideal  candidate  will  bring  both  strategic  vision  and  solid   execution  skills  to  create  native  applications  for  mobile  devices.  The  Android  Developer  Intern  will  be  a  key   member  of  the  Mobility  Innovation  team,  and  report  to  the  VP  of  Mobility  Innovation.   Requirements:   • Demonstrated  mobile  technology  inclination  through  course  work,  study  or  industrial  projects   • Good  communicator  and  team  player  with  strong  organizational  skills   • Ability  to  proactively  find  solutions  and  drive  initiatives  to  meet  deadlines   • Experience  in  developing  and  distributing  applications  via  enterprise  channels  or  public  app  stores   • Experience  preferred  in  building  hybrid  mobile  apps  using  responsive  design  techniques  to  work  across   multiple  form  factors   • Ability  to  work  with  UX  Designers  and  Mobile  Application  Architects  to  create  enterprise  class  mobile   applications   • Good  understanding  of  Software  Development  Life  Cycle  and  Methodologies   • Must  reference  at  least  one  mobile  application  or  project  you  developed  that  is  available  today   • Proven  experience  using  the  Android  SDK  to  deliver  mobile  applications  on  Android  smartphones  and/or   tablets   • Excellent  working  knowledge  of  object  oriented  language  (Java,  C++,  Objective-­‐C,  C#,  or  similar)  -­‐  including  Java  on  Android   • Working  knowledge  of  Android  GUI,  Camera,  GPS  API,  Maps  API,  and  Services  preferred  
  2. 2.                          Gray  Routes  Innovative  Distribution  LLP       Stipend:  -­‐  INR  5000-­‐10000  (Performance-­‐linked)  monthly  stipend  for  on-­‐site  project  work.  Certificate  for   project  completion.  To-­‐and-­‐fro  railway  fare  from  student's  base  town  to  Mumbai  paid  on  project   completion.     Intern  –  Human  Resources  (Vacancies:  2)   About  the  Project:   We  are  seeking  HR  interns  in  our  Mumbai  headquarters  with  demonstrated  interest/knack  for  mobile   applications  that  leverage  web  services,  to  work  on  a  variety  of  exciting  project  engagements  with  an   exceptional  team  of  technical  professionals.  Gray  Routes  has  a  fun,  engaging  work-­‐culture  woven  around   innovative  "Lazy  Mondays"  and  "Party  Play-­‐offs".  The  ideal  candidate  will  bring  her/his  strategic  vision  and   solid  execution  skills  to  life  by  steering  recruitment  drives,  and  majorly  contributing  on  live  client  projects.   The  HR  Intern  will  be  a  key  member  of  the  Project  Management  team,  and  report  to  the  COO.   Requirements:   • Experience  and/or  education  in  HR  theory/practice   • Demonstrated  mobile  technology  inclination  through  course  work,  study  or  industrial  projects   • Clear,  crisp  communicator  and  great  team  player  with  strong  organizational  skills   • Ability  to  proactively  find  solutions  and  drive  initiatives  to  meet  deadlines   • Experience  preferred  in  developing  training  and/or  recruitment  plans,  processes  and  implementation  via   enterprise  channels  or  public  channels   • Ability  to  work  with  UX  Designers,  SW  and  Mobile  Application  Developers  to  contribute  by  alpha/beta-­‐ testing  enterprise  class  mobile  applications  (preferable)   • Exposure  to  Software  Development  Life  Cycle  and  Methodologies   • Working  knowledge  of  object  oriented  language  (Java,  C++  or  similar),  MS  Office  tools   • Demonstrated  interest  in  Android  GUI,  Camera,  GPS,  Maps,  and  related  mobile  and  web  applications   • Candidate  should  be  Mumbai  based  (preferably)   • Comfort  with  Hindi  &  English  (oral  and  written),  and  other  languages  (if  any)   Stipend:  -­‐  INR  8000  (Performance-­‐linked)  monthly  stipend  for  on-­‐site  project  work.  Certificate  for  project   completion.  To-­‐and-­‐fro  railway  fare  from  student's  base  town  to  Mumbai  paid  on  project  completion.     Intern  –  e-­‐Commerce  Group  (Vacancies:  1)   About  the  Project:   We  are  seeking  Interns  for  the  e-­‐Commerce  team  with  demonstrated  experience  developing  web   applications  that  leverage  web  services,  to  work  on  a  variety  of  exciting  project  engagements  with  an   exceptional  team  of  technical  professionals.  The  ideal  candidate  will  bring  both  strategic  vision  and  solid   execution  skills  to  create  native  web-­‐applications  for  e-­‐commerce  and  Mobility  activities.  The  e-­‐Commerce   Intern  will  be  a  key  member  of  the  e-­‐Commerce  group  and  report  to  the  Director.  
