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Ebook Distribution Over The Clouds


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Ebook Distribution Over The Clouds

  1. 1. Running a Lean Startup with AWSH-Farm, 8 March 2012 Ebook Distribution over the clouds Giacomo DAngelo Luca Razzano Simplicissimus Book Farm S.R.L.
  2. 2. Simplicissimus Market"We enable everyone to play the Digital Publishing Game"
  3. 3. Ebook Distribution PlatformMarket share: ○ 20% in value (in Italy) ○ 30% in volumes (in Italy)Highlights: ○ launched in Q4 2009, 280 publishers, price leader ○ integrated with 28 stores global and local, included Apple IBookStore and Amazon Kindle Store
  4. 4. Publishing Services over Stealth UltimaKiosk is the Digital Newstand where everyone can browse, purchase and read magazines, newspaper and comics. Every publisher can be on IOs and Android tablets and smartphones Narcissus is the Self Publishing Community and MarketPlace connected to global and local stores. Every author can play as an entrepreneur thanks to Narcissus.
  5. 5. Why SBF choose AWSAs every Internet Startup:1. We have a small team: ○ Flexibility for daily operations (test, deploy, dev., backup) ○ Automatic disaster recovery strategy2. We need to scale: ○ AWS provide an elastic environment to fits our needs progressively (bandwidth, computation, storage, etc...)3. We need to focus on innovation: ○ Reduced Time to market for new experiments/projects ○ Cross technology platform / Language independent ○ The market is unknown: we need to experiment and adapt quickly
  6. 6. SBF Architecture on AWS○ Web Servers are on EC2 reserved instances○ The batch processing servers are on EC2 ondemand istances (Processes: EBook validation, watermarking, automatic conversion between formats, sync engine between estores, sales reports generation across estores)○ Load Balancer + Auto Scaling + CloudWatch to manage the peaks of traffic○ Stealth works on a PostgreSQL DB on dedicated instances○ All Ebook covers are stored on S3 and delivered by CloudFront○ All Ebook files are stored on S3 (PDF, EPub, MOBI, NITF, PDF Bundle)○ The security model and the fullfillment process of the purchased Ebooks are based on S3
  7. 7. General Recommendations○ Begin using different and independent small instances in at least 2 regions instead of big monolith instances○ Use EC2 1-year o 3-year long term plans if you can○ Use CloudWatch to size your instances based on your needs and budget○ Use S3 as storage for all digital contents (security and bandwith)○ Use CloudFront for delivery all your static resources (media files) of your high-traffic websites
  8. 8. Thanks! Q & A, if you want :) Link to the presentation: KEEP IN TOUCH WITH US! Giacomo / @giacomodangelo Luca Razzano / @luca776 Simplicissimus Book Farm S.R.L.