  3. 3.                          Gray  Routes  Innovative  Distribution  LLP       Requirements:   • Demonstrated  web  development  inclination  through  course  work,  study  or  industrial  projects   • Good  communicator  and  team  player  with  strong  organizational  skills   • Ability  to  proactively  find  solutions  and  drive  initiatives  to  meet  deadlines   • Strong  at  HTML5,  PHP,  CSS3,  Javascript,  JSON  with  relevant  web  development  experience   • Experience  integrating  analytics  and  tracking  solutions  (e.g.,  Google  Analytics)   • iOS  development  experience  is  a  plus     Stipend:  -­‐  INR  5000-­‐10000  (Performance-­‐linked)  monthly  stipend  for  on-­‐site  project  work.  Certificate  for   project  completion.  To-­‐and-­‐fro  railway  fare  from  student's  base  town  to  Mumbai  paid  on  project   completion.     Note:  The  information  listed  above  is  intended  to  describe  the  general  nature  and  level  of  this  project.     Essential  functions  and  responsibilities  may  change  as  business  needs  require.       What  we  offer:   • We  offer  opportunity  of  working  on  challenging  and  intellectually  stimulating  projects,  flexible  on-­‐site   and  remote-­‐working  support,  as  well  as  PPO  for  outperforming  interns   • Extensive  Training  and  On-­‐the-­‐job  learning  opportunities  with  an  industry  vertical  outlook   • A  suitable  Benefits  Package  including  Industry-­‐standard  compensation,  cash  awards  for  best  project  and   travel  allowance   • An  Exciting  Start-­‐Up  Culture  and  close  Team  Structure   • World  Class  Leadership  Team   Duration  of  all  internships:  6  –  12  weeks   Autumn  Intern  batch  begins  from  25th  August,  Get  in  Touch!     Get  in  Touch!   If  you  are  passionate  about  mobile  technology  and  want  to  be  part  of  a  team  of  professionals  who  pride   themselves  on  success,  service  excellence  and  having  fun,  please  email  your  resume  to:          
  4. 4.                          Gray  Routes  Innovative  Distribution  LLP       About  the  CEO   Soubhagya  Sahoo,  a  multi-­‐talented  industry  specialist  and  the  creator  of  Gray  Routes  was  the  Sales  Technology   anchor  for  Hindustan  Unilever  Limited  in  his  role  as  the  National  Project  Manager  in  the  Sales  Center  of  Excellence  at   HUL   Headquarters   in   Mumbai   for   3   years.   At   HUL,   he   managed   India’s   finest   Secondary   Distribution   Management   System  (DMS)  and  led  the  design  and  All-­‐India  rollout  of  the  Shakti  DMS  mobile  application  which  has  revolutionized   the  rural  distribution  channel  for  HUL.  A  PGP  2010  alumnus  of  IIM  Ahmedabad  and  an  Aditya-­‐Birla  Scholarship  finalist   there,  Soubhagya  has  more  than  10  international  management  or  scholarly  publications  in  international  journals  and   conferences.  Prior  to  his  deep-­‐dive  into  management,  Soubhagya  completed  his  B.Tech.  in  Electronics  and  Electrical   Communication   Engineering   from   IIT   Kharagpur   and   worked   for   3   years   with   NVIDIA   at   Bangalore   and   US   Headquarters,  where  he  led  ASIC  design  efforts  on  mobile   chips   and   display   units   of   industry-­‐leading   TESLA   and   TEGRA   GPUs.   Passionate   about   problem   solving,   Soubhagya  also  holds  the  distinction  of  being  India’s  first   gold  medallist  in  the  International  Chemistry  Olympiad.  In   his  leisure  time,  Soubhagya,  a  trained  singer,  loves  to  sing   his  favourite  Bollywood  numbers,  catch  the  latest  movies,   cook   up   something   gourmet   or   just   drive   off   for   a   long   drive  with  his  family  to  another  beach  or  hill  destination.